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Caption this. my favorite gets a shout out on my story! (@unisondanceschool is performing tomorrow night at the @yagp gala).

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Sharing pasta, slow dancing in public and taking a dance class were three of the instagram dares during rachel and hudson's second date. which was your favorite dare? link in bio 🤣❤️

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Help me pick a thumbnail for tomorrow's video! instagram controlled hudson and rachel's second date in nyc. it is ❤️ and also really 🤣!

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I'm back at the airport today. where do you think i'm going? one correct guess gets a shout out on my story! hint: it's not la. #borntodance @johannadances

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What do these photos have in common? they are all in videos with disabled comments 😡! find out why in my new video. link in bio.

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Last year @kamrinoel challenged me to shoot an underwater video, and on april 24 in la i'm finally doing one with @sofiedossi and surprise guests. yesterday i practiced in ny with @sisimorris. which is your favorite? to see sienna above the water, check out @hudsonmatter.

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I've done 5 videos with the @rybkatwinsofficial (the 24 hour challenge in nyc, 10 minute challenges at loreto high school and @lunaparkmelb in melbourne, and two videos at @caesarspalace in vegas, which we released today). have you seen them all? which is your favorite? link in bio to new video, and make sure to check out the rybka's channel as well!

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Help pick my thumbnail for tomorrow's video! i shot a twin vs. twin #10minutechallenge with the @rybkatwinsofficial in vegas (and they shot reality vs expectations for their channel). it's 🔥🤣💪!

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How to eat and dance with handcuffs 🤣 @rachelquiner and hudson went on their second date, and you controlled it!! video coming next week. what other instagram dares do you think they tried? one correct guess gets a shout out on my story (check @hudsonmatter for a clue).

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I used a lot of nyc locations in my first book, #dancersamongus. which is your favorite? i'll be in nyc for @yagp and i just opened up a little time so email if you want to shoot- info@jordanmatter.com.

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Cooling off between classes. which one are you? @caroline_quiner @ellianaquiner #borntodance

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