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Places like this were always most beautiful and most peaceful which we never want to leave behind. #martinapersia

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Not only iran has incredible architecture, but also europe has! when i stepped into the sagrada familia in barcelona, my jaw dropped and i was in a different world. words can not describe how amazing this work of gaudi is. patiently wating for the day when the whole church will be finished!
barcelona was the last stop on the little mediterranean trip i did with @norwegiancruiseline #ad #norwegianepic #ncl

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Driving through places like this, places that seem so surreal and out of this world, makes me always think how beautifully perfect our planet is with all its wonders and treasures. #martinapersia

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My very first visit to mallorca, spain, surprised me very much. when i hear mallorca, i always imagined it as party island. but actually, it has such a beautiful countryside and little villages, amazing coastlines and views. here we visited this beautiful traditional mallorcan property/farm which now is a very interesting museum about how they used to live and work here back in the days. so much charm!
sponsored by @norwegiancruiseline #ncl #norwegianepic #feelfree

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„dance like nobody is watching, live like it‘s heaven on earth....“ #martinapersia

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I am the sum of my memories iii

everyone makes memories. most of them they stay in our minds or in our cameras or phones. in our digital world, i love to have them on paper as well and take them with me. it’s such a different feeling.

my third collaboration with @ifolor this year is about a new product, the square and retro prints. i love the retro style, it makes printing your memories a bit more special and different from the usual. it also works very well as a gift, as they come in a little collection box. making memories together with a special person is one thing, but having them all on prints is another!
#ad #ifolor #ifolormoments #squareprints #retroprints

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Freedom is an illusion, but in moments like this, surrounded by the beauty of the desert, she can feel free like a bird, at least for a short time. @farzaneh__radmehr #martinapersia

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I am back home in switzerland! after another 4 weeks of pure adventure and new experiences in iran, i look back with a smile and full of great memories. not everything went as planned, but it never does on my travels. but all in all, it was a great trip, and i am very thankful for everything i experienced. the reasons i went back to iran again for the third time, was 1st, seeing my soul mate @farzaneh__radmehr again. i want to thank her a thousand times for everything she has done to make this trip they way it was! she rocks big time! 2nd reason was, to explore more of that beautiful, not so well known or wrongly known country called iran. there is so much potential! since we rented the vw van in shiraz, i was happy that i had the opportunity to fly directly to shiraz with @turkishairlines with a stop in istanbul. they fly to many big cities in iran, which is very convenient if you want to do a round trip. thanks everyone who followed along, i will be sharing a few more memories in the next weeks or so ❤️. #turkishairlines #martinapersia

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We like nights like this the most! #martinapersia

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We are almost at the end of our road trip through iran. time has passed too fast again, and we did thousands of km and had again many obstacles to overcome. if you have any questions about our road trip in iran, check my story for the q&a.

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A true treasure is water in the desert! there is nothing more valuable than water. travelling to places like this put life in a different perspective. appreciate your next shower, your next glass of water. not everyone has this luxury. #martinapersia

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The kalouts in the dasht-e lut is one amazing place that took my breath away. i was so fascinated by it since i read about it on my first visit in iran 3,5 years ago. i wanted to go there ever since. with 70 degrees celsius, dasht-lut is one of the hottest places on this planet. big thanks to @armanshakeri1 and his brother for taking us to this amazing place with your off-roader. it‘s definitely an experience i will never forget. if you ever decide to visit dasht-e lut, contact arman, he knows everything about this place! #martinapersia

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