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Q: for those of who have been watching njpw g1 c****x this year, what has been your favorite match of the tournament thus far? i'm spending today catching up on the rest of yesterday's g1 show and starting today's show. this years g1 has been f*****g fantastic thus far and could possibly end up topping last years incredible tournament. i made a promise to myself that i would watch every single match on every single show in this years tournament (yes, the undercard too) and it's been great. i love new japan so much.

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Got this at hot topic today since they had the bullet club re-stock! i'm so glad i finally own a young bucks tee!

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Mail call! new tye dillinger tee! art done by the talented rob schamberger!

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I'm gonna rank the current members of the bullet club later.

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New tees!

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I don't remember ordering any of this, but i did.

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My battleground match ratings: • dillinger/english (**) • usos/new day (***3/4) • corbin/nakamura (*3/4) • women's fatal five way (**1/4) • styles/owens (***) • cena/rusev (**3/4) • zayn/kanellis (**1/2) • mahal/orton (dud)

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I'm depressed that that bad of a show had to take place on my birthday of all days.

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Oh snap, it's my birthday.

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Also, i finally got this sweet tee in the mail!

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Mail call! got both of these items off of wwe shop for $10 each.

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Lots of great content from yours truly on thewrestlingclassic.com including my reviews from every day of g1 thus far and the best njpw reviews and insight on twc, as well as the latest episode of sspc (which we lost the second half to but the first half is up!).

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Drew gulak vs. mustafa ali on 205 live was fantastic. definitely one of the best matches that show has produced. i was fully invested and the action was awesome.

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Mail call part 2! new tully blanchard vs. magnum ta and naito tees!

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Mail call! first up, a new aj lee tee!

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Just got a call from ted dibiase jr., so that was pretty cool.

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My review of njpw g1 c****x day 1 is on thewrestlingclassic.com! go give it a read! i'll post excerpts tonight on here as well.

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I am so ridiculously pumped for the g1 climax. i'm reviewing every event for twc.

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...and a ripcord tko.

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