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I never got tired of looking at these cliffs, every time i went i fell more in love with them 😍
the flowers used are a representation of the feelings that admiring this dramatic landscape gives 💐
do you have a favorite “tourist” spot you’ve explored?

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I think this is suppose to look like a heart... if you take the photograph from the right angle . from where i was standing it looked more like mickey mouse 🐭

2 weeks ago comment 20 star 332

Everywhere in amsterdam is picture perfect, even through all the rain ☔️

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It’s june 🧡 and i’m ready for summer🌞
#herselfdesignsmonths #june2018 #hellojune

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These baby sheep were so sweet i knew they deserved a happy colorful burst of flowers surrounding them! 🌸 🐑

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An ode to looking at the sky and finding shapes in the clouds ☁️ ....... can you spot the smiley face? #whp🙂

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It’s friday! i’m happy as a pig in mud... and flowers 🌸

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Evenings in barcelona 😘
so, i have been editing quite a few pictures i have of flowers and loving them!! i’ll be sharing some of them in my stories starting tomorrow and putting them up in my shop, let me know your favorites ❤️

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This was such a lovely moment: water, people watching, sunset, cliffs and not shown but there was a little tide pool that had starfish in it ⭐️ 😍
where is your favorite place to get lost in thought? 💭

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It’s so exciting to visit new places and travel, you never know what you might see and experience down every new road! this is my representation of that ❤️😊

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When flowers become clouds🌸☁️

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This place is one of a kind. giving you color, texture and light that is a dream to experience and photograph💛🧡

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