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Still can’t believe i had no idea for the longest time that a place this insane exists just an hour outside of vegas

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There just nothing else like the swiss countryside. can you spot the two waterfalls in this photo?

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This is still one of my favorite photos from the red dress series. it takes me back to dancing under that massive arch at sunset, twirling and smiling, entirely giddy. a simple yet unexpectedly extraordinary moment of feeling happy and free.
photo by @karl_shakur with my edit💃🏼

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Currently having a lazy sunday at home in san francisco but still thinking about this gorgeous rainy day in the most adorable town

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Before visiting, i never thought i would love the southwest as much as i do. can’t wait to get back to this incredibly unique corner of the world.

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Here’s to being always lost and never found

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There’s something so special about that first morning light

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Hard to believe that i'm home and our epic europe road trip is over now, but i know we made enough memories to last a lifetime. loved shooting with the @light l16 camera throughout the trip...it's compact enough to bring on even the biggest adventures. #lightcollab #capturedbylight #lightl16

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Dreams do come true. just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the new friends who started following my journey today after the @instagram feature. and a sincere thank you to everyone who has reached out to say congratulations...i’m trying to respond to as many messages and comments as i can, but if i haven’t gotten back to you yet, just know that your support is so incredibly appreciated! it feels so rewarding to see hard work pay off, and i couldn’t do it without this amazing, supportive community.

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It blows my mind that this town is actually real and not from some fairytale

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Driving this road was super fun in our clunky van, so i can only imagine what a blast the guy on that motorcycle must’ve been having in this moment

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This is probably the most popular lake on @instagram but now i can confidently say it lives up to the hype

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