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Infiniti & @cntraveler partnered to take the #q50 out for a spin around music-city's must-see sites. we found a new favorite spot at every turn.

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Made for nature's course. infiniti #q60 šŸ“·: @alexis._.oliva @blogmoteur #infinitifamily

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Hypnotizing performance. #q50 driven by @stephencurry30. #roadofherdreams

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Game-changing performance starts with a relentless drive. @stephencurry30 and the new infiniti #q50 with lane departure prevention with active lane control.

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Steph vs. riley. let's settle this clash of the curry's on the track. #q50 #roadofherdreams

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Dare to ride. infiniti #q50 šŸ“·: @q50s_rubi #infinitifamily

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Stephen curry vs. riley curry. #q50 vs. a 5-year-old's imagination. it's on. #roadofherdreams

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This is no ordinary course they're building. it's a riley curry original. #roadofherdreams @stephencurry30

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Most valuable driver. @stephencurry30 #q50 #roadofherdreams

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Blazing trails, one gear at a time. infiniti šŸ“·: @alexis._.oliva @blogmoteur #infinitifamily

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Crave the shadows. infiniti #q50 šŸ“·: @q50s_rubi #infinitifamily

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X marks the start. infiniti #q60 šŸ“·: @alexis._.oliva @blogmoteur #infinitifamily

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Stephen curry & his #q50 take on a crazy track, courtesy of riley, age 5. #roadofherdreams @stephencurry30

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Never miss a chance to glow. šŸ“·: @wiem_wszystko infiniti #q50 #infinitifamily

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Elegant from the inside out. šŸ“·: @wiem_wszystko infiniti #q50 #infinitifamily

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It's a good day for a great drive. šŸ“·: @wiem_wszystko infiniti #q50 #infinitifamily

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The best way to start the week is with your foot down. infiniti #q30 šŸ“·: @zuumy #infinitifamily

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Details that turn heads. infiniti #q30 šŸ“·: @zuumy #infinitifamily

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Sitting pretty. infiniti #q30 šŸ“·: @zuumy #infinitifamily

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Light up the night. infiniti #q60 šŸ“·: @ssszphoto #infinitifamily

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