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Happy 420!

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Asuka should definitely turn heel heading into her eventual rematch with charlotte, probably at summerslam. i see charlotte regaining the title this summer. carmella and the iiconics are strong characters and peyton is very good in the ring, but sd will need another top heel after charlotte and asuka run through them. absolution needs more time to grow, charlotte’s too over and becky is better as a face.

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K. o. w. kings.

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“sheamus sucks. sheamus sucks. sheamus sucks.”

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This is f*****g great.

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Sd easily came out for the better in the superstar shakeup this year. they cut out pretty much all of the guys who had become stagnant there and got rid of some talent that wasn’t even being used (ascension, zack, mojo, mike). their top stars are aj styles, daniel bryan, shinsuke nakamura, samoa joe, the miz, jeff hardy, randy orton, and rusev. that’s literally a dream main event scene in my opinion. they have a great tag division with new day, the bar, bludgeon brothers, good brothers, and usos. their women’s division feels refreshed and the addition of asuka is obviously great. the sanity and alma’s call-ups are exciting. the undercard has a lot of talent with tye, truth, shelton, sin cara, etc. big cass is back and might end up surprising us and being a good addition. he’s very capable, i’m more than willing to give him a chance.
main moves i wish we would have got but didn’t get was bliss and revival to smackdown, but with the bar off raw perhaps that gives the revival an opportunity.

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I have a s**t ton of people to talk about pro wrestling with, so if you’re a baseball, snl, or law and order svu fan and ever wanna talk about any of those things, my dms are open. 🤘

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11 year old jordan in 2009 who was so heartbroken when that dastardly cm punk beat jeff hardy, “costing him” his wwe career, would’ve found it very comforting to hear that in the year 2018, jeff hardy would reclaim gold in wwe. this is awesome.

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• match of the night was easily lethal/gresham. great technical battle and i appreciated the limb work and consistent selling greatly. awesome match, check it out.
• the dawgs/c2c match was cut off at the start of the stream so that’s why i didn’t give it a rating.
• the main event was solid but wasn’t great. i love scurll winning though and i hope we get the great match we know we can get out of scurll/castle next.
• the 8 man tag was fun as hell as expected.
• cody/taven was pretty good and had some great spots and had a creative finish.
• good show overall with nothing bad on it.

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I’ve been a longtime fan of billie kay and peyton royce. they’re both very talented wrestlers and are charismatic as can be. i see nothing but great things ahead for them. if they introduce women’s tag titles, this is the top heel team you’d want in that division. also, i’m so glad they’re using billie’s theme, it’s so much better than peyton’s.

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Question: to those who watch multiple wrestling promotions, which one is your favorite to watch at the moment and why?

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