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"the truths of life are many
and the happy ones are few
the journey of life is wavy
and there's really nothing new
lust of the flesh, there's plenty
why are so few ever true
ravish your youth and even empty
nearly every beauty and joy in you

take your help and money, that's easy
that's what some are programmed to do
lie, and lie down and be easy
how colourful birds took and flew
through this life's maze however
some winds of sweetness blew
to bring two souls together
for what reason, they have no clue

you love, adore and restore
your faith, hope and start anew
you hold no grudges in store
embrace in the street or pew
you find there's so much affection
there's nothing than can separate you
to err is human, stomach direction
and greed, lust, lies trap one of you

love must'nt hurt so you part
to look for happier times elsewhere
depart with your horse and cart
to find life isn't easy anywhere
at least you're rid of the unfaithful
and far away from the ungrateful
but truth be told, it was fateful
reason for every season, be thankful

if you love them, let them know
if it doesn't work out let them go
life is too short to deny your soul
and heart what they crave deeply so
people will come and go seasonally
with their needs, traps, passions individually
but someone to care when you're sad or happy
is war emotionally and spiritually

what you think is golden
may be brass; trick's on you
and all we are now learning
was always there, nothing new
love is priceless, love is true
deny this? only a horse or fool
some say it is overrated
but love true never dies, that's true"
-his royal blackness #truth #wisdom #poetry #life #journey #love #happiness #hisroyalblackness #blessed #thankful

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Last daughter & first son of our beloved mother. with my sister maame akua nyantakyiwaa @madammebond at the ceremony following the enstoolment of nana barima toa akwatia iii of ahuntem darmang in the eastern region of ghana. #culture #tradition #family #beautiful #queen #cultured #king #dapper #gentleman #hisroyalblackness #black #melanin #blessed #thankful

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At the ceremony following the enstoolment of nana barima toa akwatia iii of ahuntem darmang in the eastern region of ghana. #culture #tradition #beautiful #queen #cultured #king #dapper #gentleman #hisroyalblackness #black #melanin #blessed #thankful

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Ceo of miss universe ghana @menayedonkor and media, culture & tourism expert @hisroyalblacknesskkd dressed for the occasion as guests for the coverage of the royal wedding for joy prime on multi tv, dstv 281, gotv 180, facebook live @joyprimeofficial and free to air in ghana. #joyprimeofficial #royalwedding #tv #courtesy #special #occasion #hisroyalblackness #elegant #lady #dapper #gentleman #cultured #king #blessed #thankful

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Two sons of adansi. journeyed to different nations abroad. hadn't seen each other for over 20 years. reunited to serve our dear motherland ghana, the adansi state and the asante kingdom.

you are originally from adansi if you come from any location in adansi.
the adansi kingdom, now part of the asante kingdom is the first known tribe in the territory now called ghana to build mud houses, and were known to master the art of building.
the name "adansi" is a derivative of adansifuo or 3dansifuo which translates to builders of houses.
under the fierce leadership of nana osei tutu, the asante kingdom, looking to broaden its territory, fought & defeated the adansis in about the 14th century.
the adansi kingdom was thus absorbed into the growing ashanti kingdom.
this led to the break-away of their warrior division (elite division of their army) called the "kyem bearers" or akyemfo. they migrated in earnest to their present day home in the eastern region, becoming what we call now akyem. the kyem bearers were fearful of the brutal measures by which king osei tutu dealt with tribes the asante wanted to subdue. they were afraid of this and decided not to be part of their kinsmen adansi under asante. what we know now to be the akyem tribe is a breakaway faction of the adansi tribe; a parting of ways with their kinsmen on pain of retribution, taxes, even terror at the hands of the asantes.
the capital of adansi as a tribe was fomena. the adansi people have 7 paramouncies: the former capital fomena, new edubiase, ayaase, akrokyere (akrokerri), akrofuom, bodwesango and dompoase.
administratively, adansi now has 3 constituencies:
1. adansi north (fomena), 2. adansi south (new edubiase) and
3. obuasi.
due to the economic activity arising out of the mines over the last few decades, obuasi formerly known as funtumase became the de-facto capital of the adansi state.
the ground out of which legend has it that the first asantes emerged is abadwum near akrokerri.
the abadwumhene, considered as his forebear, is the only chief who may wear his footwear in audience with asantehene.
most people known today to be from akuapem & akyem are adansi. #culture #ghana #africa

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"to be thankful in the morning that i still have life
and pray to god for guiding me through strife
to thank him for his grace and mercy and favour
and sit at humble table to savour the flavour
of modest nourishment for a sinner like me
and ponder over what ever could be
if the hateful and malicious could have their way
and refuse to hear the truth the wise would say

i am thankful to god that i rise, work and play
and scribble a rhyme every blessed day
thankful to family for love come what may
to good friends, and even foes who hate and prey
oft with no reason to my utter dismay
and then they want a picture, what can i say
thankful to clients who help me earn my pay
and to the cultured souls with whom i play

each time some table's set for guests to dine
i thank god the meat on the menu is not mine
carved by mob-like butchers who only opine
with no rhyme nor reason just cleavers and knives
to chop, cut, slice and mince flesh, even bone
who's next? maybe you? they will come to your zone
for if you don't speak up against any lies
when they're told about you, who now should rise?

a selfish and hateful society's on hand
we care only to destroy good man or brand
so, curiously, it pays to be a nobody
for any somebody must be a dead body
the lies, the rumours and hate we spread
unbelievable; that's how some earn their bread
they'll yank your heart out and display your head
all gory and bloody for the social media herd
how did we become so insensitive
that we only share the worst we heard or read
is it jealousy or a culture that's dismissive
of wisdom, common sense, heart and head
love is more beautiful, and easier, than hate
show your love now, no time to wait
pray for change but first be that change
then nature will lift you and broaden your range
still thankful he sets a table before me
in the presence, and full glare, of my enemies
thankful for life to my lord and saviour
now excuse me while i attack my fruit and cereal.
a happy friday to a blessed you
and to your beloved and all near and dear too." -his royal blackness
#goodmorning #life #breakfast #rise #wisdom #truth #poetry #hisroyalblackness #dapper #gentleman #cultured #adansi #king #blessed #thankful

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"old bond street, some 15 years ago.
getting a little treat before i got to go
with a red conveyance on the low key
to dine with my lover and dear family
prawn cocktail, chateaubriand & smoothies
& with our pudding some crumbled cookies
culinary delights in sweet company
care in the world? yes but not many

whatever the good life we pray for
many others have veritably lived before
whatever it is we deeply hope for
if we give, we will receive ten score & more
memories, memories, memories
blessings and a life of pleasantries
misty water-colours memories
of love & family; my world's true dignitaries." -hrb 1.
#love #life #poetry #shopping #oldbondstreet #london #dapper #gentleman #cultured #king #adansi #asante #bentley #hisroyalblackness #blessed #thankful

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tick tock
simple building blocks of life
time makes no rhyme nor reason
it stays the same in every season
some use it for construction
and some for destruction
some for organization
some for confusion

you spend what you get
you take it easy or fret
some manage with it
some damage with it
one loves with it
another hates with it
no matter what you learn
no matter how much you earn
you can make no more
you can't compare your score

tick tock
think before you talk
crawl before you walk
simple building blocks of life
time makes no rhyme nor reason
it stays the same in every season
each one runs out sometime
then you die." -his royal blackness
#time #life #wisdom #truth #poetry #live #love #laugh #work #pray #rest #play #adansi #hisroyalblackness #kkdwisewords #blessed #thankful

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Delighted to have you come by the office today and to join us for lunch of fufu and smoked fish light soup. deeply grateful for the beautiful presents.
happy to break bread with you again after our last feast in ohio.
it is so heart-warming to reunite with a younger brother; the bright, starry-eyed one i had the privilege to mentor from boy to man over the years in our home city tema.
god bless you, nana kwadwo and your lovely wife and children.
the future is so bright you've got to wear shades. #family #friend #love #loyalty #hisroyalblackness #work #dapper #gentleman #blessed #thankful

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A kind word to models of africa🙏
in an industry that plays a lot with fame, fortune, frivolity & fantasy, many keep heads in the clouds yet forget to plant their feet on solid ground.
to make a good living, we use what natural resources god gave as well as the education & skills acquired for a vocation or profession. hiring models for over 2 decades has shown, you learn in addition to your looks & gifts or those who study & work hard at some sustainable enterprise will secure the better income and quality of life.

in addition to modeling, the good-looking, statuesque, quirky or fine-figured can invest in a vocation or profession too.
like hectic sports, the modeling career is rather short-lived.
unlike those sports, however, there are too many pretenders on social media posing in their own clothes, briefly borrowed ones or next-to-nothing. these days every john, vic or sally is a self-styled online star of sorts, public figure or model but they dont pretend to be a pharmacist, software engineer, sculptor, actuary, laboratory technician, tailor/dressmaker, banker, milliner, nurse, tv producer, sous-chef, therapist, landscaper, tour operator, plumber, architect etc.
those who claim to be models but are actually doing all sorts to survive give a bad name to those who are actually doing honest work in commercial, editorial & fashion to support themselves.

modeling is good fun with sundry freebies but in order to keep head above water, most real models commit to doing other work too. very few really good models are fortunate to earn a decent living on the runway or commercial into & past age 30.
even then, it is no longer looks and figure but personality and loyalty that matter more.
the fact is with the constant influx of new teenage faces, profitable bookings often end for most models before age 26 if one does not have any brand representation contracts; by which time if one is skilled in nothing else, life can be frustrating.

make that move.
it's never too late to start over: learn anew or start a small enterprise whilst walking runways & striking poses when decent pay comes your way.
best wishes. ❤🙏 #culture #models #africa #fashion #business

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"honour them for as long as you live
celebrate them with whatever you can give
don't wait till they are gone to sing your songs of praise
let the world know each day how they amaze
mother stands by her child no matter what the case
through all the hazy days and all our crazy ways
mother, mummy ma, mum, mama
one of a kind always and forever
my mother is incredible, irreplaceable, adorable
my father's wife who gave me life; i'm thankful and worshipful." -hrb kkd.
#love #forever #mum #mother #life #wisdom #truth #poetry #kkdwisewords #hisroyalblackness #beautiful #blessed #mama #thankful

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Ma. first love. first chef. first teacher. inspirer. comforter. cheerleader. earth angel. friend. my dearly beloved mother ohemaa ama asokwa kyei darkwah.
god bless you and every good mother. happy mother's day. #love #forever

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