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Good morning

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All the bts from the saint pablo tour on my app

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He's just not that into me

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Kris jenner vibes

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Calabasas yeezysupply.com

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Date night

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Detoxing with @fittea 💜 it tastes amazing and the ingredients are all natural 🍵 #ad

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7 years old and obsessed with bows 🎀

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Happy 12 year old

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❤️ you @simoneharouche

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I took a tragic horrific experience and did not let it diminish me, rather grew and evolved and allowed the experience to teach me. i can say i've become so much better because of it....thank you for allowing me to share my story tonight #kuwtk

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Tonight's episode is going to be very tough for me. however, i thought it was important to share this story through my eyes & not in an interview where my own words could be twisted. i have always shared so much & i'm not going to hold back when this was probably one of the most life changing experiences for me. i would never wish this experience upon anyone, but have learned some valuable lessons & feel so blessed to be safe home with my babies & husband. to my friends, family, and loved ones i can't thank you enough for being there when i needed you the most. to the french police, thank you for your incredible hard work. *this was our last family photo taken in paris

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I know i'm late but happy birthday bobby. i love you mucho 🍀

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Should i be original and say long hair don't care?

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This is happening! the lumee black duo is now in apple globally -loving the back light! #lumeecollab

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Awkward run ins are my fave

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