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Gay marriage and equality. i can't believe it's even an issue in my lifetime. australia is about to spend an estimated $122mil on this plebiscite, which isn't actually legally binding so the result of the vote may not reflect the outcome 🙄 this blows my mind. working in a public hospital cancer centre - i could think of a hundred ways that money could have benefited us. i'm sure every other workforce could put together a nice list of how more government funding would make huge improvements to your work. it's beyond me that people are still against g*y marriage, like it should be anyone's decision but their own. i truely hope people benefit from this crazy expensive 'survey'. i'll definitely be voting yes and sending my vote back with a solid handful of glitter ✨ i can't wait to be bridesmaid when my best friend marries his beautiful boyfriend 👬 disclaimer: joking about the glitter.. would if i could but the aec said they won't count your vote if it comes as a glitter bomb 😅

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Thoughts. thanks so much for your kind messages regarding my mystory guys 😭💛 i'm responding slowly but surely, because you guys taking the time to be kind means the world to me. i hate that i'm focusing on the negatives right now because trust me, i'm the first to see how many beautiful comments you guys leave me.. but i guess i've just reached my asshole quota for the year so get ready.. what world are we living in where having an "ass" is more important than being fit, healthy and happy. i do a lot of cardio because i want to be fit. i value my health, nursing showed me lots of bad pathways that i refuse to go down as i age. i do want to get stronger, but i don't spend 7 days a week solely squatting because that's not of great importance to me. but that means that i get torn down for concentrating on my general health, compared to the the size of my ass? whaaaaat 🤦🏼‍♀️ i'll never be able to understand what it takes to write a nasty comment to someone, i just wasn't brought up that way. but it's truely awful to read - whether i "signed up for it" or not. so if anyone's really feeling the need to tear someone down and pick at their "flaws".. ☝🏽first, re-evaluate your life.. and then please take a moment to figure out how you'll benefit from your cruel comment to a complete stranger. if you can't find an answer - go back to step one and re-evaluate your life. your comments say more about you then they do me. sure, i could easily fake a perfect peach right now to please everyone.. 🍑 but in the wise words of kendrick lamar 🙏🏽 "i'm so fckin sick and tired of the photoshop". tl;dr: stop fcking body shaming!!

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Rooftop pool 💦 nice little find on getaway to syd. amen for laser hair removal 🙌🏽 making my life easier on impromptu trips away @laserclinics #lcarundlemall

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👽 @balr

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Bby k 👜 @mon_purse

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In the city 🌆

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Always so envious of the person who is there, literally taking pics like these ☁️☁️ @_saachi

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Does a lbd even need a caption? 🐯 @tigermist

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There is no excuse for laziness, but if you find one let me know @balr

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Are you thinking what i'm thinking b1? 🍌 @goddesskleopatraclothing

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Wouldn't it be great if we could put ourselves in the dryer and come out wrinkle free and 3 sizes smaller? 😜 @lipsbyalyssa can take care of the wrinkle part easily enough.. unfortunately the shrinking may take a lil more effort 🏋🏼‍♀️ find my girl alyssa at @laserclinics #lcarundlemall 💉

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Happy snaps 🎡 @lulus ad.

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Rack city 🏙 @balr

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B & w @lulus ad.

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🐱 @tigermist

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🎱 @balr

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All day 💦

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My fav little playsuit available monday at @twosistersthelabel 🌟 you're welcome. 💅🏼

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Feels like i'm wearin nothing at all ⛷ @tigermist

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