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Nese vs. gulak was a fantastic match. gulak looked great in the intense heel role and nese pulled out a lot of fun moves. the 205 reboot continues to be a hit with me! (****)

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Kazuchika okada vs. sanada was phenomenal. sanada proved he can hang in a main event title match and actually had the crowd believing he could dethrone okada. this was a fantastically worked match that didn’t feel as long as it was and had a lot of memorable moments. i loved this. (****1/2)

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Will ospreay vs. hiromu takahashi was yet another classic for the iwgp jr. heavyweight championship. this was a title match i was really excited for when ospreay regained the title at wrestle kingdom and they did not disappoint. jaw dropping moves, great near falls, and these two had excellent chemistry. another early moty contender. (****1/2)

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At this point i don’t care so much that reigns is being pushed as the top guy, i’ve just dealt with it by loosely keeping up with raw. but i for real think that a heel turn would do wonders for his career. they’ve been trying to force him as a face for years and he has been cheered at points throughout this current face run and there’s no denying his popularity, but they could more than likely get the whole crowd to cheer him down the line if they were to turn him heel this year. he’s already shown signs of kind of playing the heel in the past, mainly just because he gets heavily booed by mostly adult male fans a lot of the times, but if he was just a full on d*******g who still won hella matches and was heavily hyped up on commentary by corey graves, they’d have something there. have him be a super f*****g cocky badass. at some point i would imagine a lot of male fans would start cheering for him and if he loses the women and kids for a little bit, they’d more than likely rejoin his side for an eventual face turn or he could just transition back into being a face. but what do i know? i’m just a fan.

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New tees!

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I had a great time at smackdown/205 live last night. we had dope seats and the card was solid overall. * the match of the night was easily roderick strong vs. hideo itami on 205 live. it was the match i was most looking forward to and it delivered big time. (****) * roode vs. rusev (***1/2), zayn vs. owens (***1/4), and dorado/kalisto (***3/4) were other very good matches that i enjoyed as well as the live crowd, although it took them a little bit to wake up for the 205 matches. * the dark match was becky lynch vs. natalya. becky got the win via submission with the dis-arm-her in a fun little match that the crowd was into. the dark main event was aj styles and shinsuke nakamura vs. baron corbin and jinder mahal. styles got the pin on mahal with the phenomenal forearm for the win in a typical dark main event but it was enjoyable. * the biggest pops of the night were rusev, aj styles, randy orton, and baron corbin. corbin was the hometown boy so of course his reaction was huge, but the fans were legitimately into him. he was getting beat down by styles and nak and the majority of the crowd was chanting “baron corbin!” * the only guys who got any real heat were kevin owens and jinder mahal. * it was during commercial (i believe), but when it was nearly silent tyler and i chanted for viktor and konnor grabbed viktor and laughed. also, if you listen very closely on the live broadcast you can hear tyler, a guy in our section, and i pop for viktor. * no tye. 🙁

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I am so excited to see roderick strong vs. hideo itami live tonight. that’s going to be such an awesome match and it’ll be my first time seeing both men live. kalisto/dorado should be fun as well.

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Aron rex was f*****g awesome.

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I’m going to smackdown/205 live tomorrow night. first wwe event i’ve been to in almost 2 years. i got floor seats 10 rows back behind the announce table, so pretty solid. i can’t wait to see roderick strong vs. hideo itami live, they’re two of my favorite wrestlers ever and it’ll be my first time seeing both of them live. also looking forward to seeing sami zayn, bobby roode, baron corbin, aj styles, shinsuke nakamura, and hopefully tye dillinger as well.

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Our reaction to nakamura’s rumble win. i’m so thrilled! great rumble.

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My hopeful picks for the men’s royal rumble!

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With my most anticipated wwe event every year, the royal rumble, coming up tomorrow, i thought i’d share my favorite rumble match. there’s a lot of great ones. 92, 04, 07, and 16 are some of my other favorites, but 2010 takes the cake as my favorite. there were so many great moments in this match. bourne and ziggler’s sequence at the beginning, punk’s elimination spree interrupted by triple h, beth phoenix being an entrant and eliminating khali, the drama with shawn trying so hard to win so he could wrestle taker again, edge’s return and win, plus so many great stars like michaels, batista, jericho, cena, miz, etc.. just a really fun rumble with a winner i was extremely satisfied with.

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The fantasticamania shows have been fun, but i’m really pumped for the new beginning shows!

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New tees!

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What a great f*****g promo from jack.

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“i’m gonna need a pair of ray bans after that flash.” - ricky morton

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Woo woo woo. i’m glad i obtained one of these to add to my collection.

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Depending on the location, there’s a good chance i’ll be attending all in on september 1st. i want the event to succeed and if i want it to succeed i might as well contribute by attending it. if it’s in chicago there’s a 90% chance, if it’s in cali more like a 25% chance.

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My excitement level is so incredibly high for wrestle kingdom. i’ve been more excited for it over mania for the past 3 years. the card is absolutely stacked and i’m especially excited for the main event. my wrestle kingdom 12 predictions: • naito over okada • omega over jericho • tanahashi over white • takahashi wins the jr. heavyweight championship • goto over suzuki • lij over kes • bucks over 3k • ibushi over cody • bullet club retain 6 man tag titles • yoshi-hashi wins nj rumble

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