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Dug up some more gold from the chats sneaky set in sydney 💃🏼🕺🏻#laneway2019 #pubfeed #smoko 📸: @maclayheriot

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Time for for some backstage boomies! more #laneway2019 memories 🥰

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Hanging backstage with our buddies middle kids ❤️ #laneway2019 #tripdownmemorylaneway 📸: @maclayheriot

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A beautiful moment in time with masego 🎷🎤 #laneway2019 📸: @jordankmunns

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❤️laneway friends are the best friends.❤️
missing you guys! 📸: @boudist

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More preferences, more power. fill out all the boxes and your vote goes further to protect live music.
ahead of the nsw state election on march 23, check out all the party policies on music over at @musicnsw. #votemusic

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Reminder: our @sxsw party is tonight! psyched. #sxsw #sxsw2019

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Live music events, festivals and concerts are part of our cultural dna. they’re about community, inclusiveness, creativity & artistic expression. they enrich our lives and bring us closer to each other. ❤️ if you’re based in nsw, make your vote count on march 23. vote for a party that supports live music. #votemusic

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Dear friends of laneway,

please take time to read this post carefully; especially if you're in nsw.
live music events, festivals and concerts are part of our cultural dna.

in cities and regional towns across nsw, they have been a rite of passage for generations of music fans.

they have provided artists with a voice, a platform, an audience and, most importantly, a career.

right now, live music in nsw is under serious threat.
your festivals, your concerts, your music are being taken away.
this will hurt artists. this will hurt culture. this will hurt businesses.
if you care about live music in nsw, #votemusic on 23 march (and make sure you preference every box)
and ask your local candidate what they are doing to support live music.
there’s never been a more important time in the history of music in this state, to #votemusic.

for more info on how to contact your local candidate and what else you can do to help, head here: http://lanewayfe.st/musicnsw

let’s see if we can change things for the better! let’s spread this as far and wide as we possibly can.

laneway festival ❤️

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Here’s to the amazing women who were a part of #laneway2019 🔥 #internationalwomensday #balanceforbetter

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One of our favourite laneway moments with @whatsonot ❤️ #laneway2019 📷: @boudist

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Magic 💫🔮 #laneway2019 📷: @boudist

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