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@regrann from @anita_jini - my name is anita jini, i started doing music professionally 2014... i had fears , but starting has opened my mind to do and be so much better ...
i'd love to share my music with the world, but i can't do this without enough resources ...
winning this money will help me put out a few singles, and you'd love them ...
i really hope i am part of the people who will share from this amazing opportunity by @ambaville @karowenu @oyoma.ng @munosings .
#ambavilleartistchallenge #ambkarogiveback #ambkarostartupfund

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Dubai for @oneafricaglobal with my people @jazz_priest and @tiwezi

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Good morning dubai
let’s turn up tonight for @oneafricaglobal
cc @kennyblaqsocks

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Happy birthday joy thanks for always coming through
enjoy dear

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Happy birthday boss @slkomedy
can’t wait for your show mhen

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People can show you whatever they want
but it's how they make you feel that counts
and how you make them feel too
can't forget that 🙂

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Everyday i get a lot of direct messages from some young comedians like me ‘carry me along na’ ‘help me be a star’ ‘bros i am very funny’ sometimes i get messages like ‘god don bless you, show us the way na’ ‘sheyb na person help you reach this level you self help me na’ ‘one day i know say me self go b**w cos i know say you no won help me’
hmmmmm i sometimes don’t reply cos i don’t have the answers to these questions (cos even me self still dey learn)

but today i can proudly say i have the answer
it’s @alibabagcfr spontaneity
come this sunday at muson centre
and show the world you’ve got what it takes
registration starts 7am and ends 10am on sunday at muson center
you no go just b**w
you will also perform at one of the biggest comedy concert in nigeria on the 1st of january 2019

and if you win,

you get to work with the king of comedy

and also go home with a brand new car

note : you have to be able to tell a joke on any topic given to you on the spot
it will end in praise 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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You will be short of words after attending @iamshortfamily show happening at muson centre tonight
congratulations boss

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