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Saturday super sale. own a truck and a van all for one low combined price of $8000. one time only super deal. that’s a combined total of 720 cubic inches of mediocre horsepower! #buymyshit #soicanbuymoreshit #haggardshitdaily

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Throwback cause i can. #haggardshitdaily #horribletowrig

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Got my console sat in place to see what it’s going to look like and i really like it. originally planned to use a newer ram console/jumpseat but all i could find was grey ones and i wanted one with at least some black on it to match the seats. so i started looking around and found this one that’s fits chevrolet tahoe silverados etc and it matches well. has the black top with white stitching to match the seats and a darker grey fabric on the seat part. also has under seat storage as well. eager to get the interior finished in this thing and see what it all looks like together. #mixmatched #likearock #haggardshitdaily #gmpartsonadodge

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Kinda looks like a truck when you set the fenders up on it 🧐 #haggardshitdaily

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Went down to the buick gs nationals at beechbend yesterday. one of my favorite shows of the year. tons of super nice gn’s, t type, and gs cars. this first pic was one of my favorite cars i seen all day. just because it’s not your typical super nice restored car. but upon close inspection this seems like a super nice car other than the fact it needs a paint job. straight body and really nice limited interior. the second pic is a nice hurst/olds with an intercooled 3.8 swap in it. something different in a sea of buick’s. tag the owners if you know them. #buickgsnationals

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Just about got the driver side seat frame finished. might add another plate on inside to stiffen up the shifter mount some. haven’t decided yet. just need to smooth the welds down and give it a coat of paint. oh and the @eastwoodco 2” punch and bead die works great. gives it some style and rigidity.

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6 million tack welds later. now to just grind it all smooth. so much work in stuff no one will ever notice. #haggardshitdaily #pretendwelder

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Seats are worth more than the whole truck #haggardshitdaily #firstgen

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This might not look like much to some people but this represents tons of man hours. i modified this core support to accept an @on3performance 2nd gen intercooler. which if you don’t know is massive compared to a stock 1st gen ic. i made all this fit while retaining the stock ac condenser all while fitting under the stock grille and valance with no cutting or grinding (made some very minimal cuts on the lower metal valance.) but that didn’t come easy considering the core support its self has been sliced and diced many ways. spot welds cut and pieces removed, mounts cut and modified and moved etc. but like my friend @vulcanspecialties told me when i started this a long time ago “ it’s just metal. cut it.” this is hopefully my final mock up but i still have plenty of work to do. plan to weld some 1/4” round stock to finish out the cut edge and add some strength as well as fab a new vertical center support. all that work for something most people will never see. ft. hondo the shop dog. #haggardshitdaily #makingitupasigo #ruined #on3performance #bertoknowsbest

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Thinking bout selling both these rides ➡️ 91 w250 $5500 obo 87 b350 van $4000 obo both 360la powered. message me for more info.

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He don’t even believe in jesus, why you got a jesus piece 🎶 #churchvan #itskindalikeafirstgen #yaboughtit #onetonoffun #haggardshitdaily

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