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Thank you rong from @footkaki.sg for painting this portrait of mantou. and also for giving me legs i would k**l for. if you all want to see this portrait of mantou and get great and comfortable footwear at the same time, check out footkaki at roxy square! #gogomantou .
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Happy mother’s day ❤️ throwback to the time when we were at this restaurant in korea and she said she didn’t want makgeolli but ended up polishing off two kettles by herself.

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Red light special 🔴🥊🎒🚨

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Don’t put your legs on the iron throne they say. posting this just before i watch the latest game of thrones episode, which i hear is total downer. #got8 @gameofthrones

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Living every fangirl fanboy dream in one photo. 🥃
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A dry friday means saturday morning gym. accomplished quite a bit and by that i mean i went for class and took a bunch of selfies. 🤳🏼

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Nothing deep to say here. just glad that it’s the weekend already 💙

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Getting a lift... selfie.

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My favouritest pic from #starawards2019 with the loveliest, sweetest star ever ❤️❤️❤️

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Singapore also got cherry blossoms, okay? 🌸 (zoom in and you can see mantou sitting in the middle of the road like the badass daredevil she is 🐶)
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Stomachs too full from too much food, mouths too tired from too much talking. always a good time with @yvonnelim928 ❤️❤️❤️ @babachews

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