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To me this is perfect 💦

4 days ago comment 37 star 4,365

Just finished suits & realise i still have no idea what they say in the theme song..

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Watching for sharks ✊🏽 doing my bit to keep bingin safe.
i really want to learn to surf, but not sure if bingin is the best place for a rookie 🤓

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My cardi is a wearable throw rug 🐑 cosy af.

2 weeks ago comment 87 star 11,619

Gimme a ticket ✈️

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#la have you been? do you rate?

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I see you @borntobechic 🐻 could wear nothing under this jacket & still be warm 🔥🔥 this will be my go-to when akela is begging to go to the beach in winter and i park it up on the sand while he spends hours chasing the waves 🌊 #wintercharms

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Dream house 🕌 @twosistersthelabel

3 weeks ago comment 91 star 9,098

Eternal beach hair 🌊
i see jenna at @sonderhair 💇🏼‍♀️i literally tell her i don’t want to have to do anything to my hair at home (lazy life) and she makes it happen. she’s a keeper 😚

4 weeks ago comment 121 star 17,685

Getting ready to cosy up in my new @borntobechic sweater when some dolphins came out to play 🐬 couldn’t ask for a more perfect way to end the day 🙏🏽 fun fact - the scar on the side of my knee is from my giant puppy using me to brake.. 🤦🏼‍♀️ he’s so bad at turning when he’s running!

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M a n g o 🔸 @borntobechic

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This is actually a really nice swimsuit when you wear it properly.. 🙃

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