Justin Bieber checkout the song in the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7jXASBWwwI
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Congrats @bubbawatson on winning the tournament today

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Best video i’ve ever seen. sooooo good. here before a billion views !! you got such a big heart brother!!

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Loved this performance. so much prep for a performance like this, memorization, hits, choreography, while not running out of breath and singing in tune! you stayed in pocket effortlessly. you are a natural born performer and you make people all around the world smile when you are on that stage!! loved cheering you on brotha!, oh and by the way didn’t know you were a blood! kidding! again kudos jt @justintimberlake

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My bad ma

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Coolest art piece over ever owned by artist @joetermini .. exclusive look .

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This night was a wave.. shoutout @richforever and @diddy

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Now i know what love is

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Selling this painting i did called “calvary” all proceeds go to wildfires in ca

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Can’t wait to get mine

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Illest thing i’ve seen is the supreme leg sleeves and ur right kelly it was maaadd wavy

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Jesus is changing me from the inside out everyday! and i misspelled guilt and exhausted

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