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Oops... i dropped the icecream but look what pretty scene emerged from the mess 😉🌦 i’m always hungry for new inspiration and at the moment i’m all about finding beauty in the mistakes or mishaps. what are you inspired by at the moment? 🤗✨

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When life gives you lemons make lemonade, or how is it that the saying goes? i think my lemons at the moment is the struggle to establish good routines so i’d get more stuff done 🤔 i kinda feel like i’m tripping on distractions (or banana peels 😉🍌) all the time. do you have any good tips or routines that help you get things done?

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You know how they say that you should enjoy the small moments in life? well, i really enjoy changing the toilet paper roll and vacuuming crumbs from the toaster. super random i know, but oh so satisfying! 😆 do you have any daily household chores that you enjoy?

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When @spotify asked me to share how my listening habits have changed since before and now, the biggest game-changer is definitely that it's so much more convenient to match my mood to the right song, instantaneously! often when i can't focus creatively i start listening to music to get into a better state of flow. although being the indecisive squirrel i am, i tend to swap between songs, artists & genres a lot, which was a real dj-ing hassle back in the days pre-spotify 😂 do you also listen to music when you're being creative? are you as picky as i am with finding just the right tune to fit your mood? #ad

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Last day of vacation and i finally gathered up the courage to s****h some donuts & mini croissants from the hotel breakfast to do this little butterfly scenario by the pool. also, during our 2 weeks away i’ve eaten at least one pain au chocolat for breakfast. every. morning. how will i survive without it at home? 😂🥐

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Even though i love the beach and soaking in the sun, i’m super excited about being back in the middle of big-city life and having a few more days of exploring bangkok before heading back home. what about you, do you prefer a holiday spent in the city or by the beach? 😌 (also, you can’t really see it in this photo but i’ve managed to get a pretty nice sun tan, mission accomplished haha 😂)

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Today i swam with the fish in the sea but lost my bikini top on the way 🙈but no worries, i’ve seen the little mermaid enough times to know that sea shells make the best bikinis. i quite like this new natural style, what do you think? 👙🐚

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A week of vacation and you start easing into a slower rhythm 🌼 i found all these flowers on the ground after a tropical shower last night, seems to be a pattern over here because now there’s a thunderstorm rumbling outside. kinda cosy though, and a good reason to stay inside and enjoy some roomservice 😌 hope you’re having a lovely tuesday evening ♥️

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I’m usually not one to follow or color inside the lines, but the #whpimbored project made me challenge that. instead of my usual ”ignore-the-recipe-and-make-your-own” attitude i decided to look for patterns and lines i could follow. turns out doing the thing i always thought was boring is actually super fun, and surprisingly salty! 😂🌊 are you more of paint inside or outside the lines type?

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Traveling always puts life in perspective and after a few days away from home i’m feeling a more authentic sense of gratefulness for the things i have back home... even though, to be totally honest, the only thing i miss right now are the cats 😹 but, it still makes me feel a bit deep and philosophical. what things do you miss when you go traveling?

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Currently waiting at the airport to board the flight to thailand, sooo excited! i’ve noticed most hotels don’t provide crafting materials (which is totally outrageous if you ask me) so the last things i packed were a few sheets of cardboard, some tape and a pair of scissors. ready for vacation 😂✂️🎨

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Leaping over the most pastel colored houses i could find for some easter themed parkour! surprised i could fly so high after stuffing my belly with all those chocolate eggs 😂 be honest now, how many have you had? 🐣 #whpshowoff

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