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Happy earth day! 🌍 taking my adventure bag up mount rinjani tomorrow morning in indonesia 🇮🇩 @adventurebagcrew 💪🏽

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Project lombok: we need your help! 🇮🇩 donate via link in bio 🙏🏽

👉🏽 last year a huge 6.8 magnitude earthquake caused mass destruction on the island of lombok, just off the coast of bali in indonesia. over 200,000 people lost their homes and over 400 schools were destroyed. ▾
👉🏽 together with nonprofit @classroomofhope and their local ngo partner @pelitafoundation, we have launched the campaign ‘project lombok’ to raise $104,572 to build 6 earthquake-resistant pop-up schools to make sure the children of lombok can continue their education until their permanent schools are re-built.

👉🏽 our aim: is to use social media for the good. our goal is to raise $104,572 (aud) within 30 days. 100% of the online funds raised will be used to build 6 new pop-up schools in remote communities of north lombok. we will document the construction and show you exactly where your donation went by emailing you an impact report once the project is complete. it will include photos, statistics and an overall assessment of the project you made possible.

👉🏽 please click the link in my bio and donate today. if you are unable to donate please click the share button on this post and add it to your instagram story so that we can share this project and use the power of social media to help remote communities on lombok ensure their children have access to a safe and secure learning environment during the rebuild of lombok.

*the estimated re-build time for many of the permanent schools is 2-3+ years hence why we have this temporary pop-up solution in the meantime.
*all building supplies are sourced locally. all construction uses local labour. all the teachers are local. all curriculum is local. project lombok is purely funding the temporary pop-up schools to allow classes to return as they were before the earthquake. thank you for your support, for sharing and for caring about this important cause. #projectlombok
🎥 video by legend: @markharrison4

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I’ve been working on something special since the start of this year and tomorrow is the day it all begins: project lombok 🇮🇩 (link in bio) i met duncan, the co-founder of @classroomofhope late last year and heard about the pop-up schools they were funding and helping to build on lombok to help get kids back into school after the earthquake that displaced 200,000 people and destroyed more than 400 schools. i was inspired, so i created an adventure trip (begins in two days) where 100% of the participant fee goes toward the project and when ten participants joined the trip we raised $20,850! it was enough $ to build 2 pop-up schools and i visited one in march! now we are launching a video tomorrow and a social media campaign to raise enough money to build another 4 schools for communities in need. we’ve been working hard for four months to be ready to share the campaign with you tomorrow and if anyone wants to be involved on our team to help us share the project, post the video on their feed or story or start their own fundraising page please let me know. we want to come together and use social media for good! the link is in my bio to make a donation or just shoot me a dm about how you can get involved to help 🙏🏽 it feels great to be back in lombok but even better tone here with such an important purpose. thanks for your support and stay tuned for the video and launch tomorrow. together we can do this. i truly believe it 💪🏽 these are some shots from my first trip to lombok 🤙🏾

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Three years of travel and hundreds of backflips. yewwww! 🤙🏾💦 to celebrate the start of my fourth year on the road, i went through all the files and archives and put together a five minute compilation of my cliff jumps from around the world. head to my story for the swipe-up link or to the link in my bio which will land you on my youtube channel. subscribe if you are keen for more of the same but slightly better. ps: always depth check, don’t do anything you are nervous about and don’t risk your body of life for a cliff jump.. but have fun ✌🏽clips by @nics_mindset & @genuinetravel

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Somewhere off the coast of negros 🇵🇭 philippines can be a bit like that. after a while it all blends in to one and you are completely desensitized to warm, crystal clear water. you forget it’s not normal. you no longer double-take at white sand beaches, palm-tree covered islands or incredible reefs. it’s just how it is. that’s why when people nervously ask me where they should go in the philippines with only 2 weeks vacation time, i don’t really take much care with the answer. it’s not going to matter what i say. you can’t really go wrong. it’s the philippines. it’s all bloody amazing 🇵🇭❤️ swipe right to see what it looks like underwater at the reef in this region 💦 #philippines #negros

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✨ bali & 7 cameras giveaway. 10 different winners! ♥️
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- 4 nights for 2 in @renhotelbali + 500$ travel budget
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- sony digital camera dsc-w830 or 120$
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- lightroom presets by @mscgerberpresets
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- lightroom presets by @mscgerberpresets
👉 instructions to enter and win:
1) follow all accounts @dreamtravel_league is following.
2) tag one friend in the comments below (multiple entries possible by tagging one friend per comment)
good luck to everybody! ❤️
the giveaway is open internationally and ends on 22nd of april. the winners will be announced on  @dreamtravel_league as soon as possible after the contest is over.
the giveaway is in no way associated or sponsored by instagram, sony or paypal. by joining you confirm that you are 13+ years old. all money is sent via paypal only, flights are not included.

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Floating in paradise living the lagoon life in the philippines. welcome to el nido ❤️🇵🇭 tag a friend who you need to be here with right now ✈️

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Well it’s been wild el nido. i liked you the first time but now after 2 more weeks with you it’s a bit of a love affair. moalboal is the base for now but maybe 2020 is el nido hometown 🇵🇭❤️ just arrived now back in indonesia 🇮🇩 after three flights ✈️ i shot these two photos on my dji mavic pro and both were actually two landscape photos i stitched together and edited in lightroom. #elnido #palawan

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Ever wondered where your plastic ends up? traveled to an island on el nido to find out and what i discovered the mother-load just moments from the pristine beach. we need to ban single-use plastics. el nido has already done a great job banning plastic straws, plastic bottles ad plastic bags on island hopping trips but as you can see we need to keep taking the regulations one step further to protect these natural wonders!

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Yea el nido, you’ve been wild. wow 12 days in bloody paradise collaborating with @redbullcliffdiving and @cleancliffsproject on an environmental project with an amazing group of people i now call friends. this trip has ticked all the boxes in emphatic fashion! thanks to everyone who made it an unforgettable time 🙌🏽
📷 thought i’d tell those interested how this was shot. first you launch your drone from the boat. find a cool spot on sandbar. jump in and frame bottom half of photo and run trying to catch yourself mid stride while clicking controller making sure to keep it dry. come to a screaming halt and pan up and take top half of photo. got him. go home. merge two photos as panorama in lightroom. apply presets and edit for 5 minutes. airdrop to phone. post for the world to tap like and share their feedback on your efforts. it’s a bucket load of fun but pretty strange when broken down like that 😂 #elnido #philippines

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I’ve spent the last week cleaning up trash in el nido and now i want you to join me too! tomorrow (sunday) at 8am, meet me at athena cafe at el nido main beach. we will clean up the main beach for an hour and try and collect 100kgs+ of trash!! after the clean up, @shaka_cafes at lio beach is giving everyone a free smoothie bowl for their efforts! join me + the @adventurebagcrew + @cleancliffsproject + @redbullcliffdiving athletes for a morning of giving back to el nido, a true paradise! more fish less plastic! #elnido #philippines

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This is what a red bull cliff diving practice day looks like in el nido. tag a friend in the comments who would poop their pants on the platform at this small lagoon cliff jump in el nido, philippines 🇵🇭 .
footage courtesy of @ellietsmart and @owenweymouthcliffdive who i’ve been working with this week on a collaboration with their @cleancliffsproject my @adventurebagcrew and @redbullcliffdiving 🤙🏾 tomorow i watch @ellietsmart dive in the finals in big lagoon! good luck!
#philippines #elnido #redbullcliffdiving

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