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Good morning 🦈 #redcarpetremovals

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“life is not about being rich, being popular, being highly educated or being perfect. it is about being real, being humble and embracing who you are.”
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Spring forward and bounce back like katelyn ohashi (@katelyn_ohashi ), the recently graduated ucla gymnast who’s giving us a boost of motivation with her gravity-defying flips and her sparkling personality. 🤸‍♀️✨ “gymnastics has taught me to keep striving for goals no matter how many hardships you go through,” says the 22-year-old athlete, whose perfect-score floor routine went viral earlier this year.
need an extra bounce in your step this week? check out some of katelyn’s 💯🙌 skills in our new weekly series #yougotthis, right now on our story.

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“roses have such a strong cultural and symbolic value,” says photographer and director nick knight (@nick_knight ). “i happily photograph them for hours on end, carefully studying their forms, which can remind me of so many things: sometimes an artist’s brushstroke or a couture dress.” “in my professional life,” says nick, “i can have between 35 and 70 people on my set. so to be able to sit quietly alone in my kitchen and totally concentrate on these beautiful and fragile blooms from my garden is a pure form of joyful meditation for me.” photos by @nick_knight

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“there’s something fetching about seeing a rose with eyes, a mouth... an opinion,” says artist angela deane (@angeladeane ). “this series began by obsessively collecting vintage postcards of flowers and transforming them with paint, then it grew into painting them from ‘scratch’ onto canvas.”
photo illustration by @angeladeane

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“i really love the ephemerality of flowers. i like that it’s not something that you can hold onto forever. i like that it’s something that you have to be present for,” says floral artist and entrepreneur maurice harris, the man behind @bloomandplume . maurice explores and celebrates black identity in his work by including people of color of all ages in his pieces. that includes his niece! (pictured.) “she’s such a dynamic little lady,” he says.
photo by @bloomandplume

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#hellofrom tulum, mexico. “beaches always stir up a lot of reflections for me,” says film director daniel mercadante (@danielmercadante ). “this place where land meets water, calm and chaotic. the endless distance puts the impossibly huge and tiny light of life into a new perspective.” 🌈
use the hashtag, and say #hellofrom your part of the world. ❤️
photo by @danielmercadante

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Rainbows are not found in the shadows, and for lisa and bianca (@lisbia_ ), neither is their love. 👭🌈🤩 their message this pride month? “love whomever you wish. life is too short to hide in the shadows,” says the couple from vienna, austria.
this june, we celebrate the lgbtq+ community by sharing stories of #untoldpride. follow along as we shine a spotlight on people who are making a difference just by being themselves, and check out @lgbt_history to see even more stories of #untoldpride.
photo of @lisbia_ by @fotografie_franziskabittermann

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Mustard-capped mushrooms. wide-eyed turtles. sheep wearing backpacks? melbourne-based textile artist cat (@cat_rabbit ) designs and sews adorably intricate characters and creates stop-motion videos of their colorful worlds. no doubt about it, cat’s account is a hidden gem.
every saturday, we’re diving down the 🐇🕳 to uncover unique and treasured accounts — the real #hiddengems of instagram. ✨ 💎 learn more about cat’s world(s) on our story and igtv now.
video by @cat_rabbit

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Melbourne-based textile artist cat (@cat_rabbit ) takes us behind the scenes of her world in our first installment of our new weekly series that uncovers unique and treasured accounts — they’re the real #hiddengems of instagram. 💎 ✨

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Come on in! the water’s purr-fect. 🐈💧🐥 today’s #weeklyfluff is 3-year-old baron (@baron.0723 ), a white ragdoll from the city of yokohama in japan. under the watchful eye of his human eriko, the very fluffy baron loves to make a splash with his floaty friends.
video by @baron.0723

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“i just can’t imagine having my stuff made across the world,” says jemma swatek, the founder and designer behind lykke wullf (@lykkewullf ), a women’s clothing line handcrafted in los angeles. “every collection is inspired by what i would wear,” says jemma. “we really pay attention to the details.” watch our story to step into the lykke wullf studio, then see jemma’s styling tips and shop the designs over on @shop — a new account where you can discover and buy goods from up-and-coming designers. 🌈✨ photo of @lykkewullf by @saamuelrichard

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Meet greta thunberg (@gretathunberg ). she’s a 16-year-old advocate for climate change activism and founder of the school strike for climate movement. 🌍🌱 “when i was younger, i decided to start striking every friday until sweden was in line with the paris agreement,” says greta, who was nominated this year for a nobel peace prize. “if we all do something, we can accomplish anything.” today on our story and our igtv, learn more about greta in our new weekly series #advocates, highlighting people around the world who are sparking positive change. ✨

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