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How gorgeous is this poster?

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Me, a year ago: wow, they're hyping up hawkins' return with vignettes, i hope he finally gets pushed!

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#repost @the_mjf (@get_repost) ・・・ he came to me in a dream and said “keep doing what you’re doing, kid. don’t let the heat die!” art by @redneckkungfu #betterthanyou

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My fave 5 on smackdown: 5. jinder mahal 4. aj styles 3. sami zayn 2. baron corbin 1. tye dillinger

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I didn't expect my last post to b**w up like it did. i put a link in my bio that leads to the full match between myself and scott tyler! i appreciate all the love (and hate)!

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Follow @kccwrestling and visit youtube.com/kccwbackyardwrestling if you could! here's some highlights of my match with scott tyler this past week on kccw tv featuring the first and last time (for the foreseeable future) that i wrestle shirtless. i get a good old a*s whooping but i manage to stay in the match throughout. lemme know whatcha think! the full match is through the link in my bio!

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Would anyone be interested if i took pictures of me wearing every wrestling shirt i own (over 150) and posted them (not on here but i'd make an online folder and put the link in my bio)?

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I love new japan so much, but their destruction in fukushima event the other day was absolutely atrocious. the main event was overbooked garbage which sucks because elgin and suzuki could've put on a killer match if they took the lumberjack stipulation off and just let them wrestle. there was only 2 matches worth my time and they weren't even that worth my time. new japan really hasn't put on a bad show this year until that so hopefully this won't be a recurring thing and i doubt it will be.

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I'm a huge aj styles fan, but i'll be pulling for tye heavily tonight.

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I hope these two get a lot of time. this has potential to be one hell of a match.

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Oh hell yeah.

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I can't wait for thursday!

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The amount of joy i feel right now is indescribable. it's been officially announced that donovan dijak has signed with wwe! i've been following his career since he was in the top prospect tournament in roh. he impressed the hell out of me in that tournament and i've been a huge fan ever since. he's such an incredible athlete. he's 6'7 and can do a f*****g moonsault. i can't wait for his talents to be showcased on a bigger platform. he deserves this so much. and hey, maybe one day we'll finally get that dijak/cesaro match we discussed on the starship paincast!

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I've never been a fan of the bray wyatt character but nowadays i don't know why anyone would give a f**k about him. every week it's the same old shit. same spooky, nonsensical words. same random attacks for no reason. same matches. and he just loses every big match he's in. his wwe championship win earlier this year was his final chance at glory and now it's too late. they really ruined him. i don't care as much because i'm not a fan but i feel like i could've been if they stuck with what he originally was in nxt, a weird backwoods fucker, instead of spooky ghost man who can teleport places and do some creepy shit. it's lame. it's tired. i think he's irrecoverable at this point.

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I can't wait for september 5th. i've missed you new japan.

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I really hope hawkins, drew gulak, mustafa ali, and rich swann make the cut for wwe 2k18.

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I didn't watch smackdown because i barely f**k with wwe anymore but dillinger getting squashed by styles seems like such a dumb f*****g move to me. 1) they could've had a killer sprint. it didn't need to be 20 minutes or anything but give them 7-10 minutes and they would've put on something memorable. 2) the us open challenge should produce great matches every week. that's what they did with cena and that's how it should be with styles.

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Hm, to watch monday night raw or the royals game tonight? let's just say i'd rather watch eric hosmer, whit merrifield, salvador perez, etc. over roman reigns, john cena, bray wyatt, etc..

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Howdy friends, i'd really appreciate if you hit the link in my bio and watched the latest supercard from the backyard wrestling league i'm apart of, @kccwrestling. if you watch, lemme know what you think!

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I didn't get as many videos as i wanted to at the most recent kcxw show a couple weeks ago, but i had a blast yet again.

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