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Some places are best experienced at night.

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More alien seed pods appeared overnight. we were surrounded. #imaginarymagnitude

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última esperanza (2012). from a week-long hike before my dj set in puerto natales.

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Lux noctis and aeroglyph series prints are now available in a range of sizes and editions.
email in bio for catalogue and pricing. .
#luxnoctisproject #aeroglyph #imaginarymagnitude

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The blackbird

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Altitude blue #imaginarymagnitude

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New @ladytron single “far from home”

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This photo was made with an entirely plastic camera (lens included) held together with about ten layers of gaffer tape. always useful to remind myself how simple photography actually is. #imaginarymagnitude

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Vespertine #imaginarymagnitude

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The labyrinth of the night #imaginarymagnitude

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