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As racing & road tech merge, we are training the world’s brightest young engineering minds to amp up the impact. follow their journey at @infinitimsport #carlossainz #rsspirit #f1team

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At the @f1 canadian gp, another brilliant young engineer secured a spot at the infiniti engineering academy. follow the academy action at @infinitimsport #motorsportf1 #renaultf1team #f1racing #canadagp

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The more you learn, the more you dare. the infiniti engineering academy gives promising engineers the tools to define the future of driving. another finalist was recently announced at the f1 canadian gp. learn more at @infinitimsport #carlossainz #infinitif1 #renaultmotorsport

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To craft a meaningful and memorable design for an automobile like the q60, we take an organic approach that michelin-star chefs can quite relate to. visit @infinitieurope for more on tastemakers. #michelinchef #mystorywithmichelin #q60

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“the key impetus is human” @infinitieurope design director matt weaver speaks to the creative process around vehicles like the q60 in this clip from tastemakers. watch part 3 in our next post.
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Discover tastemakers. an exploration of human innovation with michelin-star chef @chefjarv and @infinitieurope design director, matt weaver. watch part 2 in our next post. #michelinstarchef #tastemakers #infinitiq60

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This type of power is better experienced than described. empower the drive with the #q60s. #infinitination #twinturbov6

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Red bucket seats and carbon-fiber accents accelerate the intrigue. experience the #q60s. #redsport #q60nation

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Strap in tight. under the hood of the q60s stand 400 horses. #performancecar #redsportscar #q60s

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Together, our potential is infinite. find yours at @infiniti_lab #accelerate #digitalintelligence #startupworld

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Infiniti lab is shaping tomorrow — one startup at a time. see how at @infiniti_lab #entrepreneurmind #innovationeducation #startupideas

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You can wait for the future or you can create it. #infinitilab is an accelerator program that supports the next generation of transformative technologies. join the future at @infiniti_lab #advancetechnology #innovativeideas #startupbusinesses

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