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Uncle kof fresh out 💪🏿😤

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Pretty day in no la 🌸

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Last night was mad real 🏆

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‘nother year round the moon 🌙

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[+] happy, he still reeked of rage—powerful and emotionless, she mused as he destroyed everything in his path—everyone in his path. her lascivious heart longed for his lack of restriction. smitten by his feral mind, she was drawn to him—his spirit, tender and rebellious—when denounced, he possessed the temper of mother nature with no reason for retribution; no reason for recourse; no need for restraint. she understood his simple desire to feel; anything, i suppose—his mind had fallen to his heart in hopes of salvation and she saw him, formless & unsoiled. her presence fueled him like the nicotine in the veins of a wayward man. she danced, in every dimension, she danced and danced and still, heaven was his hell—perhaps, heaven didn’t exist and hell dwelled inside of him. she left him, lonely in love. futility became his best friend—his only friend. —k.s. #daydreamingaboutgod [+] xxv-vk-

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[+]—[+] @viakofi 🌸

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Nice to see you again

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Never left paris 🇫🇷

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Workin’ on a lil sumn 🤫 *westtemoji*

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