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This was a stunning view! the powerful ocean and these massive cliffs made me feel so small while standing at the edge🕷 • #discover#faroeislands#norway#dronephotography#norge#stayandwander#keepitwild#aerialphotography#north#winterwonderland#letsgosomewhere

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First post from faroes! we’ve been blessed with great conditions so far🌤 seen this spot before? • #faroeislands#dronestagram#moodygrams#passionpassport#earth#gothere#goneoutdoors#bevisuallyinspired#natureart

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This is bøvær, at senja! and that house on the dock is called «kråkeslottet» wich means «the crow castle»🏰 • senja.#discover#dronestagram#norway#dronephotography#norge#stayandwander#keepitwild#aerialphotography#north#winterwonderland#letsgosomewhere

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So tomorrow i’m traveling to the faroe islands, been looking forward to it for a long time! i’ll shout out my traveling companions in my stories later today, so check them out💥 • #norgefoto#mittnorge#bevisuallyinspired#earthcapture#letsgosomewhere#arctic#nikon#nightimages#longexposure#northernlights#reflections

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Stormy weather in the alps of lyngen🌪 in frame: @seffis

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Bet this old house has an interesting story!

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This time of year we only have a few hours of light every day, and the sun doesn’t even rise. makes it hard to take good pictures, but better days are coming soon🌥

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A remote place and kind of a hidden gem at the island senja🏠

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Sometimes we just got to jump for it! in frame: @tomerikryen #whpspontaneous

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Back to the green stuff! this is a more natural look than some of the other edits i’ve been doing lately, hope you enjoy!

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Splash! old photo from last summer☀️

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So it’s a new year, and i wanted to share my favourite photo from 2017! this is a slightly different edit than the last one. i also wanted to mention a few things i’m going to do differently from now on. first of all, i’m going to do much more travelling! i’ve already booked flights to the faroe islands and to iceland this year, so that’s a good start! also, i’m going to stop caring too much about how my instagram feed looks. i think i’ve ended up "ruining" some of my pictures trying to make them look a certain way to fit the rest of my feed, it’s just stupid. if you have some thoughts about this, please share! again, happy new year to everyone and thanks for following along! really appreciate it!

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These ponds rarely freeze because of the waves that keeps crushing over the edge with salt water🌊

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I really need to practice my posing when taking selfies with the drone like this👤

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Once upon a time someone actually lived in this house🏚

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I wish we always had fresh snow like this during the winter🌨

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A night to remember

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The first snow this year came as a suprise while hiking, but the sudden change of weather was no problem for these three🌨 in frame: @narten86 @camillaelden @linneolsen

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Too bad lakes like this freeze during the winter, no more reflections❄️

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I’ve been to lofoten four times this year, but still craving to go back!

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