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Update on duke: after three weeks of antibiotics the the cyst on his prostate dropped from 20mm to 7mm. very significant change. unfortunately, he had to be castrated and now wears the cone of shame for the 2nd summer in a row. but he is lively and looking to make a full recovery! thank you for all the thoughts and prayers

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Just some kayak ‘eyes

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Draggin bass

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Smile, tip your lucky cap, and enjoy your time by the water

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Love coming to iowa and spending time with my heroes

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Missing my pup being gone for the week. found out duke has cystic prostate issues and has quite a bit of blood in his urine. meeting with the vet friday to figure out best course of action. say a prayer for my boy if you get a chance

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Kayaking in white caps for the walleye chop

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Summer is ok i guess..

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Little kayak bassin therapy

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Helped my friend david get his black hills turkey

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Thanks to an amazing friend and local business owner, i was able to get my student a new bike for the summer! thanks to all my friends and family who reached out to help. i’ll need you all in future endeavors for the kids of this community. thanks for partnering with me god bless

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