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A big thank you to everyone who came out to immigrant day at the state capitol! we got to share our person stories to legislative staff on bills that would help our community. #immday19 #immigrantday

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Korean resource center will be joining immigrant day of action on may 20th to rally, network and advocate for five important state bills including health4all, caleitc benefits for immigrant taxpayers, immigrant student access to higher education, no private ice act and california act to save lives. we need your voice, especially youth voice, to represent our immigrant community and advocate for them.

we will be leaving la/oc area on the night of 19th, arrive in sacramento the morning of 20th, participate throughout the day and leave in the afternoon of the 20th. if you'd like to join us rsvp at bit.ly/krc0520 by this friday, may 10th at 2 pm. any immigrant advocate can participate and bus rides, food and registration fees are all covered.

rsvp: bit.ly/krc0520
contact: hansol@krcla.org

#caimmigrant #immday19

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Back again at the #californiastatecapitol in #sacramento! we are here to show support for the #ab1620 bill for the education committee to pass it through the policy hearing! do you believe that college should be accessible to everyone regardless of immigration status? do you believe in #education4all?
want to support ab1620?
here are some ways you can support!
donate: bit.ly/donateab1620
sign peition: bit.ly/supportab1620
join us: bit.ly/ab1620hearing
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Ab 1620 hearing is tomorrow!
our impacted folks and community members will attend the hearing to speak and support one another.
please help spread the word, sign our petition and donate!
sign petition: bit.ly/supportab1620
donate: bit.ly/donateab1620
#supportab1620 #sacramento #educationcommittee

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Please like,share,sign petition and spread the word!
sign our petition to support ab 1620:


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Many undocumented students living in california still do not qualify for in-state tuition. this means that not all impacted students qualify for ab540 and sb68. ab1620 will open doors for many undocumented students in california who are trying to pursue higher education.
#supportab1620 #highereducation

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Do you want to help support krc on our current campaigns? join our youth membership program! at just $5 a month (only one boba a month), you can help fund programs that we run such as foreground, service learning, and leaders of the new school. as a thank you for your membership, you will receive one of krc’s new shirts! join our membership at https://tinyurl.com/krcyouthmembership link in bio! #krc #koreanresourcecenter #youthmembership #youthprograms

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In fall 2018, we partnered with cal state fullerton's asian american studies 230 civic engagement class and led a group of 20 students to participate in community issues and enhance their leadership development. over the course of 10 weeks, the service-learning students were able to reach:
- 1,000 phonebanking conversations - 200 peer-to-peer engagement regarding voting
- 500 students reached over textbanking

prospective students who are enrolled at csuf can contact rex w**g at rex@krcla.org for more information!

#koreanresourcecenter #krc #csuf #asam #asianamericanstudies #asam230 #servicelearning #voterregistration #voting #students #fullerton

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We’re telling legislators to protect the health of all californians, regardless of immigration status! join us by signing & rt this #health4all petition today: bit.ly/2uk4spp

#ab4 #sb29

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Today’s foreground was packed! you can still join us! food is also provided every wednesday 4:30 pm at the krc fullerton office! swipe or visit krcla.org for more information!

#foreground #krc #koreanresourcecenter #youthprogram #collegeprogram #youngadultprogram #internship #leadersofthenewschool soon :)

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#krc is at the #statecapitol in #sacramento to support #health4all (senate bill 29)
which would allow our undocumented adults and elders to be eligible for medi-cal (health insurance for low-income folx!) #koreanresourcecenter #medicareforall #sb29 #senatebill29

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We took a night bus from orange county to san francisco to #defendsanctuary as the 9th circuit of appeal had their 2nd hearing on sb54. the trump administration is still trying to challenge california’s sanctuary laws so we are here in sf to #abolishice

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