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Afternoon delight ✨ @lulus

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Holiday home 💦

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@farrah_and_sloane making magic ✨

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Does anybody else conveniently line date nights up with cheap a*s tuesday? 😏 fresh goodies from @themintaviaryboutique

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Best 💦

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That’s a wrap on summer in australia ☀️💦 i don’t hate winter, but if it dragged on like last year i’ll be booking some trips 🛫🌴

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Private access 🗝

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Breezy @borntobechic

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All about that back.. @twosistersthelabel

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Shoutout to @laserclinics for keeping my skin silky smooth 24/7 🙌🏽 #lcamarion ily guys

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So what if you’re alone right now? embrace it. go get a coffee alone. shop alone. vibe alone. get to know yourself. nothing bad can come from riding whatever wave to self improvement you’re blessed with in this moment.

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Every time i wear white now i end up getting covered in muddy paw prints. it’s the middle of summer why the eff is there mud? 😳 i hope to keep this little white dress from @borntobechic paw free for as long as possible 🐾

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🌱 i have (used to) mad forehead and frown lines.. probably from all the sarcasm i can’t contain. ily @laserclinics for keep me fresh 🧖🏽‍♀️ if you’ve got any questions or experiences let me know! happy to talk about it. #lcarundlemall

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Built into nature 🌱 @theluxenomad @villatantangan

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Who else had the jurassic park ringtone on their nokia 3315? 🦖🎶

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Hiding out until the storm rolls over 🌴 ahh the tropics ☀️⚡️ @theluxenomad @villatantangan

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Nothing makes me sadder than when a cafe says they’ve run out of avocado 🥑🤧 fortunately this place had a little more to offer than just smashed avo 💭

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I call this storm baking ⛈⚡️ @theluxenomad @villamarybali

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