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Make the raw tag title match a ladder match please!

comment 6 star 157 2 days ago

Fuck off wwe. why can't they be on the main show? i now care more about the kickoff show because of this one match being on it.

comment 34 star 309 2 days ago

He's got a point.

comment 4 star 247 2 days ago

Please please please please please let haskins win and regain the title he never lost.

comment 6 star 94 2 days ago

Mail call from highspots! got the newest pwg dvd, their february 2017 event only kings understand each other, and i never quit: the magnum ta story, a documentary about one of my all time favorite wrestlers magnum ta, along with an autograph.

comment 2 star 91 3 days ago

Follow @armbarbaybay for being the first to correctly guess my favorite male and female nxt wrestlers, tye dillinger and billie kay.

comment 3 star 142 3 days ago

First person to correctly guess my favorite male and female nxt wrestler gets a shoutout.

comment 21 star 206 3 days ago

I have to get up in less than 5 hours and i'm still not asleep.

comment 2 star 127 3 days ago

Oh my goodness.

comment 4 star 215 3 days ago

Ec3 and eli drake are the only good things about impact at this point.

comment 5 star 171 4 days ago

Ku's gotta get their s**t together man.

comment 1 star 146 4 days ago

I know we've seen them wrestle a couple times lately but i'd rather joe vs. zayn happen again at mania over them being stuck in the battle royal or not on the card.

comment 3 star 204 5 days ago

Who do you guys see winning the andre the giant memorial battle royal this year? i've got strowman personally. but go curt hawkins!

comment 10 star 136 5 days ago

I used to post constantly but now i struggle with what to post.

comment 5 star 162 5 days ago

When maryse looks better as nikki than nikki does as nikki.

comment 7 star 263 5 days ago

Kofi kingston: future hall of famer. and rightfully so.

comment 10 star 297 6 days ago

Happy birthday to the lovely lana! ❤

comment 3 star 121 6 days ago

Maaaaaaaaaan, where the vaudevillians at?

comment 7 star 146 6 days ago

I respect the hell out of shawn michaels for retiring and staying retired. he could've come back, hell, he just said he got offered a match with styles this year at mania, but he's sticking by his retirement. yes i'd love to see him wrestle again but good on him for meaning it when he officially hung up his boots.

comment 5 star 229 6 days ago

Ken anderson syndrome - when a professional wrestler delivers the same variation of a match every time they wrestle. basically, if you've seen one match from them you've seen them all. examples: ken anderson, toru yano, dalton castle, mark briscoe.

comment 13 star 167 6 days ago