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Slow clap for @gelosalanga #ketolivingphtransformation ! july 2017 - october 2017. get the body you've always wanted be a #ketolivingphmember #bodybyketolivingph #keto💯 !

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Convo highlights: 1200 kcal diet for one year no significant weightloss vs. one week ketolivingph program one 7 lbs lost and 1.8 body f*t lost! 👏🏻inspiring share @mmiammmc we are more than happy to share this keto journey with you! #ketolivingphmember #trueketo #ketolivingphtransformation

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Congratulations @elenfernandez #ketolivingphmember 6 lbs lost in 3 days 🕺#nosweat #keto💯 #ketoweightloss 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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Thank you ms. @aikomelendez ! together we will achieve your fitness goal ! #ketolivingphmember

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#ketodonuts are ❤️. tomorrow on our menu #ketolivingph. made from almond and coxonut flour #keto💯 💃

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12 lbs lost in 2 weeks @alyssamaydg you're welcome ! 🌹#ketolivingphmember #keepuptheprogress #keepmovingforward

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#thenewyou @lizziebonne ! thank you for this inspiring share #ketolivingphmember . #weightlossstory #keto💯 #ketoon

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Thru thick or thin ✊🏻#ketolivingph x @ginoboi931 #togetherwewill ! #keto💯 #ketoweightloss #ketowarrior

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With you all the way bro! @eruption23 #ketosisachieved ripped, stronger & healthier with #ketosisdiet #ketowarrior #ketolivingphmember

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Congratulations @highme420fit for bagging the gold medal at the last philippine brazilian jiu- jitsu national championship ! wohhoooo ! #ketowarrior #ketolivingphmember

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#ketolivingphmember 15 lbs lost in one week ✅ #believe !

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@gwenzamora getting back on track as a #ketolivingphmember ! 5lbs lost in 4 days #keeppushing #keepuptheprogress #keep💯

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Look at that smile! we couldn't be more happier for you @ginoboi931 thank you for trusting the #ketolivingph meal program to achieve your fitness goal. #keto💯#ketosisdiet !

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All normal! reported back to us by @dugieboi #ketolivingphmember . thrilled for you that you are now living a healthier and happier life doing #keto💯 ! #ketolivingphtransformation

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Omegeee #ketolivingphmember you should try @palmgrillph #ketofriendlyfood ! chicken cooked in coconut milk then grilled. then topped with toasted coconut.roasted cauli huhuhu ang sarappp! absolute yumm!! ( minus the carrots hehhe) thank you @nelsoncanlas and miggy for taking care of us .see you in a bit excited!!

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Just when you thought that fitting into your favorite slimfit #levisjeans is next to impossible ☺️ we are true to our word - not a size smaller but the weight you always wanted! to go 2-3 size smaller . 🤗 3 weeks in @the_beachessa #ketolivingphmember is certainly feeling it!

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Everyday we are thankful for the opportunity to help others thru sharing #ketosisdiet . thank you for believing in @ketolivingph @aikomelendez we will be committed in helping you reach your fitness goal like we have with our other #ketolivingphmember . #keto💯 !

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The secret to doing keto right is to #nevergiveuponketo @thisiskatezulueta #ketolivingphmember 13 weeks in no exercise. she plateaued twice, first time for 2 weeks without any weight loss but kept on pushing. thank you for trusting the process @thisiskatezulueta and believing in @ketolivingph ❤️! #ketolivingphmembertransformation

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Senior #cnnphilippines news correspondent @ruthcabal15 #ketojourney proud shredding absolutely no deprivation #ketolivingphmember #keepmovingforward #keto💯 ☺️👌🏻

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True testament of what our food can do for you... #trueketo nuffsaid!! @ketolivingph @the_ketoking #ketosis achieved!!! sent by our client today :)

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