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ICOS European research infrastructure providing open & standardized greenhouse gas data to prevent climate change #ICOScapes Check out the latest video ⬇️ http://youtu.be/H9_y_uX540M
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Beautiful sunset here at icos jungfraujoch station which can be, believe or not, reached by europe's highest railway! #icoscapes 📽: @kpunkka

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Today we hiked on europe's largest glacier, located next to icos jungfraujoch station. due to climate change, the glacier is melting rapidly each year 🌡 #makingof #icoscapes

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Icos jungfraujoch station "sailing" on the swiss alps. the location here at 3500 m is perfect for measuring clean background air, which gives key info for comparing greenhouse gas measurements in more polluted sites 🌍🔬 #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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Switzerland and atmospheric measurements for the next 5 days 🇨🇭 good to be here! #makingof #icoscapes

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Happy international women's day to all the inspiring women out there! ⚘ 📷: @kpunkka

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Finally march! the days here at the icos pallas station start getting longer rapidly - less than 3 months to the nightless nights 😊 #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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🌲 did you know? the tree line below icos pallas station, which is located on top of an arctic hill ('tunturi'), is advancing upward due to climate warming ⬆️ #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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"this is perhaps the most beautiful working place in the world where you can be. we have lot of snow here in winter. that can be challenging but at the same time also very magical." - annalea, icos pallas station #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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Icos pallas sammaltunturi station north of the arctic circle. in this frosty (but cosy!) station we observe greenhouse gases & air pollutants which have traveled here from densely populated european areas 🌬 #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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Check out the latest #icoscapes movie on youtube ➡️ link on our profile! video by @kpunkka

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"we definitely see co2 concentrations going up in the past 20 years. that's not surprising of course because it goes up everywhere. but it's nice to be able to show that we have continous co2 measurements so we do clearly see it going up." - bart, head of loobos station #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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Scientists peering down on greenland on their way to zackenberg fen station, where they will monitor greenhouse gases in the continuous permafrost zone of the high arctic, in order to improve the world's understanding of the challenges related to the ongoing climate change in tundra environments #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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Guess where? check out the latest #icoscapes video from this place, link on our profile! 🐏 📷: @kpunkka

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Where are you going to spend your weekend? this cottage deep in the lapland forest does look cosy but it's actually a measuring station where our scientists are monitoring greenhouse gases to better understand the climate change! 🌍

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Another beautiful day in pallas, where one of finland's 14 icos greenhouse gas measurement sites is located 🌌 #icoscapes #makingof

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Sneak peek: konsta flying his drone at the icos pallas station above the arctic circle during early hours 🌑 #icoscapes #makingof

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Caught by a beautiful blue moment while riding to the top of the icos station with @kpunkka #makingof #icoscapes

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Making of #icoscapes: konsta @kpunkka and his camera fighting bravely againts the climate 🌬❄

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Have a relaxing weekend everyone! 🙏🌳 📷: @kpunkka

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Can you spot the sand dunes forming the ground in this forest? the area around icos loobos station used to be heavily cultivated and eventually invaded by sand, until the pine trees were planted here around 1909. today, the loobos station works towards understanding the processes behind the exchange of energy & greenhouse gases between the atmosphere and this type of temperate pine forest 🌳🌳🌳 #icoscapes 📷: @kpunkka

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