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Even though i never became a professional ballerina all the years of intense dancing taught me a lot about being disciplined and persistent. sometimes i think about how much those teenage years probably molded me and my set of values (although giving up chocolate was never on the table). what interests or hobbies from your youth shaped the adult you?

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Last week i told you about this theory i have called the creative karma bucket. a lot of you seemed to relate to it so i wrote a blog post about it and somehow managed to cram in not 1, not 2, but wait for it... 3 (!?) britney spears lyric quotes in it 😂 forgive me for that, my brain is having a weird week! anyways, link is in bio ♥️

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Yesterday my boyfriend said something very sweet when i (for a change 🙈) intitated a conversation about instagram. he said that my photos are openings rather than statements or perfect truths. i really like the idea of a photo being an invitation that makes you go "oh that's interesting, i wonder how...". it begs a question or a thought more than it attempts at a statement. do you ever consider how people will look at, and think about your photos? #theweekoninstagram

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This is an instagram picture. i posted it. i hope you'll like it. sleep tight!

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If i would have to name my style i think it would be something like "modern scandinavian romantic", which basically just means i like to wear a lot of white dresses haha 😂 dresses will always be my first love, but it's also so much fun to experiment and get influenced by others when it comes to fashion. these small book page origami dresses were inspired by the hashtag #booksforclothes by @bookishbronte #whpmystyle

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I've got this theory that i call creative karma. basically i believe there's a bucket that fills up with all the work and effort i put into achieving something, and that when it overflows, something great will happen. the only thing i really have to make sure of is that i keep working, even through the times when everything feels like it's going nowhere. i write this because i recently got featured by instagram again. this makes me superhappy and excited, but at the same time i've been working tiredlessly to fill up my creative karma bucket, hoping that the excess spill would happen soon. so i say to everyone, keep filling up your buckets, it really does pay off ♥️

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In bellas life there are only spur of the moment decisions, like when she decided to run towards the camera just as i was taking a photo of my new knitting project. she usually eats all my yarn, but this new kind was clearly not her cup of noodles 😹 #whpspontaneous

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We're moving! but we don't know where yet, as in we don't even know to what country?! yeah this year is starting off kinda crazy. i wrote a blog post about changing homes again, when was the last time you moved?

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These rainy days have turned our living room into a cinema theatre, and everybody knows the only reason anyone goes to the movies is for the popcorn...right? no?... only me that obsessed with popcorn? 😂🍿

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I have this thing with white dresses, they've saved me from many outfit crises no matter the season. what's the stuff you simply can not have too much of in your closet?

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If you've seen my stories you will have noticed i happily thought we were still in the year 2016. so, today i made this picture to remind myself that it is in fact still 2017 for a few more hours, and that the next one is 2018. happy new year!🌟

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One of my new years resolutions will be to trust my intuition and ideas more. i put myself in this snow globe that i'm holding because it reminds me that sometimes you need to go into your own creative bubble and not worry about what others think. follow your own quirky imagination, that's what i'm going to do ☃️ #whpresolutions2018

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Honestly, it hasn't been a "magical" christmas. i mean, it was nice and cozy but families are complicated and life is full of strange emotions. i love that instagram is such a positive community, but i thought i'd share this as the pressure from seeing all the perfect xmas pictures started to creep up on me 🙈 i think there's a lot of messiness in everyone's life, but i personally forget that sometimes when seeing all the pretty pictures. and of course messy is what makes life interesting and perfect is boring, so hurray for more mess in the coming year! 😂 #mybeautifulmess

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This year is almost coming to an end, whaaat?! that means i get to sit down and make a list all kinds of goals and plans for the next one, i love to geek out on all kinds of self-reflecting-mapping-out-your-life kinda stuff, just need a new pretty notebook for it first... 😏 do you enjoy planning and goal setting too?

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Holiday plans: more knitting and watching netflix in bed 🌲

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Almost time to open up the presents, not gonna peek, but i hope i'll get something pretty. although if it's a dress, i probably won't fit it with this belly full of good stuff! merry christmas everyone ♥️ #whpcelebrate

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Going to pick up my parents and grandma from the trainstation soon, so excited! we're doing christmas a little different this year, since both me and my sister live in stockholm my parents will come here this year instead of us travelling to helsinki. as a child i always wanted christmas to be exactly the same every year, now as an adult i think it's fun with introducing new traditions 🌲

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Instead of cleaning up for christmas i made this starry night sky with fairylights and glitter. making a mess is so much more fun than tidying up! oh and can you spot the little photobomber in the picture? 🙈🐈

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I'm not usually one to make excuses, but whoa has it been tricky to get any decent photos inside this week, it's just so bloody dark all the time! anyone else struggling with the lack of light? well, at least it's cosy, more books and tea please!

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I didn't have time to sew a striped dress for this weekends hashtag project, so i made this paper one instead. i took a picture of me first wearing my white dress and then my red dress. i printed out the photos and cut them to pieces and puzzled them together to give me the stripes i longed for. looking back on it, i probably would have been able to sew a real dress in the same amount of time i spent doing this 😅 #whpstripes

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