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Foreign news correspondent sune engel rasmussen (@suneengel) has his #eyeson afghanistan, a place he says is teeming with stories. “afghanistan has, to some extent, dropped off the news radar,” he says. sune is working to bring it back. sune, who is danish, arrived in afghanistan in 2014 after three years of living and working in iran. “i knew the persian language and had a great interest in the region,” he says. though he lives in kabul, he tries to travel to other parts of the country, such as helmand province, at least once a month to understand the conflict happening outside of the capital city. “afghanistan is an immensely fascinating place to report from, and every day offers new surprises about the country,” he says. “afghans are generous with their time and their stories, and i feel fortunate to be able to listen to them and to experience this country at a crucial time in its modern history.” photo by @suneengel

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Turning an emoji into a polymer clay mosaic is no easy feat, but artist linda webb (@creekside_studio) made it happen with this little 😻. “this photo makes me happy,” she says. “this particular emoji is always used to communicate a positive message.” #whpispyemojis photo by @creekside_studio

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“if i could send one emoji to my dog, which one would it be?” asks samuel jurcic (@lookoflal), blowing 😘 to his loyal friend lal. #whpispyemojis photo by @lookoflal

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As an architect, “i’m always looking for simple, minimal structures,” says aida rivero díaz (@candyperfumeworld). “the fact that this is not a regular emoji made it harder to find!” Ⓜ️ follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend's hashtag project, #whpispyemojis. photo by @candyperfumeworld

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Many photographers seek out the light, but for brooke shaden (@brookeshaden), the most interesting aspects of human nature are in the dark. “i see a lot of beauty in the things i find dark and scary,” says the arizona-based fine art photographer. “i’ve always been a joyous person, and i find that to be a little boring when you’re telling stories. i think that’s why i’m compelled to create dark imagery.” and yet brooke also shines light into dark corners with the light space, a school in india she co-founded to teach photography to survivors of human trafficking. “i was doing a workshop for women who had been kicked out on the street because they’d gotten too old. they were so shy, but when they got the cameras in their hands? i’ve never seen people laugh so hard,” she says. “i want to help people see beauty in the darkness in their lives. they’re going through hard times, but see the beauty in that.” photo by @brookeshaden

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This little monkey-pup sees, hears and speaks no evil. 🙈🙉🙊 #whpispyemojis photo by @danidlm

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🌀 marks the spot. #whpispyemojis photo by @cdziadurski

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“when i saw my husband’s yellow t-shirt topped with misha’s black-and-white socks in my laundry bin this morning, i immediately knew i had to do an emoji,” says art director helga stentzel (@made_by_helga). 🙂 follow along to see more of our favorites from last weekend’s hashtag project, #whpispyemojis. video by @made_by_helga

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Cars, a microwave, bread — these are all items that professional doodler sam cox (@mrdoodle) has used as a canvas. in other words, nothing is safe from a doodle: “as long as it’s got a clear, blank surface, then i’ll draw on it,” says the 23-year-old from kent, england. sam regularly works at his craft as a freelance artist for 14 hours per day, during which time he runs through two pens. in addition, he fills a 100-page sketchbook with doodles every two weeks. “i want to take the whole idea of me living in a doodled world as far as i can,” he says. “ultimately, it’d be amazing to have a whole town of doodles.” watch our instagram story now to see how sam’s doodles come to life. video by @mrdoodle

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A young woman catches the camera’s eye in japan. 👀 #theweekoninstagram photo by @_kody3

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From the outside looking in, this 1950s-era swimming pool complex caught thorsten fuchs’ (@forstentuchs) eye on a sunny day in germany. “it’s just a normal day at the pool, but the architecture makes it interesting.” #theweekoninstagram photo by @forstentuchs

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Coming in for a landing. 🐝 #theweekoninstagram photo by @kimako_

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It’s just another day at the beach for tanya michel (@thezenkitty) and her cat in the united arab emirates. “it inspires me to watch my cats outdoors,” she says. “all their senses are alive as they take in everything around them.” 😺 #theweekoninstagram photo by @thezenkitty

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Sometimes it’s hard not to give a sideways glance. “i hope this makes people want to dive into the water,” says jean claude luong (@fotomaniak) of this scene captured in the south of france. 💦 #theweekoninstagram photo by @fotomaniak

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Priyanka chopra (@priyankachopra) has many titles under her belt — actress, miss world 2000 winner, philanthropist — but her original career aspirations had her heading toward a very different field altogether: “i was studying to be an aeronautical engineer,” she says. “but fate took me on another exciting journey!” born in jamshedpur, india, priyanka lives “in a creative shuffle” between mumbai and new york city, and despite her busy schedule, she still finds time for family and “long walks with my li’l doggie, diana,” she says. “in my personal life, i am most proud that i’ve been able to take care of my family. professionally, i want to keep challenging the status quo, and exploring all forms of my creative expression.” photo by @priyankachopra

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Laundry swaying on the line caught the eye of norwegian art teacher ragnhild furulund (@ragnhildsvisuelledesign) for this #boomerangoftheweek, captured on a road trip across a greek island. “when i saw the clothesline, i decided to stop,” says ragnhild. “i find clotheslines fascinating — i think because they consist of composition rules like line, rhythm, repetition and movement.” add #boomerangoftheweek to your next boomerang — yours might show up here on @instagram. #boomerang by @ragnhildsvisuelledesign

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Weekend hashtag project: #whpispyemojis start scanning your surroundings: the goal this weekend is to make photos and videos that catch your favorite emojis hiding in plain sight — like this curious tree 👀 spotted by @nori_qoo in japan. whether you’re setting out to stumble upon an emoji look-alike or are inspired to create your own, here’s how to get started: keep an eye out for people or objects in unexpected places that resemble emojis, or ways that you can add more expression to a scene by creating real-world versions of your favorite emoji reaction, like 😍 or 😂. make your submission playful by showing emojis at an unexpected scale — like a teeny-tiny 🥑 made out of clay or a larger-than-life 🎈. if you’re adding emojis to your stories this weekend, consider how to make them fun with tools like sticker pinning, and share your favorite creation to your feed! project rules: please add the #whpispyemojis hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. if you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. any tagged photo or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured next week. featured photo by @nori_qoo

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Hello, world! it’s time to meet today’s #weeklyfluff: bacalao (@yogalgo), a shy, intelligent and loving galgo español, or spanish greyhound. she’s the star of a documentary film called “yo galgo,” made by her human yeray lópez, which raises awareness about the overbreeding of this type of dog for racing and hunting. follow @yogalgo to see what bacalao — and her adopted sister and couch mate, tzatziki — are up to. discover more stories from the spanish-speaking community on @instagrames. photo by @yogalgo

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Bellerby & co. globemakers (@globemakers) is one of the only companies in the world still handcrafting globes — everything from molding a perfect sphere to personalizing the maps to painting details — and they have no intention of stopping. “a globe is a true representation of the world,” says jade fenster, longtime partner in life and work of company founder peter bellerby. “a globe may inspire you to travel. it makes you understand where you belong on this amazing world. and sometimes, you might just reflect on its beauty and fragility.” after learning how to make a globe for his father’s 80th birthday, peter founded the company in his living room in 2008, and it has since grown to 20 cartographers, woodworkers, illustrators, engravers and painters in a former warehouse space in northern london. “everything is bespoke, and using old-school methods means that each globe ends up being entirely unique,” says jade. after placing an order, several months will pass before customers receive their globes — size options range in diameter from 9 to 50 inches (23 to 127 centimeters) — but the wait is always worth it. “it’s rare to be able to purchase something that is made just for you, and will always be one of a kind.” 🌍 watch our instagram story now to take a look inside the bellerby & co. studio.

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With a little bit of photo magic, constantina schmid-mprigou (@focuscada) captures whimsical scenes of people, places and the natural world. “even as a child, i liked to create stories. i could fill my books with drawings of my dream worlds,” says the greek-born, germany-based artist, who aspires to tell unspoken stories in her fairy tale-esque images. “everyone has a story, but not everyone likes to tell it.” constantina is particularly inspired by fog — she’s been known to wake her family up to take early morning trips into the woods to watch it roll across the landscape. “what could be better than enjoying a mystical, fog-covered forest with a warm coffee?” discover more stories from the german-speaking community on @instagramde. photo illustration by @focuscada

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