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Oh allah… purify my morning and the morning of those i love grief and sorrow for. . open the doors of happiness and hope. we ask you for blessing in age,. . wellbeing of the body, an extension of sustenance, . . testimony of faith at the time of death,. . forgiveness after death,. . pardon at the time of reckoning, safety from punishment, . . and we ask you oh allah to grant us the highest level of paradise. آمين

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If you're interested in this marriage profile or if you want your own profile posted fill this in and dm @muslim_matchmakers with your profile. template below full name : . address: . father's name: . contact number: . gender : . age : . location : . background : . height : . build : . education : . work : . marital status : . children : . dress code : . about your self : . what you are looking for : . age from ___ to ___ . from which countries . polygamy: . for sisters if your interested in a brothers profile: we will need to verify your id and we will need your guardian permission and contact number for brothers: we will need to verify your id please dm @muslim_matchmakers not me @muslim_matchmakers @muslim_matchmakers @muslim_matchmakers

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Keep praying, even if you have only a whisper left yasmin mogahod

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If you love me, then remember me when standing in front of the one who loves you the most . if you love me ....

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I trust my lord. he is going to give me and i'll be satisfied.

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Sometimes you love a person a lot, … but allah did not write for him or her to be in your destiny… … but you pray for them in order to see them happy, only because you love them … you also love whoever is related to them, whoever is associated to them and every person that is part of them… … you love and accept everyone they love and everyone who loves them… ... only because you love them and because their happiness is your happiness.” .... love isn't always to have someone. letting go is sometimes the hardest thing, but it is the most “pure love ” you will ever experience.

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O allah. bring me closer to you, for i have felt so far.

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Story -- the school a little child entered a masjid in paris he went to the imam and told him: ”sir, my mom sent me here so that i can study in your school” "but where is your mother?” the imam asked the little boy“she is standing in front of the masjid door” he replied ”she is a non muslim” the imam went to her asking her why she, as a non muslim woman, wants her little child to study in an islamic school she simply said:”my neighbor is a muslim woman. every time she takes her children to the school, they kiss her hands before going. they treat her like a queen. her family is always happy. please, teach my child in your school so that he treats me as muslim children treat their parents”" ★ [ don,t forget to share ] ★

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- jannah - may we all meet there one daym...... if allah wills we will all be in jannah together insha’allah

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“oh allah you are the rightful owner of my heart. may my heart beat with your remembrance from the first beat to the last.”

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“don’t lose a woman that has seen your flaws and still love you.

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If good character is what you own, then you are blessed with the noblest of all possessions “..how beautiful are the people of good character* they walk the pathways of life handing out bouquets of kindness…. they leave in their trails pearls of gentle words and diamonds of generosity…. how beautiful are the people of good character* their spirits glow and they warm up everything they touch. how fortunate are those who share moments with the people of good character….. its as though, for a little while, the sorrows are lifted and the hearts felt ease. ♥ ♥ ♥ o allah ,make us people of good character, to brighten up the world around us and chase back the ever increasing darkness. ameen

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Life is pretty, but paradise is prettier. oh allah you made dunia so beautiful let me see jannah. ameen

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Young man who had a habit of looking at women this young man asked sheikh : i feel gulity about myself for a bad habit. i am unable to get rid off !! . i can't stop myself from looking at girls in the market. what should i do? sheikh gave him a glass full of milk which was filled upto its edges and asked one of his student to accompany him to the market. he told his student to beat infront of every one if he spilled even a drop of milk ofcourse the young man manged to walk without spilling a drop of milk and returned to the sheikh. sheikh asked : how many girls did u see on the way?? the young man replied : i didn't see anyone around me as my concentration was only on the glass of milk becouse i was scared of getting beaten up in infront of every one if i spill milk sheikh replied : the same is the case with a true momin / muslim the true believer is afraid of allah and shame on the day of ressurrection if he commits a sin these believers protect themselves from committing sin as they are always focused on the judgement day !!! allah says in the holy qur'an : tell the believing man to lower their gaze from looking at forhidden things and protect their private parts . may allah protect us from looking at haram things ameen !! share and say ameen....-

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Dear muslim princess's ... . you don’t need a boy who’s married to the streets, . but a man who’s engaged to his religion and married to his salaah ♥ :) you don’t need a boy who loves you for your face, body and clothes, but a man who loves you for the goodness of your character, for the sake of allah swt, and for your hijab ♥ :). . you don’t need a boy who wants a wife because he’s tired of messing around with girls, but a man who wants to complete half of his imaan and faith! ♥ :). . •.don’t hurry in finding love! find someone who can guide you not only in this temporary world, but in the hereafter too. . . who can pick you up when you fall, who can remind you when you forget, love you with all his might, someone that will hold your hands through thick and thin & leads you to jannah (paradise).•. . *♥♥♥*• may allah reward us all with a good life partner, آمين….. ♥.

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And we go back to being strangers. but it has me wondering, were we strangers all along? you meet people and they have an effect on you, but their presence in your life proves to be temporary. but then again, everyone’s presence in your life is temporary. it’s just that you expect some to hang around longer than they do, and disappointment comes with setting up expectations. you begin to enjoy their presence, look forward to their company, and next thing you know, they’re gone. you relied on their presence for a certain emotion, and you associated that emotion with them. you lose that emotion when it’s gone, and that emotion was a large part of you. they were a large part of you because they became part of who you were. that’s the problem, we rely on people when we shouldn’t. we get attached when we shouldn’t. we fancy their presence, whether they’re a friend or a lover, when we shouldn’t. we should enjoy their company for the time being, but it’s deadly when you get used to someone. it becomes a tragedy when they leave, because you allowed for them to become a part of you. and nothing is worse than seeing them leave, because you’re watching a part of you walk away. and the only thing you can do is start over with yourself. but this time, grow on your own. don’t rely on anyone else because everyone has a temporary presence in your life. nobody can assure you how long they’ll stay. nobody knows when their time will become, or when duty calls and they’re gone. because as ibn taymiyyah says “even your shadow leaves you in darkness.” and after it’s all said and done, we go back to being strangers. because everyone changes, and you’re not the same person you were yesterday. i’m not the person i was an hour ago. i’ll look back at this, and i’m not who i was when i wrote this. even i will be a stranger to myself, somebody that i once knew and was well accustomed to being around. however, if i don’t keep up with you and you don’t keep up with me, then we no longer know one another. and we become strangers. and who knows, we might have been meant to be strangers all along. and you might have been sent to guide me and then depart. ✒@dearchereen

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“the man dreams of a perfect woman and the woman dreams of a perfect man and they don’t know that allah created them to perfect one another.”

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How beautiful is it that allāh forgives you for things you can’t even forgive yourself for?

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How beautiful to remain a mystery in a world of people who have nothing left to hide ♡how beautiful to remain a mystery in a world of people who have nothing left to hide ♡

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O allah subhana wa thala, bless me with friends who remember my name in their prayers without me knowing. please remember me in your prayers may allah subhana wa thala bless you all

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