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The only picture i got of my outfit yesterday 😎

Yesterday comment 8,436 star 2m

It wasn’t me in the video last week but this time... can’t make any promises 😏🎑

Yesterday comment 19,367 star 3m

We literally look like twins @nikita_dragun 🐲 who saw today’s new video where we facetuned this exact photo!? πŸ‘€

2 days ago comment 10,805 star 2m

Day 4...? πŸ˜‚ i’m already missing coachella! i just uploaded a makeup tutorial & lookbook from the weekend, check it out & let me know which look was your favorite! πŸ’ž

5 days ago comment 26,833 star 3m

Family is all that matters πŸ’ž

1 weeks ago comment 7,717 star 2m

I got (th)e horses (i)n the ba(ck) 🀠🀠

1 weeks ago comment 49,085 star 3m

Sorry i can’t get over how good i looked yesterday

2 weeks ago comment 73,853 star 2m

Okay fine here’s a photo without my b**t in it

2 weeks ago comment 21,567 star 3m

Day 2 πŸ‘ no razor bumps in sight

2 weeks ago comment 112k star 4m

Day 1 🌈

2 weeks ago comment 53,811 star 4m

Ready to play ball ⚾️ (or with some balls)

2 weeks ago comment 44,947 star 2m

Runway reputation: redeemed βœ”οΈ

3 weeks ago comment 30,355 star 2m