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If you would've shown me this picture a year ago i would've been incredibly confused. i'm confused now, but i would've been even more confused then.

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I can firmly say that njpw is my favorite wrestling company. i miss raw sometimes, i miss smackdown sometimes, hell i've missed a few ppv's live on purpose, i miss impact, i miss roh tv, i barely have kept up with progress, icw, pwg, and evolve, but i always find time to watch every njpw event.

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The two guys i want to win mitb more than anyone. i'm leaning more towards corbin because he'd make more sense with the briefcase.

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Drew gulak is the best thing going on 205 live.

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I lost another hundred followers. it's depressing watching them fall. it's not like i do much to change it but it's depressing.

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No tye tonight. ffs.

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My wwe backlash match ratings: • dillinger/english (**3/4) • nakamura/ziggler (***3/4) • usos/breezango (***) • corbin/zayn (***) • welcoming committee/face women (**) • owens/styles (****) • harper/rowan (**1/4) • orton/mahal (***1/4)

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I just finished backlash and holy m***********g shit. jinder f*****g mahal is the wwe champion. are we in the f*****g twilight zone? this is so cool. it's weird but so f*****g cool.

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Wwe backlash predictions: • orton retains over mahal • owens retains over styles • the usos retain over breezango • nakamura over ziggler • corbin over zayn • face women over welcoming committee • harper over rowan • dillinger over english

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Whyyyyy. theyre such a good team.

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That f*****g match.

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Who are you rooting for in this nxt championship match? for me... go go hideo!

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I'm actually pretty d**n excited for backlash. nak/ziggler and owens/styles will deliver. corbin/zayn has major potential. the usos/breezango will be great if given time. tye dillinger is on the card. harper/rowan could be good and will be a great win for harper. orton/mahal is extremely intriguing. the only thing that doesn't have my excitement or interest is the women's match.

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Well i've been pretty busy with graduating high school and hanging out with friends but when best of the super juniors is over i will put up a blog on twc saying my mvp of the tournament, the matches you need to see, and more!

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The problem with the cruiserweight division is that they aren't allowed to work the style of matches they worked in the cwc. if they wanna be different, purple ropes aren't going to do it. they need to not be working wwe style matches. they need to feed off the crowd and do crazy, fast-paced matches. that's what's holding them back.

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I miss her already. it's a shame she had to get hurt again.

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My nxt takeover: chicago predictions: • roode retains over itami • aop retain over diy • asuka retains over cross and riot • strong over ey • dunne over bate • this is possibly the most dull card a takeover event has ever had. hopefully it ends up delivering.

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Gran metalik deserves better. hopefully he can get some spotlight this summer in the cw division.

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If you're interested and haven't seen this match, it's up in full on wwe's youtube channel. this is one of my all time favorite matches and it doesn't get enough credit. go watch it and see for yourself how great this is.

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I love seeing people who don't normally watch wrestling's reactions to amazing spots.

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