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I am loving landmine exercises! in this video i do squats, deadlift, and single leg.

i started with 55 lb and 85 lbs was my max.
i am beyond giddy that i had the lowest squat in my life. even after a massive knee injury that took 2 years to recover from. set backs are a set up for a comeback.

i love landmine squats... i can get lower and zero discomfort in my knees. these are still very much a work on progress. at points my feet were farther apart than i needed as my belly doesn’t get in the way like it used to, i had a rounded back that i corrected, and position my body better.

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Today i got hot and i took my top off.

when i decided to do this i was standing in front of the mirror by the free weights working on shoulders and biceps.

it was truly a vulnerable moment.

facing myself i could see it all.

skin loose and hanging while at the same time muscles working... i can see the shape.

i had two choices .... two different perspectives i can choose from in the moment.

realizing my flesh was hanging and jangling

holy shit, i see muscle!

one takes me down a rabbit hole 🕳 of picking my body apart negatively the other is celebrating my progress.

it is truly a choice.

it doesn’t always come easily.

but i practice, i am aware of my feelings and honor them, and i gently guide my mind to where it will serve me best.

sometimes multiple times in a minute.

it’s like that claw game where you send the grasper down to grab a stuffed animal... on target.... the claw grasps the one i want and just as quickly slips away. i never stop trying to get that stuffed animal 🧸
the difference is i am in full control on how i choose to think. i learned in the coaching i receive that i am just, “the thinker of my thoughts “... i can choose the one i want and when i slip ... i can go right back as a choice.

this is me.

day 10 of whole30

outfit courtesy of my @diaandco active wear box 📦

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Post spin class glow from my sweat sesh at @gritcycle
top @diaandco
pants @lolagetts in matte black
shoes @adidas
sassy confidence alllllll me

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Day seven
whole 30
i will be sharing an update on my first week tomorrow.

we need to buy some groceries and because we are doing simple ingredients and just throwing our dishes together... it was easy to whip something up for dinner tonight!

running to the store tomorrow after spin class!! {going off of memory... shaved beef, onion, garlic, olive oil, raw spinach and zucchini, avocado, approved dressing}

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👀highlight reel
how you think you look after an incredible class at @gritcycle in #huntingtonbeach . .
👉🏻swipe to next picture . .
👀keeping it real
how i actually feel after class

it’s a cross between the scene in harry met sally “i’ll have what she’s having” and “did someone get the license of the truck that ran me over?” .
ps. i modified. yes. you can modify in spin
pps. i’ll be back tomorrow am!

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After losing 100 lbs and still on a weight loss/health gain journey... loose skin is a reality.

weight training at a heavy challenging weight for me (what that means for everyone is unique to them) is helping build muscle, reduce the wiggle and jiggle especially on the back of my arms.

before you compare the weight i do to you, remember, i built up to this point. a 16 oz. water bottle in each hand was a challenge at one point.
how many lbs and how many reps depends on you. sometimes i do high reps and low weight and other times low weight and high weight.

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This outfit just arrived from @lolagetts
as a plus size woman, i get to wear cool matte black workout clothes that look like something i would see on carbon 38 but comes in my size?

yes please! i am literally taking these pants for a spin tomorrow during a spin class and wearing them during a photo shoot this weekend.

we deserve style and performance in plus size. we are worth the investment into our gear. our tools. our confidence in clothes that they perform at an optimum level on our bodies.

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Today during my workout i focused on lower weight and higher reps... on this exercise i stayed with the same reps for all three sets.

people ask me if i do high reps or high weights and like everything i do, it is never one or the other. it depends on my intention for that day.

today during my shoulder exercises, i did much lower weight/higher reps and focused on my form in a big way. breaking what started to become a potential bad habit. i sat in front of the mirror and looked at my shoulders and traps the entire time to correct anytime i was allowing my shoulder to float up. ps. we are cute together!

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Stronger everyday... each time i put myself in a situation that challenges my body, it grows my mind.

i was asked today during a podcast interview where i see myself/brand in the next 5 and 10 years.

i didn’t see myself here 5 years ago.

i started with taking personal responsibility in my health, and to know anything i have shared has impacted one soul is beyond my wildest dreams.

i am just going to keep going on my journey in an authentic and transparent way. trust the universe in the process. i am surrounded by people who support and encourage growth and change.

multiple times a day i am reminded i am on the right path.

i don’t know what 5 years from now will look like, but i know this.... i will be with amazing people, making impact as a community, and it’s going to be f*****g awesome.

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New episode of the chenese lewis show with coach tulin, the plus size health & fitness motivator. she advocates for those starting or re-engaging in fitness from a place of self love and has been helping women on their journey for over 20 years. her mantra and hashtag, #fithasnosize, is dedicated to bridging the gap between those that are plus size or on the journey and the fitness industry. coach tulin has shared her message on stages across the us and canada, to her over 300k followers on social media, and millions across the globe on the power of exercise modifications and creating a healthy relationship with fitness that aligns with how people want to feel, forever removing the idea that fitness is punishing.tune in to learn more about tulin's journey and what's next!
listen now www.cheneselewisshow.com

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Went back to one of my favorite b***y program, phase 1, week 4 from 80 day obsession. i love what the bands do for me.

i have gotten a lot stronger, so on this day i used both the fabric band and put a blue heavy loop over it.

i don’t care if the band roles or pinches... i don’t let a rubber band get me down or make it a reason to quit. i just roll with it.

fabric bands are great but i want constant resistance like i have with the rubber one which i don’t feel i get with the fabric band. i have tested several fabric bands and there is only one brand that i liked and use.

i combined the two and love it.

i do work h*****n building my b***y strength and the connected muscles. it has done wonders in helping building the muscles that help support my knee from my injury.

build it all and see what happens!

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I did 4.. two on each side and boy did i feel it all the way down the side of my abs especially but i would lying if i didn’t say i felt it in my entire core.

i saw this exercises on instagram and i wanted to give it a shot. i also modified it by putting my knees down and having my weight just above my knees on the floor.

it is challenging for sure and i look forward to doing it again and again. improving in layers.

you could further modify this against the wall or on an elevated sturdy surface.

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