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Ghanim was born with an extremely rare disorder, but listen to him recite the qur'an. may allah make us people of the qur'an! video from facebook-shaykh mohammed aslam

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Do not let a person enter your heart if allah is not inside there's

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Asalamu alykum, my name is aisha and i was born and raised in minnesota, usa. my parents are from pakistan. i started to wear the hijab about 6 years ago when i studied the qur'an in canada from the alhuda course. in pakistan not many that i know of wear hijab, they find is a little strange to fully cover your hair. my older sister wore the hijab and i thought to myself 'i would never wear that thing on my head.' i was at a point where i was low in my imen (faith) and was influenced by society around me very easily. while studying qur'an in canada, we came across the verse in surah ahzab (33:59) "prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves [part] of their outer garments. that is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. and ever is allah forgiving and merciful." i knew from there if the beloved prophet (saw) who is an example and leader for mankind was advising his own wives and daughters about covering themselves, who was i to not obey the command of allah. this verse really struck me and ever since then i started to wear the hijab and never took it off. the hijab has made me more confident, humble, and truly helped me find my way back to allah (swt). ✒@mrs.anwar01

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Subhan'allah look at this beautiful parenting. what do we do to make our children fall asleep? nursery rhymes? toys? tv? this father reads qur'an!

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"always leave loved ones with loving words. it may be the last time you see them."

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A boy visits a father of a girl to seek his daughter in marriage. girls father did not ask whether he had graduated, whether he was holding a job wich gets good salary, whether he has a house of his own and a good investment etc. he just asked one simple question what time was fajar today? the boy simply left the house. brothers, if you don't like to face such an embarrassment please know the timing at least. if you don't want embarrassment when you are presented before allah then pray on time. the first question you will be asked then is about prayers. tag comment and share

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Dirty laundry- ! -a young couple moves into a new neighborhood. the next morning, while they are eating breakfast, the young woman sees her neighbor hang the wash outside. that laundry is not very clean, she said, she doesn't know how to wash correctly. perhaps she needsbetter laundry soap. her husband looked on, but remained silent. every time her neighbor would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would make the same comments. about one month later, the woman was surprised to see a nice clean wash on the line and said to her husband: "look! she has learned how to wash correctly. i wonder who taught her this." the husband said: "i got up early this morning and cleaned our windows!" and so it is with life: "what we see when watching others depends on the purity of the window through which we look. before we give any criticism, it might be a good idea to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good rather than to be looking for something in the person we are about to judge." ★ [ don,t forget to share ] ★

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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته (to all the readers) :- almighty allah الله عزوجل is unique in every sense whether you realise it or not it won't affect his kingdom. he made everything in such a unique way as if one tries to ponder even a bit particle of sand, he can see the majesty of our rab. indeed, he deserves to be praised each and every second. . . wallahi i was just sitting in seclusion and realized one thing which now am starting sharing with you. you have your parents, siblings, cousins, friends, etcetera. have you ever realised one thing in your relationship or bonding..!! the one whom you love is the one who you are never gonna fear of. and the one whom you fear, you can't love him/her. it's natural. these two feelings can't go together for any human being. . . but what a beautiful sifah does allah الله عزوجل posses "we love him and also we fear him" and this bonding is so beautiful that if you think deeply about it , you'll cry out of joy. . . i don't know how some of you will feel now but i will say the reality and will keep saying until the soul escapes out if this body. bitter but truth !! . . many people have immersed themselves totally in these social sites and now what happens with the passage of time few people start appreciating them for something , they realise on their own that they have become big sheikh's or scholars or don't know what kinda stucks their mind. they think they can heal someone who comes up saying, "i am going through so and so phase" wake up man... this is social media... you don't even know what's happening in their lives or whether or not they are telling their entire bio data , that how they ended up having the problem....their might be a very different scene behind the screen. first of all lemme say, "only allah is our maker and only he is the healer. you and i are only his beggars , and when we go through anything it's only allah who cures us. so how can you heal them here on sites writing on your bio "contact me for help and advice and ask anything via dm" listen you people, allah, qur'an and sunnah of prophet mohammad pbuh are enough . read below 👇👇👇

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ربي أسألك هدوء النفس وحياة مليئه بكل ما يرضيك ------------------ my lord, i ask you for peace in my soul and a life filled with all that pleases you. ameen

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Allah has indeed blessed the muslim couple that prays together. for that is the couple who is not only in sync with each other but also with allah at the same time. imagine the blessing that that couple will receive from allah if they both ask for the well being of their families together, they both have the same goal and there is no shaitaan between them? the blessing will be tremendous! because allah has made marriage a wonderful union and the most loved, so how can he not listen to his servants when they raise their hands towards him together?  there is a tradition of the holy prophet (pbuh) that when it is time for fajr prayers and the husband wakes up he should also wake up his wife so that they pray together. if she refuses to wake up the husband should then lovingly sprinkle water on her face. all this only because the holy prophet believed that a muslim couple that prays together stays together! -------

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“the fortunate one is the one who puts right that which is between him and allah, because for whoever puts things right between him and allah, then allah will put things right between him and the creation. - whoever seeks the praise of people with that which earns the displeasure of allah, then the person who praises him will come to blame him. - the real loser is the one who makes the rightness of his actions apparent to people, and shows his ugly actions to the one who is nearer to him than his jugular vein.” - (jami’ al-ulum wa’l hikam, page 269) - “establish salah at each end of the day and in the first part of the night. good actions eradicate bad actions. this is a reminder for people who pay heed.” (quran, 11:114) - @gardenofthepious #forevertemporary

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Characteristics of a muslim husband this is the male version of 7 beautiful pearls which make a wife special :) what a muslim husband should be like… 1. dress up for your wife, look clean and smell good. when was the last time you went shopping for the best clothing? just like the husband wants his wife to look nice for him, she also wants her husband to dress up for her too. remember that the prophet (pbuh) would always start with miswak when returning home and always loved the sweetest smells. 2. use the best names for your wife. call your wife by the most beloved names to her, and avoid using names that hurt their feelings. 3. don’t treat her like a fly. we never think about a fly in our daily lives until it ‘bugs’ us. similarly, a wife will do well all day – which brings no attention from the husband – until she does something to ‘bug’ him. don’t treat her like this; recognize all the good that she does and focus on that. 4. if you see wrong from your wife, don’t try to change every single imperfection she has about her. abu huraira (allah be pleased with him) reported allah’s messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: woman is like a rib. when you attempt to straighten it, you would break it. and if you leave her alone you would benefit by her, and crookedness will remain in her. [muslim] 5. smile at your wife whenever you see her and embrace her often. smiling is sadaqah and your wife is not exempt from the muslim ummah. imagine life with her constantly seeing you smiling. remember also those hadeeth when the prophet (pbuh) would kiss his wife before leaving for salah, even when he was fasting. 6. thank her for all that she does for you. then thank her again! take for example a dinner at your house. she makes the food, cleans the home, and a dozen other tasks to prepare. and sometimes the only acknowledgment she receives is that there needed to be more salt in the soup. don’t let that be; thank her! 👇👇👇👇

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7 beautiful pearls which make a wife special 1) the patient: the woman who remains patient in all circumstances, and never whines, moans and complains. when some trouble or affliction hits her, she turns to allah for help. 2) the protector: the woman who protects her husband’s wealth & her chastity when he is away from home. when he returns , she does not burden him with the day’s problems, but listens attentively to his needs and does her best to take his tiredness away. 3) the lover: the women who adores her husband, beautifies herself for him & craves for his children to the extent that whenever her husband glances at her, duaa pours for her from the bottom of his heart. 4) the good do-er: the women who has an excellent reputation in society – for being kind, caring & courteous. she is good with her neighbours & relatives & never backbites or displays jealousy. 5) the content: the women who never casts her eyes at material things and is content with whatever little her husband gives her. she is thankful to him for every morsel that he feeds her, every clothe that he gifts her, including the roof over her head. she makes her gratefulness known to him in words & action and thus, soothes her husband’s heart. 6) the pious: the women who spends much of her day in dhikr, reading the quran & salaah and her nights in praying tahajjud & crying to allah for forgiveness. she encourages her husband to give daw’ah in his spare time. 7) the sweet smiler: the woman who smiles excessively, especially when her husband is at home. she always talks gently that it seems that pearls are dripping from her mouth. she never raises her voice while talking to her husband. if her husband is angry with her for some reason & shouts at her, she does not answer him back but maintains a dignified silence. when he has calmed down , she offers him cool water & apologizes to him even if she wasn’t at fault. may allah bless the muslim women with these characteristics, and bless the men with wives like this.

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''indeed allah loves those who rely upon him' [ 3:159]

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O allah! i ask of you your love, the love of whoever loves you and the love of those deeds which would draw me to attaining your love. ameen.

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Forgiveness is crucial for preserving good relationships; it promotes love and affection among us. without forgiveness, bitterness eats into us and our relationships become unpleasant. to avoid this from happening, we must pursue the path of forgiveness, without holding a grudge to attain tranquility, enabling us to live a blessed and revived relationship. - in the quran, allah says (translation of meaning): “...repel evil by that which is better, and then the one who is hostile to you will become as a devoted friend. but none is granted it except those who are patient and none is granted it except one having a great portion of good.” (quran 41:34-35) - ibn abbas commented on this verse, saying: “allah commands the believers to be patient when they feel angry, to be forbearing when confronted with ignorance, and to forgive when they are mistreated. if they do this, allah will save them from satan and subdue their enemies to them until they become like close friends.” (fath al-bari, 8:418) - forgiving and being patient, mends relationships and strengthens the bond between ourselves and the one who wronged us. however, this advice is followed only by those able to implement patience and forgiveness. these are some of the attributes of those who will attain allah’s mercy in the hereafter. - may allah grant us these attributes and help us strive to reach this high level of forgiveness, to be patient with others, and to be true believers; thus achieving contentment with a cleansed heart. @gardenofthepious #forevertemporary

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The most desired gift of love is not always diamonds or roses or chocolate. it is focused attention.

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Couples that pray together stay together

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Must read __ bara’a is a 10 year old girl from egypt and belong to small happy religious family. both of her parents are doctors and have moved to saudi arabia for better opportunities. bara’a is a very sweet and intelligent young girl and she succeeded, at this young age, to memorize the entire quran along with its proper rules. unfortunately, tragedy was in its way to change the course of life for this young girl. . one day her mother felt a lot of pain and after some medical tests she was diagnosed with a deadly form of cancer. then her mother began to think about her young girl’s future and how she can tell “bara’a” of the devastating news. how she would wake up one day without her mother besides her. afterward the mother decided to tell her daughter and said: . “mommy will soon be going to heaven, ahead of you, sweet heart” . she emphasized to her that she should continue reciting the holy quran everyday which would protect her and keep her safe in this life. at this time bara’a could not fully comprehend what lays ahead. soon after, she began to recognize the gravity of the matter when her mother’s health deteriorated and she was admitted to the hospital. then bara’a began going to visit her mother at the hospital every day after school and recite the holy quran next to her mother’s bed until late in the afternoon. she keeps doing that until her father would come from work to pick her up. . one morning the hospital called the house and asked bara’a’s father to come to the hospital immediately for his wife’s health has gone for the worse and she was near death. the father immediately took his daughter bara’a and left for the hospital, but he did not inform his daughter what was going on with her mother. when they arrived at the hospital he thought to himself that.... he should leave his daughter in the car so that she would not be shocked of whatever is waiting to happen to her mother. therefore he asked his daughter to stay in the car while he finds out more of her mother’s situation and he assured her he would be back in a few minutes. he stepped out of the car and his eyes are filled with tears; bewildered of the grim news of the fate of his wife. 👇👇👇

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Names of allah subhanahu wa ta'laa .#whoismuhammadﷺ allah - the greatest name ar-rahman - the all-merciful ar-rahim - the all-beneficient al-malik - the absolute ruler al-quddus - the pure one as-salam - the source of peace al-mu’min - the inspirer of faith al-muhaymin - the guardian al-’aziz - the victorious al-jabbar - the compeller al-mutakabbir - the greatest al-khaliq - the creator al-bari’ - the maker of order al-musawwir - the shaper of beauty al-ghaffar - the forgiving al-qahhar - the subduer al-wahhab - the giver of all ar-razzaq - the sustainer al-fattah - the opener al-’alim - the knower of all al-qabid - the constrictor al-basit - the reliever al-khafid - the abaser ar-rafi’ - the exalter al-mu’izz - the bestower of honors al-mudhill - the humiliator as-sami - the hearer of all al-basir 27 - the seer of all al-hakam - the judge al-’adl - the just al-latif - the subtle one al-khabir - the all-aware al-halim - the forebearing al-’azim - the magnificent al-ghafur - the forgiver and hider of faults ash-shakur - the rewarder of thankfulness al-’ali - the highest al-kabir - the greatest al-hafiz - the preserver al-muqit - the nourisher al-hasib - the accounter al-jalil - the mighty al-karim - the generous ar-raqib - the watchful one al-mujib - the responder to prayer al-wasi’ - the all-comprehending al-hakim - the perfectly wise al-wadud - the loving one al-majíd - the majestic one al-ba’ith - the resurrector ash-shahid - the witness al-haqq - the truth al-wakil - the trustee al-qawi - the possessor of all strength al-matin - the forceful one al-wáli - the governor al-hamid - the praised one al-muhsi - the appraiser al-mubdi - the originator al-mu’id - the restorer al-muhyi - the giver of life al-mumit - the taker of life al-hayy - the ever living one al-qayyum - the self-existing one al-wajid - the finder al-májid - the glorious al-wahid - the only one al-ahad - the one as-samad - the satisfier of all needs al-qadir - the all powerful al-muqtadir - the creator of all power al-muqaddim - the expediter al-mu’akhkhir - the delayer al-awwal - the first al-akhir - the last az-zahir - the manifest one al-batin - the hidden one 👇👇👇

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