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Bonjour paris

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Hungover sunday.

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Today is the proudest moment of my life. my sister, my rock, my biggest inspiration graduated as a doctor 😭😭 i can’t describe how happy and proud i am to see you succeed. you’ve met so much adversity throughout your life. when you were 15 years old you were the biggest upcoming handball talent and you had the biggest future ahead of you. i remember how heartbroken you and all of us were when you had to give up your career at such a young age (at 15) due to a back injury. it was so unfair. time heals and you found your happiness again through your studies, but d**n it has been a rollercoaster for you. then you got sick and my whole world crashed. i couldn’t and wouldn’t believe that your dreams were taken away from you once again. i couldn’t believe this was happening!!! but you fought your a*s through this period and came back even stronger - gosh i’m crying so much right now - you made it to the top despite all the bumps you met through your way. that’s why i know you will be the most caring, empathetic and loving doctor. because you’ve been through so much s**t and that’s gonna give you an unique ability to relate to your patients.
how lucky are we to share this beautiful moment together? my heart is bursting with happiness and pride. congratulations on your new title; cand.med. 👩🏽‍🎓 i love you endlessly ❤️ @bardhakrasniqi

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Annonce // my absolute go to lipstick from @esteelaudernordic - wearing the color ‘111 unspeakable chrome’ ❤️ #esteelaudernordic #esteeambassador #purecolordesire

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Casually going out for food

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Summer, friends and long nights 💃🏻 ☀️☀️ life’s good right now. i forgot how it feels to have no obligations at all 😂 feels d**n gooood

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First outfit on the gram as dentist 🤓🎓😅

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Thank you thank you so much for all the love you’ve been sending me yesterday. 🎓🎓 i’ve been reading every single message i’ve got and i want every single one of you to know that i’m so so thankful. you are simply the best!! thanks to all my friends and family who showed up yesterday to celebrate my graduation. i can’t believe how lucky i am 😭 had the best day ever.... and lastly: i chose this picture to show you how freedom really feels like after graduating. 😍

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I did it!! you can now call me a dentist 😭😭😭😭 6 years of studying has been very challenging but also a lot of fuuun. i can’t describe how happy and proud i am. i’ve cried so much of happiness, because i finally won’t have to wake up tomorrow and study for hours. going to university has been the best thing that ever happened to me. little did i know before stepping into to my first day of uni, that i was going to meet friends for life and share the best memories with them. i’m really gonna miss our endless hours together. thanks to everyone who made this journey so memorable! now i’m ready to celebrate like crazy because this is a once in a lifetime experience ❤️❤️😫

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Pink cocktails are the best 😎

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