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Season 14 🎥

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3 down, a lifetime to go...❤️

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Finally found @fittea shakes for protein, fiber, and probiotics. perfect after my workouts 💪🏼 fit shakes tastes amazing #ad

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Happy birthday to my fashion icon armenian queen cher!

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Who's coming to new york in august for the master class with @makeupbymario ?!?! get tickets now at themasterclass.com

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My little man

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To celebrate reaching 100m followers i'm giving away 100 lumee cases! to find out how to get yours go to @lumeecase 💯

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She has no clue what 100 million followers means but she's excited cause i'm excited lol thanks for the follows and the love 💯

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I saved the queen for last! mom you have walked through the fire for us all and i know in my heart you would do it all over again to keep us safe. we've all been through so much together & you are always our strength when we need it. i love you so much!

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Happy mothers day to my sister @kourtneykardash who makes it always look so easy! i love you

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