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Starting my morning outside my normal routine.

the universe has slowed me down in order for me to speed up.

seeing tiny details, literally, on the path this am. things i would have missed if i hurried by.

so many signs.

i haven’t seen a caterpillar 🐛 in years... why now? because i am in the middle of a transformation in so many areas of my life.

recovery going really well. no pain, discomfort, or burning in my arm and fingers huuurrahhh!!! still can’t lift my shoulder and my trap/shoulder are hard as a rock. still more work on the healing journey and i am embracing it.

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Spent the last week getting grounded to only be grounded.

no workouts until i get healed up.

it is all apart of the journey!

to find out what happened, check out my live and or stories.

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Good morning sunday.

i feel reborn.

i am ready.

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The universe is always here to support you.

it doesn’t judge you by your size or weight.

the universe believes in your greatness and works to show you everyday that it has your back.

letting go of fear.

letting go of anything or anyone that holds you back.

rise above.

take risk.

try again.


if you truly believed the universe has your back and you knew you could do what you ever dreamed of, what would you do?
let me know below!
mine is the first comment.

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Celebrating progress...
25 rides at @gritcycle
do things that are fun and fill my soul!

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If rocks, hills, and mountains can be appreciated as majestic and beautiful with their imperfections, breaks, cracks, texture, lumps, bumps... and all of it’s beauty that has taken time and patience on its journey... then you can embrace your body during your journey for all the things you appreciate in nature.


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Jumping for:
• joy
• experiences
• new sense of adventure • a growing appreciation for nature -

jumping over:
• excuses • fear
• negative energy
• assholery (new word)
• c***s in the barrel • external expectations • negative beliefs -

jumping forward:
• new beginnings • personal growth
• purpose • next level in my health gain journey
• my dreams
• with you on this journey together -

so grateful for the amazing energy, support, love, trust, and positivity all of you bring. i am grateful the universe keeps bringing amazing people like you into my life. thank you!

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There are no words to describe this experience.

sedona, arizona
rachel’s knoll vortex

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Each set back was an important lesson i needed to learn.

as a matter of fact, my future success was dependent on it.

each new layer i peel off reveals a new one to grow and learn from.

fuck the destination... the journey is where life is lived in the way you have always dreamed for it to be. not at some weight loss goal.

the shirt, shoes, and pants that i could not wear i am wearing with comfort and ease today!

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Good morning sedona.
i sat quietly... in the present.

grateful for my past... all of it.

future... i am ready.

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I am not a unicorn 🦄
what you see in me, the confidence to play on a solo road trip, showing my arms. laying out with my tankini pulled up to sun my belly, thick legs, textured skin from losing over 100 lbs... it is possible for you.
you are not your past or your current circumstances.

what you see, my roots told me i was unworthy, not good enough, no confidence, and broken... until i chose to live and think differently. i realized i had a choice and so do you

i refuse to let another summer pass me by as a spectator. i live in summer and i want you too.

let me show you how to embrace the journey!

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Did you hear the news?

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