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I haven’t posted a lot from my trip to japan as it’s actually going to be shared within the next few weeks, but for the time being i wanted to highlight the glorious architecture of the kyoto prefectural insho-domoto museum of fine arts.

insho domoto used various media in his art including sumi-e ink paintings and paintings on fusuma sliding doors, the latter being seen in the koshibo, at toji temple in the south of kyoto, and at many other temples in the kansai area.

the museum was created by insho domoto himself, in 1966, designing both the inside and the striking exterior of the building.

the museum boasts many works from the breadth of his career, including a start contrast between his works before his journey to europe which caused an irreversible influence on his aesthetic. while this isn’t one of the usual recommendations you’ll hear when planning your trip to kyoto, it’s quite close to the famous golden temple kinkaju-ji so you can k**l two birds with one stone.

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A quiet moment at tofukuji temple last week in kyoto. this garden in the front of hojo is the most contrived work among the four gardens and is composed of four rock-composites symbolizing elysian islands - from the east to the west named "eiju, horai, koryo, and hojo" - placed on the sand garden-floor "hakkai" (meaning the eight rough seas) and five moss-covered sacred mountains at the right corner, the west side. easily my new favorite place to visit in kyoto to relax and take a moment to appreciate the beautiful surroundings. i can only image what this place would look like in autumn!

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Arriving back in japan like ✌️

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Starting off the new year strong by visiting the noguchi museum in queens for a little bit of pre-studio inspiration. outside, you’ll find a small sculpture park that allows for you to take a contemplative moment while you observe his large-scale stone pieces. inside are a series of galleries including this temporary “akari” exhibit showcasing his beautiful paper lanterns in all shapes and sizes. if only new york apartments weren’t so small, @wadejeffree and i would recreate this room in a heartbeat, but alas, we would lose our bedroom if that were the case. more moments like these in 2019, please.

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One last stretch before the new year...!

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Reflecting on some work we did in the past year...
for the 10th year anniversary of vogue fashion’s night out tokyo, wade and leta were invited to create a photospot in tadao ando’s omotesando hills shopping complex to coincide with the one night only fashion celebration that brings in 40,000 attendees from tokyo. the challenge? working within a 2200 cm x 2200 cm space due to fire restrictions. instead of creating a wall, we set out to create a space that participants could interact with in a multitude of ways by using “escapism” as our theme.  we created a utopian zen garden where people could climb in, pose on, and play with. additionally, we transformed the nearby seating area into an extension of our installation where participants could take a rest and contemplate another glass of champagne. #voguefashionnightout #tokyovoguefashionnight

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Extremely excited that my first trip in 2019 will be my return to japan for a fun travel project in kyoto. it’s a little surreal for me to be working on something of this sort that isn’t strictly design but i’d say that travel and adventure and discovery is an equal and extremely influential passion of mine and i’ll embrace it as much as i possibly can. from there i’ll shinkansen my way back to tokyo where i’m certainly looking forward to catching up in a temperature that is not a consistent 38 degrees celsius 😅. see you all soon! this photo was taken over the summer during my second visit to the site of reversible destiny in yōrō, gifu prefecture.

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@wadejeffree and i wish you all a happy holiday season from the depths of our messy studio. we have made it a tradition that during this time of year we choose to stay in brooklyn and take our time playing and testing and of course, eating and drinking and watching all the movies we missed (or the ones that weren’t on all our countless flights this year). even though we will be taking it slow, we will still be moving, but at a very friendly pace. i’m posting this image to remind myself that i have a lot of retouching to do over the holidays and we have quite a few projects to share on our portfolios that we haven’t gotten around to sharing yet. this one is from our “trophies” collection that we hope to share completely soon.

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Brand spanking new for @dsanddurga - amber teutonic. it smells like green austrian forest and leather and pine. we had @wadejeffree dress up in chain mail and actual knight armor for this one and we can say that it’s some of the heaviest stuff you can lift. we couldn’t even lift the full body chain mail high enough for him to put it over his head 😅 that’s how heavy it was!!

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Everyone is leaving brooklyn for the holidays so no one will know that i’ve been wearing the same jacket and pants combo for the whole week (aside from yesterday, since i had a social engagement), not to mention the same skiing socks i’ve had since my first job at a ski shop at 16. it’s freezing here in ny but in exchange for the cold weather, we get really beautiful cold, frosty light that penetrates the windows of our studio from sunrise to sunset. thanks for this cozy cobalt blue kimono jacket @buffetclothing👌💙

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Yes i am extremely ready for the weekend—why do you ask?

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Warm light, cold air. i love staying in bed in this december weather because staying under the covers is the most satisfying thing you can possibly do! i’m actually writing this caption as i do just that. and there is something about winter light that seems completely inimitable with any other type of light during any other point in the year. all i want to do is drink coffee and stay under the covers and read a book. (to be honest, i did this last weekend because it was our first full free weekend since we returned from our sabbaticals in october... i can’t believe that.) thank you @thisiswhistles & @coldpicnic for fueling my stay in bed mentality with this toasty quilt that so happens to perfectly match my preexisting mustard pillowcases. #whistlesxcoldpicnic

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