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God dammit. i hate watching cesaro get pinned.

comment 4 star 105 1 hour ago

I'm actually pretty excited for this.

comment 7 star 106 1 hour ago

I put little to no effort into this account anymore but that's okay. it's still a good platform to give my wrestling opinions on when i want to.

comment 5 star 142 2 hours ago

With me not really caring about roh in general for a while now and even though i love cole, i just really want daniels to win their title. he deserves a world title run to cap off his illustrious career. he's one of my favorite wrestlers of all time so i'm really pulling for him for those reasons.

comment 5 star 185 7 hours ago

With nxt's roster kinda thinning out and the fact that they're probably going to call more people up soon, they need to start bringing a lot of these guys that mainly just work live events and never tv to tv. tino sabbatelli, riddick moss, mandy rose, oney lorcan, dawkins and ford, patrick clark, and dan matha are all ready to be credible people on nxt tv. we also need wesley blake and buddy murphy back on tv.

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I like this shirt sooooo much more than her authentic shirt. i'll actually buy this one for sure when it comes out.

comment 2 star 185 Yesterday

Happiest of birthdays to my favorite nxt wrestler, the "perfect 10" tye dillinger!

comment 4 star 247 Yesterday

Even though it makes sense, i just can't see luke harper being t****t into a wwe championship match at wrestlemania.

comment 8 star 254 2 days ago

Any person cesaro teams up with makes for an incredible tag team. you look at the kings of wrestling, the real americans, cesaro and kidd, and cesaro and sheamus. all extremely great teams.

comment 12 star 385 2 days ago

The best stable in wrestling today, and that's indisputable.

comment 3 star 130 2 days ago

Billie kay is so 😍. australian accents are super hot.

comment 2 star 163 2 days ago

I hate being in a depressed mood. nothing bad has really even happened i'm just upset.

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