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Season 4 🔥 don’t buhlee me just watch 🤭🤷🏾‍♂️

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Godly 👼🏿🕊👼🏿

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Feel u strong this mornin’ brutha 🖤👼🏿

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Ralph angel headass yahh we back june 12th 💪🏿

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Kwe! happy gday lil bro and welcome to ya
20s man fr! i gotta thank god for granting us another year of celebrating your life—as we celebrate your life, kwe,
i can’t help but think bout the first time me & kwam put you on to nip. i’m just sitting here thinking bout all the nights we spent parked on a side street in ladera lost in his music. every word. every emotion. his expansion felt like my own. his evolution felt like my evolution. that was my brother; our brother; no blood, all spirit. i still don’t wanna believe he’s gone, it hurts too bad. we know we can’t let him die in vein tho. nip was a true definition of a role model. he embraced duality. he wore his flaws as garments. he created space in the world for the underdogs & the underserved to be seen & heard. he motivated the hopeless, gave hope to the helpless. i know my hearts broken beyond repair but unlike nip, i’m still vertical; still breathing. i’ll never get over this loss. barely even know if i can forgive la for this one. government or gang shit, they killed my idol. i just pray i can channel my anger and continue this marathon nip told us we was running. forever on some fly s**t till the day we meet again king nip. long live tha great! “death is a destination we all share, no one’s ever escaped it. that’s how it should be because death is very likely the single greatest invention of life. it clears out the old and makes room for the new. right now the new is you.” #tmc #sipnip #keeprunningkwe 🏁🏁🏁

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Slauson just ain’t the same rn 😓

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Took this flick of nip back in january. been a fan for hella years now. we were working on a video for ‘young nigga.’ can’t even try to tell you how excited i was & what this brother means to me. we lost a real one fr but the wisdom lives in the music. the vision lives forever man. whole fams in my prayers. nip hu$$le tha great middle fingers to they face🖕🏿

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2020 pac rest in peace king 🏁 tmc4l

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Shit got me f****d up 🤦🏾‍♂️👼🏿🖤

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It’s really love 🌸

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Uncle kof fresh out 💪🏿😤

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[+]—[+] pretty day in no la 🌸 #viakofi

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