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Take a look at our new smaller marquise fan ends! we put one of our larger marquise fans (tnbmfge...set with 4mmx2mm stones) in this picture so you can see the size difference. they are so awesome in person! they are precisely machined by us here in carlsbad california usa from 6al 7nb astm f-1295 implant grade titanium, and then hand-set by us with exquisite 3mmx1.5mm marquise-cut #swarovskizirconia. they are available with 18g/16g threads (tnbmfge2-18g/16g), 14g/12g threads (tnbmfge2-14g/12g), and in threadl-is (tnbtlmfge2). contact your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer, and order some i.s. marquise fans for you or someone you love... today!

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Hi! check out our new titanium marquise fan! it is set with 3x 4mm x 2mm marquise-cut #swarovskizirconia ,is available in 18g/16g threads (tnbmf-18g/16g) or 14g/12g threads (tnbmf-14g/12g) or threadl-is ((tnbtlmf), and will look great in a number of different piercings! order some from your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer... today! are you a fan of our fan? tell us what you think! :)

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Introducing... the new astm f-1295 titanium threadl-is princess cut faceted gem end (tnbtlprpcg2). the first ever of its kind, made from the finest most biocompatible titanium available in body jewelry today, these gorgeous threadless ends come in sizes ranging from 2mm-6mm... hand-set with #swarovskizirconia spinel or corundum . you wanted sexy... you got it! choose fine quality... choose industrial strength! 😉

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Have you seen our odyssey “aphrodite” titanium prong-set faceted gem septum clicker # 35 yet? it has a row of 2mm swarovski princess-cut faceted zirconia/spinel/corundum and a row of 1.5mm faux-pal cabochons, comes in three different depths(up-and-down measurement in the center) and 2 different 16g or 14g or 12g post lengths, and also look great in piercings other than septum piercings! like this daith piercing, for instance! this photo of this mint green #swarovskizirconia and sleepy lavender #fauxpal -set version is a repost from our customer splash of color (@splashtattoos ) in east lansing mi. renee (@reneemckeith ) did the piercing a while back on this customer of theirs, and tyler (@xpiercingsbytylerx ) upgraded their jewelry recently to this. this! do you like this? you, too, can have this! contact your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer, and get one for you! you deserve it. 😊

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Our princess cut threaded ends (now available in threadl-is!) are available to be set with many different colors of swarovski zirconia/spinel/corundum, come with either 18g/16g or 14g/12g threading in sizes ranging from 2mm to 6mm, and look great in a number of different piercings! this is a repost of a picture that valentina from bondar piercing (@bondar_piercing ) in st. petersburg ru posted of a 2 month old helix piercing that she did, with a white #swarovskizironia -set tprpcg topping the post in it. she gets her i.s. from our russian wholesale distributor @saintscalpelburg. look at that shine!

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When you choose to pop one of our titanium universal orbit captive beads (tuocbd) into the gap of your cbr, you can change the look of your piercing instantly... by screwing a different threaded end into its’ threaded hole! this is a repost of a photo that our customer the piercing experience (@piercingexp ) in atlanta ga dropped recently of a tuocbd that they popped into a customer’s cbr with an odyssey “prium” titanium prong-set faceted gem threaded end s*****d into it. doesn’t ghat look sweet? you can turn your threaded ends into captive beads, when you choose to use industrial strength! 😊

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We are reposting a picture that erik (@eriktgrover ) from @elektrikchairpiercing in wichita ks posted of an i.s. odyssey flower titanium faceted gem end (tofge) that he installed in a customer’s new conch piercing. we have 2 sizes of this style fo flower... the one that you see here with a 4mm center and 12x 1.5mm petals, and a smaller version with a 3mm center and 10x 1.5mm petals (tofge2). they are always set with #swarovskizirconia, spinel, or corundum... and this one has a black cz center and amethyst cz petals. both are available with either 18g/16g and 14g/12g threads, and the tofge2 is also available in threadl-is. 😊

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Our titanium 3 prong-set faux-pal gem (tprfpg) and natural stone gem (tprsg) ends are come either threaded or threadl-is, are available to be set with a number of different color/stone options in a variety of sizes, and look fantastic from all directions in many different piercings! here is a photo that our customer @blackholebidypiercing in reno nv posted recently of a healed #bridgepiercing that one of their piercers derek did, featuring a couple of 3mm tsprg that we hand-set for them with tiger’s eye. (no tigers were harmed in the manufacture of this #finequalitybodyjewelry) 😊

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This i.s. odyssey “caeli” titanium prong-set faceted gem captive bead (tclbd) hand-set by us with a 6mm champagne, a 4mm champagne, and 2x 3mm white #swarovskizirconia. this is a picture posted by annie from our customer @piercedout in san jose ca, and she installed this elegant captive bead in the #cbr in the #conchpiercing of a customer of hers’ ... to be part of their upcoming wedding. we love it when our jewelry is chosen to be a part of such a special event! do you want to wear i.s. when you walk down the isle on your special day? contact your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer today, and include us in your wedding plans. 😊

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When you match the i.s. fine quality body jewelry on your ear piercings... it doesn’t all have to be on the front of your ear! take a look at this photo that our customer shorty (@shortypiercer ) from @inkandpistonstattoo in west palm beach fl posted of some matching white faux-pal cabochon-set i.s. that he set his customer up with! he pierced and installed a cbr with titanium universal orbit captive bead (tuocbd) with an odyssey “prium” titanium prong-set faux-pal cabochon gem threaded end (tcprge) s*****d into its threaded hole in the daith piercing, and on the post in the helix piercing another tcprge up front... with a 3mm titanium faux-pal cabochon threaded end (tfpge-3mm) around back! what a cool look? you want to do something like this with some fancy i.s., you say? visit your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer and let them help you make that happen! 😊

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Check out this photo that jason (@piercerjason ) from our customer @true_blue_tattoo in austin tx posted of a fresh helix piercing that he did recently. he set his customer up with a beautiful white #swarovskizirconia and white faux-pal set i.s. odyssey “prium” titanium prong-set mixed gem threaded end (tprpmge) atop the post that he installed, to match the all white #swarovski #whitecz set i.s. odyssey titanium prong-set faceted gem septum clicker # 10 (tsprfgc10) that they already had in their daith piercing. our priums are available in 18g/16g, 14g/12g, and threadl-is. what a beautiful matching jewelry combo! there are so many ways to match the fine quality body jewelry that you wear, when you chose to use industrial strength! 😊

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You want fancy bezel cluster threaded ends, you say? you should take a look at some of the ones that we have to offer! some of them will b**w your mind! we have a bunch of classic standards that we offer, and often work with our customers to create custom configurations for their customers, so hit up your nearest/favorite i.s. retailer soon... and get in on the worldwide #clustermania phenomenon! this is a photo that joana (@joana_von_maw ) from @blackknifetattoo in martigny ch posted, and she is a customer of our long-time wholesale distributor in st. gallen ch...jamming piercing. pictured here is an all white #swarovskizirconia -set titanium bezel faceted gem cluster # 73 (tbfgc-073) with 2 threads, that joana installed on her client. there are 2 new piercings that she made behind the 5x2mm bezels of this #73... one behind the second bezel which is threaded, and one behind the fourth bezel which is threaded. 😊

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