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Spending my day watching progress chapter 41 so i can review it for thewrestlingclassic.com!

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It's great that my backyard wrestling league (@kccwrestling) has better graphics then most independent promotions. @silvaproductions is the best.

comment 1 star 33 18 minutes ago

Good to know.

comment 5 star 78 1 hour ago

I've been expecting big things for tyler bate for a while now but i never expected them so soon. he's got one hell of a career ahead of him.

comment 1 star 194 1 hour ago

I can pinpoint the exact moment everything went wrong for ryback and it was the royal rumble in 2013. he was so f*****g over and had just lost 3 consecutive big matches on ppv so he needed this. cena wins so we could get another f*****g cena/rock match. the crowd was so into ryback in this match (i remember everyone at my house including me were rooting on ryback) but he lost. and then he went on to lose at the following 4 (i believe) ppv's and turned heel in the process. he should've won here and beat big show (who should've never lost the world title to del rio) at mania in a huge moment.

comment 3 star 132 1 hour ago

My heart is racing. tears in my eyes. goosebumps. congrats tyler! this kid has such an amazing future ahead of him and i did not expect his stardom to begin so soon but i couldn't be happier!

comment 6 star 296 20 hours ago

If dunne wins it'll be incredibly lame. if bate wins i will lose my shit. let's go bate!!

comment 5 star 210 21 hours ago

Oh my f*****g god.

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comment 1 star 123 21 hours ago

Bate should win.

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Rooting for mandrews so hard here. f**k pete dunne. plus he's the obvious winner of the tournament so it'll be even more annoying if he wins. it's going to be a wolfgang/dunne finals match even though i really hope it's andrews/bate.

comment 11 star 120 22 hours ago

Tyler f*****g bate. so happy he advanced over devlin. the kid is amazing.

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