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Pa sweet lang. dagdagan natin ng #ketoachara na alam namin miss ninyo na 😍 abangan this week with #ketolivingphmeals 😍 may #tataksarap ng #ketolivingphmeals 😁 tara g!

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Our goal every week is to cultivate exciting dishes for you better than how we did the week before. dahil gusto namin papayat ka na happy ka pa 😍 this week #ketobibimbap by chef bert may masarap na lasa na hindi makakalimutan tatak #ketolivingphgourmetmenu . inquire na baka makaabot ka pa for our week’s slot ! link in our bio for subscribing for inquiries
dm us or text 09662994684 .

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@r_nflr losing 4 lbs in the process while enjoying our #ketokingburger ! the most talked about #ketokingburger now #betterthanever ! at mukhang enjoy na enjoy ang mga #ketolivingphmeals subscribers ! ngayon ang mas pinalaki malaman na #ketokingburger mas sumarap ! saan ka kakain ng masarap na burger tapos papayat ka pa ? #ketolivingphmeals lang mga friends 🤗🤗🤗

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Please watch our story #ketolivingph @mypuhunan_karen this september ( we will be announcing exact date ). mga ketolivingph staff na pumasok thank you chef bert for preparing all those yummy ketolivingph meals for the show. crew of #mypuhunan you guys are the best making sure every detail is perfect and taking extra care of our story. @jrcons you are love ! our partners joseph mark perez clara day herrera my twinnie 😍 arnold samaniego buti na lang ng blouse ka 🤣 jezz pe benito juscolored very camera shy 🤣 ervin pe benito sana you were here ! lei jamire come home na kasi ! char
anne claudette herrera who organized everything amazing job! chastine mae pasalo argao nakaligtas buhok mo sa akin marky chu sy thank you for cutting your hair pero you should thank me! irish ativo princess enna ativo love you 😍
and most importantly @iamkarendavila for this amazing oppurtunity to have our business @ketolivingph delivery @ketovegetarianph and @keto.cebu featured on your show. validation that came as an amazing surprise we are beyond grateful 😍 seeing you so involved in the story feature meticulously making sure everything significant in our story is covered. karen davila in action is a rare opportunity that i am so blessed to have the chance to witness. and proud to say i will be able to tell this story throughout my lifetime. maraming salamat ❤️.

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@photognathy 15.4 lbs or more lost in one month dahil sa #ketolivingphmeals . may chance pa na ma try ninyo and wonders ng #amazingketo . game na ! dm us for inquiries link in bio for our subscription form.

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@kyliedoscope welcome back! initially lost 15.4 lbs before with #ketolivingphmeals in just 15 days ! this can be you !

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Warning: this post contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors) peace 👏🏻 -
the aliw of our night yesterday 😂 @calsoesanto now a certified #ketokingburger fan ! maraming salamat po !

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#ketodiet can reverse #diabetes proven thru our #ketolivingphmeals @markychusy type 2 diabetic since he was 14 and had to take insulin shots everyday. but now he doesn’t need to at all because he doesn’t have attacks of nausea and dizziness after eating on a #ketodiet compared to his normal high carb meals prior to #ketodiet. #amazingketo #ketoheals #type2diabetic

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#diabetestype2 meron b**g chance ma-reverse with #ketodiet ? stay tuned for our next post 🤗

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#pcos ba ang problem to lose weight.
we know all too well the frustration of losing weight with pcos and so many of us want to know how to lose weight with pcos. time and again doctors have told us that we need to lose weight to improve our symptoms but they don’t offer any guidelines as to how to do that. try as we may, our bodies just won’t co-operate.
good news ! a low carb keto diet keeps you from eating foods that trigger insulin resistance and encourages weight loss. that’s why they’ve shown positive results in patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity, both of which are key in managing pcos.

because it takes your body longer to digest fat, you’ll feel fuller faster and for longer. you cut down your overeating and your tendency to graze for snacks.
di ba ang galing! halika na link in bio for our form. and ready kame for questions thru dm . #letsdoittogether #ketolivingphmeals

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A slimmer face and a slimmer waistline ba ang hanap mo? pero gusto mo pa din kumain ng masarap? you should go and try #ketolivingphmeals ! #ketodiet is one of the most effective way to lose weight right now. gawin ng tama with #ketolivingphmeals ! link in bio for subscribing. dm us for inquiries.

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Kasali ka ba sa subscription this week ? naku kapit bes #ketolomi ng batangas abangan na for tomorrow’s meal ! excited na kame to hear what you think . #ketolivingphgourmetmenu #ketolivingphmeals

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