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Help me pick tomorrow's youtube thumbnail! do you prefer 1 or 2? this video is epic- nyc dares with @cirquedusoleil! 😱😍

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The one and only @niasioux yesterday in santa monica. who wants to see a collaboration with me, nia and @sofiedossi? comment niasofie letter by letter without interruption and maybe they'll do it! one person gets a dm!

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Never know, if you ask me for a selfie you might end up posing in the middle of hollywood blvd with @rebeccazamolo and @bagels_payne 🤣. caption this for a follow and a mention on my story!

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You don't know how much your life will change until it does. before children, i thought i was complete. once they came into my life, i realized that i was just waiting for them to arrive. huds and say, you inspire me every minute, and bring me more joy than you can imagine. happy father's day to all the lucky men out there!

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Thirsty? what's your favorite drink? mine is obviously coffee. go to my story to see what happened right after this photo 🤣

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How many attempts did it take to get this photo? i'll shout out one correct answer on my story.
i am headed back to la for the next five days for some exciting collaborations you've been requesting 😱👍. i'll also have time for a few photo shoots. email me if you're interested – info@jordanmatter.com.

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Handcuffed to my kids for 24 hours. new video. link in bio 😫🤣

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Help me pick tomorrow's thumbnail. i spent 24 hours handcuffed to my kids 😫😴 📷 @ara_portrait_photography

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I've made three changes to this image. swipe to see. can you find them all? a shout out and follow to one person who can!
this image was part of a 9 hour shoot in the rain yesterday with @bloch_eu dancers and @blochdanceusa. full campaign will be released soon! follow them to see all the photos.

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Who took this photo, me or @hudsonmatter? one correct guess gets a shout out. hudson's first youtube video just dropped "copying my dad's instagram". it's awesome! link in bio.

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I photoshopped the second image. what did i change? one correct answer gets a shout out and another gets a follow! (hint: i didn't change lily's form – it's perfect) @lily_janneck #borntodance

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New video- bullies vs. dancers. i'm sure you know who won, but go find out how they did it! link in bio. #danceon

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