LATELIER Preserving the cultures & traditions of Latinoamérica through artisan craftmanship Collection 001: Dule y Mola #kuna bogotá | Los Angeles http://latelier.shop/
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The last couple of months have been a time of reflection, reorganization, adaptation and relearning. the first chapter of latelier was an intense, fast growing one which required more planning than i had prepared for and needed to take a step back in order to properly tell the stories i have always intended to tell. 💛
as adjustments are made in the coming months, we hope you will continue to follow, share, and learn from our products. i cannot wait to share what is coming! they are stories of our ancestors, stories of the cultures which planted the roots for our own and traditions which hold the secrets to life, empowerment, and beauty. #comingsoon de nuevo. we appreciate you!

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Soon! 🌻 #latelier19

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Molas are the o**l history of the kuna tribe: cultural interpretations of the cosmovision. each one, explained through the eyes and hands of the woman who made it and belonging the “pueblo kuna”. working with the kuna tribe, latelier jackets bring that history and culture to the wearer, each one telling the mola’s story and connecting us with their ancient culture. #connectedness

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🌬molas capture the cosmovision of the kuna. stories passed down for generations, belonging to a culture and a people strongly connected to the universe and its energies. they are the first stories of latin america. listen carefully. 🌬

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Today with @shopproveer in their gorgeous studio 🌿 these girls work so hard! their e-commerce shop has become a platform to highlight emerging latin american and artisan made designers. check them out!

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Got to hang out with @atelierandrepairs today at their awesome shop!👖they work to make the fashion industry a less wasteful place by repurposing and reimagining old inventory and giving it a second lifecycle. their pieces are one of a kind using dead stock or vintage designs made in la, sustainably. we love them and their mission! thanks to @recycle2riches for the invite to get to know your team! 💙

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La is our favorite melting p*t of cultures.

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Last week we got to explore the shoe and leather capital of latin america: león, mexico. #lazonapiel is the city’s designated leather and shoe district where people work every day to perfect their craft, usually in ma&pa-type studios. we were totally inspired by the hard work and craftsmanship of their artisans! more to come soon, soon, soon! 🤩

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Monday morning has us like...

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Latelier collections tell stories. stories about the artisans who make them, the ancient cultures which taught these techniques, and the people behind each unique piece. find out more and shop on our website! link in bio!

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Latelier headed to @smallbatchsupply studio to make our very own handmade leather wallets tonight! there’s something really amazing about being tactile and working with your hands to create something totally unique and yours. 🌙 so much power to our artisans! this work humbled me! ✊🏽the effort in detail means so much. each mistake and tiny error is a necessary imperfection to tell the story of an artisan’s history and journey to your product.
@smallbatchsupply and @brujitaskincare are a latinx run studio and brand based in dtla creating beautiful handmade pieces. they unite the community each month by offering hands on leather workshops. i can’t recommend it enough! check them out and support our local artisans!

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Ss19 🌞 beautiful artisan made sandals, using the finest leather and craftsman ship. our artisans have been perfecting their craft for decades, creating pieces that not only tell a story but embody their history. coming soon! #artisanmade

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