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Sun kissed ballon rides over the canola fields of eastern yunnan. more importantly a massive happy birthday to the main girl, @sophiapope! i don’t usually care too much for pda, but i’m so incredibly grateful for you. thanks for all the crazy times over the past four years and making all of this happen. here’s to many more, you beautiful old goat! 🎂🎉

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I loved the lazy afternoons we spent rowing on chidorigafuchi moat. ive also just realised that we’ve visited japan five times in the past two years - time to explore somewhere new! any good suggestions for the months of july and august?! 🚣🏼‍♂️☁️🌸

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The thought of relaxing on the postcard-perfect italian coastline in a few months time has me far too excited for summer! more importantly, how many windows can you count? 🌊🏠 @instagram #whpvibes

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Shrouded in cherry blossoms, the mighty nachi falls is by far one of my favourite sights in japan. speaking of which, we just uploaded our guide to the ‘top 5 cherry blossom locations in tokyo’. check out the link in my bio, and feel free to let me know what you guys’ think! 🌸💧

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Moments before world war z descended upon this iconic location. even though it was my second time visiting the taj, it was just as magical as the first. big thanks to @chelseakauai and @travel_inhershoes for rocking these colourful sarees! 🕌🧕🏼

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Every spring, this little electric tram runs through the most magnificent tunnel of cherry blossom trees. while it was supposed to be just another shoot, i ended up missing my bus stop by 3 miles and lost my wallet in the process, but i’d still say it was worth it. stay tuned for our top 5 cherry blossom video from tokyo coming on friday! 🚃🌸

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Mount fuji never ceases to amaze me. oh, and the things i’d do to ride a motorbike down this road... anyone else with me? 🗻🏍

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The last light of day illuminating osaka’s crown jewel. with tomorrow being our final day in japan, we plan on going out in style. i never thought i’d say this, but bring on the p***s festival! 🏯🌸

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Morning strolls with your best friend along one of the world’s most beautiful pathways, anyone else keen? we’ve recently been focusing on so many little projects, all of which i can’t wait to tell you about soon. what’s one thing you’re currently working on? ps. new dubai vlog in now live! check out the link in my bio for more 👘🎋

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One of my favourite places to watch the sun go down. while the cherry blossoms are cool and all, i’m certainly looking forward to some warmth and a beer (or three) back at home. where’s home for you?! 🌊

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This picture was captured on one hazy morning at the ghats of the yamuna river in delhi. devotees often come here early to bathe in the holy water and feed the birds! who would take on a sunrise ride here? 🚣🏼‍♂️🕊

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The cherry blossoms are in full swing out here in tokyo right now! we spent this day bouncing from one location to the next, when we caught sight of this gentleman making his way to a shrine beneath a tunnel of fully blossomed trees. next stop, kyoto! 🌸👲🏻

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