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It’s friday, the sun is out and you deserve a drink! here’s how to make (a really bloody good!) amaretto sour.

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Going all rock-'n'-roll today in a @7forallmankind t-shirt and jeans.

also, had my first ever @fiveguys and my life has changed forever!

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Me, alfie and a twirly tree.

i'm rocking my velvet @joshuakanebespoke tux with a @turnbull_asser shirt (the same one daniel craig wore in casino royale) and patent @tods shoes 👌

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Had the worst time in cannes 🍸

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Home time!

i made a lot of new friends on this trip and i'm feeling very thankful that i get to call this my job.

thank you to @greygooseuk for an unforgettable #cannes2018 experience. #vivelavodka!

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Tonight's look. @burberry tux and @turnbull_asser shirt. big fan!

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Today's only regret: holding my nose as i jumped in the pool. what a day with @greygooseuk in #cannes2018 #vivelavodka

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Ending my first day in #cannes2018 with a @greygooseuk martini on the beach. what a day!

i'm honestly so happy to be here. #vivelavodka 📸 @dcopperman

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Literally seconds before it started pouring down, but i still couldn't be happier. i'm at my first ever #cannes2018 with @greygooseuk! super excited to soak up all the film-y vibes and already feeling inspired for my next screenplay! #vivelavodka

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I totally landed this 🤥. big thanks to @jimmychoo for the bruised shins and shattered ego. i used to be good at this... 15 years ago!

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Feelin' 50's!

t-shirt @saturdaysnyc, trousers @burberry, trainers @adidasoriginals, sunglasses @taylormorrisldn

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@adam_calland and i got a bit muddy yesterday.

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