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“honor thy mother” had a moment of reminiscing about @ted we made history that day. spoken word, native indigenous fancy dance, live violin, and street dance/movement art all on one stage. sometimes i just go go go and never look at the accomplishments or milestones we are making for ourselves and street dance as an art form. god is good. @rsanders182 @c1star @lilbuckdalegend @jasonyangviolin we did that ish!!! 🌏🔥🙏🏾 can’t forget @_castille_ and @clarkisgreat on costumes 🙏🏾

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Enjoying the process with @hubbardstreet. headed to chicago today for the last few rehearsals and for the premiere of “there was nothing/for all it’s fury” @harristheaterchicago huge shout out to @devhynes & @thirdcoastpercussion for the amazing music. @rsanders182 who always creates the most power spoken word narratives. @movementartis is super excited to have the amazing @emmaportner curating an amazing piece as well that closes out the evening length show. it’s truly a room full of wizards. that’s when magic happens 😁🙏🏾❤️

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Super excited for the premiere of “there was nothing” with @hubbardstreet dance company at @harristheaterchicago. the score is amazing by @devhynes & @thirdcoastpercussion it’s going to be crazy. the movement artist were a treat to work with. some of the best on the planet in my humble opinion.

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Throwback pic when me and @leeenglandjr performed for a private @benaffleck event in vegas. thank you @whitneyrayewilliams & @easterncongo for the opportunity.

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Body talk jam in miami. i’m doing this for the community. history will be made!!! january 26, 2019
1on1 popping for $5000
all style cypher king $1000

doors open 2pm
battles start 3:30pm sharp!

1020 nw 163rd drive
miami florida, 33169

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“there was nothing” coming soon. major props to @hubbardstreet dance company. we are so excited that this collaboration happened. these are honestly some of the best dancers we’ve been privileged to work with. beautiful movers and human beings. can’t forget the amazing @devhynes and @thirdcoastpercussion for the phenomenal score. this piece is going to be one for the books 🔥💯✊🏾

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Take 1 and take 2 😁popping practice with my love @malaenaeagle this is how we been training. drilling the routine until it’s in the body. she gets better every time 💪🏾🔥💯we takes turns with who leads the routine. we got more heat coming soon.

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One year ago today @movementartis went to uganda courtesy of @globallivingston to raise awareness around hiv. this trip changed my life. performing in the streets of masaka and performing in a live concert for over 10,000 people. some people had never been to a concert ever! dance has taken me places i never thought it would 🙏🏾
shot by @randmvisionphoto

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I purposely only wanted to move small. very minute movements. when funk like this comes on i want to move big and dynamic. practicing small robotic & animated textures is harder when the music demands something else. just having fun 💪🏾thank you @malaenaeagle for filming my random urge to try this out ❤️🙏🏾

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Happy monday!! this is my mood for the week. keeping things flowing and going 🌊

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“there was nothing “ coming soon. i can’t wait to see this piece come to fruition 💪🏾🔥💯 the premiere is in a few weeks 😁😁shout our to @rsanders182 for the beautiful narration of the whole story you provided. let’s goo repost @hubbardstreet with @get_repost
@movementartis (@lilbuckdalegend & @jonboogz ) #inrehearsal for there was nothing, part of the #fallseries program. the evening will feature #newmusic produced by @devhynes, performed live by @thirdcoastpercussion! photo by @yeuxdemoi. #hubbardstreetdance

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Follow!! my big brother @gee_smithiii father, athlete, & aspiring actor. mark my words we about to make power moves this season. wait on it....💪🏾💪🏾

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