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Help!!!!! i really needed my kids to be well behaved to pull-off this shot. in the heat of the moment, and with little forethought, i mistakenly promised a puppy for good behavior!! they are slow to forget the promise!🙈 what is the best breed of family dog? 🐶 what have i done?!

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Twirl-worthy. 💃🏻
the original alice in wonderland dress. #ivyonyou #dressoftheday

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The hunter green arabellas are our #1 dresses for a reason. 😍 #momanddaughter #mommyandme #mommyandmefashion

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Twinning life never looked so good💫 @monicadelgado and her mini in the rosie velvet jumpsuits

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Spring has sprung! 🌷
it's officially dress season! (although if you ask us, every season is dress season😉)
@joyfullygreen in the mommy and me lacey dresses
#ivyonyou #mommyandme #momdress #momanddaughter #momandme

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Sneak peek!
spring is coming ... and so are new arrivals. like this ✨new✨ eyelet jumpsuit 😍😍. what do we think?! i know, i know we keep teasing y'all with what we've been working on. we promise it's all coming soon and is worth the wait. #jumpsuit #springfashion #springlook

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Tomorrow is the first day of spring and we have some thoughts on our mind with the changing of seasons.

ivy city is filled with a whole lot of the fun parts of our lives and business, but the truth is sometimes life isn't all that fun. this little brand of ours isn't just about designing dresses we hope you love and cherish, but it's truly a safe-place and support system for our team to lift each other and help one another follow our dreams. our work dreams, family dreams, personal dreams.
with this in mind we hope you know behind this instagram page are women who care a whole lot about you in whatever season you may be in.
and if you find yourself in a "not so fun" spot now, hang in there. this time will pass. there are good things waiting for you. you deserve to feel loved, healthy and not alone. "your best stories will come from your struggles.
the seeds of your success are in your failures.
your praises will be birthed from your pains.
keep standing ...i have never seen a storm last forever. seasons change." xx madeline, tash + whit
#spring #thoughtoftheday

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Yay or nay?
okay boy moms... now is your time to shine. we've been working on a top secret project and we're finally spilling the beans. meet our first ever ivy city co blazers for the favorite boys and men in your life!! what do you say? should we make this dream a reality? the choice is yours 👇👇👇

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We’re not taking any chances!👌🏼🍀#happystpatricksday #familyphotos #mommyandmefashion

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Headed out for a date night with my man! because our weekdays are so crazy busy, we always look forward to our weekends together❤️

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Big question! 🙏🏼
how/where did you hear about ivy city?! we are constantly in awe of your support and excitement about our little shop. thanks for making us the happiest gals around. 📸 @life.of.a.sister #mommyandmefashion #liketoknowitfamily #momlife #mombloggers

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“i got that red lip classic thing that you like” name that tune👇🏻

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