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Better talk nice

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So happy to be the face of the new #dwclassicpetite from @danielwellington! enter kendall for 15% off on danielwellington.com link in bio #ad

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New mixtape

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Oh p*e wee

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Baby bear

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Cool, now i need a vaca

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New @esteelauder campaign for pure color love lipstick! watch the full video at esteelauder.com #lovelipremix #esteemodel

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A unique signature @karllagerfeld on karl.com #kjcollab #karllagerfeld

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Honored to be a judge for the lvmh young designers!

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Getchu some friends that smack your b***y

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Last round

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Bathroom selfie ✔️

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Super super

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It's a ting

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Dropone now @kendallandkylie

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