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I’ve been a long way from home recently and can’t help but wonder about the idea of “home”. latelier was a dream created in my living room in brooklyn, ny before i packed my bags and headed back to colombia to make it happen. in just a year, the company (and myself) have grown and changed and reshaped more than i ever expected. today i find myself writing this post from sunny los angeles, ca, a place my heart has been yearning for for some time

latelier is a brand that tells stories and unites cultures. it started with colombia but the dream was built upon the idea of sharing latin american culture with the whole world. latelier is a brand with many homes. it was built by experiences both familiar and unknown. home isn’t always comfortable. sometimes it forces you to change your approach to life. sometimes it’s face is no longer the one you recognize. but it’s always a place where you know there is positivity and growth. we’re ready to embrace a new home and admire what our old one gave to us. #lateleirgoestola

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Energy and movement with a little bit of inner peace 🌙🧘🏻‍♀️✨

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Young kuna girls learn to stitch 2 layer molas by hand from as young as 7 years old. each layer of fabric represents the wisdom they have acquired over time, gradually stitching more into their designs as they get older. the most complex molas can include up to 7 layers of fabric.

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Latelier trendresearch: we’re looking toward neutral and natural colors and textures the next few months. we love the rawness of materials, untouched by processing or human manipulation. textures that look unfinished, created in the moment by some force of nature—a quick bite into an end of summer fig or the soft, uneven curves of drift wood on the beach. colors blending from one to the next with our eye barely noticing. soft shadows dancing on linen and fruits creating a muted color contrast in a basket. we want the eye to take a break from screens and high definition. we want you to relax your vision into something a little softer, a little less crisp but still emotionally stirring. forget tablet time and remember the origin of where we come from. touch again. smell the grass, wet with dew in the morning. create something with your hands. being back power to the artisan. #trendforecast #trendforecasting

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These are some of the faces of the kuna women (guna-tule, caiman nuevo) who help latelier create the beautiful molas designs.

we work directly with the community as a collaboration to build a network of cultures and histories working together in harmony.

their mola designs are each woman's own interpretation of the kuna's cosmovisión and are unique to each one. our mission is to help these women share the complexities and beautiful history of their culture. each mola is a hand stitched with layers of fabric to bring to life their story.

photo by duleome, caiman nuevo.

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Monday morning like 🍊#inspo @sui.el.mond

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La casita🌿🎋

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Latelier sandals are coming soon! so excited to share this next collaboration with you.

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The grass is always greener on the other side 🌿

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Collection 001: dule y mola is here! a conversation about the connection between culture, clothing and technique. each latelier product is handmade using traditional, artisan techniques. they are one of a kind, storytelling pieces, intent on cultural preservation.

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Dule y mola: “person & cloth” in native #kuna. meant to remind us about the connection we have to the clothing we wear. the materials used and the people who make them. learn more on the website! 🌻 link in bio!

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A place where time stops and the flowers are always in bloom 🌼 #bylatelier

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