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Are you tired of seeing graduation photos on social media? perhaps it is not an issue of photography itself but people's attitude to graduation. for me, to graduate is not to rejoice and celebrate exuberantly, but to reflect peacefully and soberly, to treasure the people and the memories, and to be humble in the face of an uncertain future.

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Stoked for contemplation. #bc360 © sam zhai @hermeneuticlens

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Chapel portrait.
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Scene from the v****a monologues at boston college.
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The scholarly elegance
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I guess this would be my le penseur.
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Experiencing chinese history and culture in salem! visting peabody essex museum @peabodyessex was an surprisingly life-changing experience for me. i learned so much about the important role of art in reflecting the challenging realities of human life and bringing people to awareness and empowerment. this is so much more than just a museum. it is an education and inspiration center thanks to its intentionally curated and richly descripted exhibitions. i encourage everyone to come here and check out this place.
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Memoria futuri
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Humans of stm preview: ryan morris, who served in the maintenance department of the air force for several years before starting his m.div. program at boston college, aspires to be a minister whom other people in spiritual needs can trust and rely on, the same way that air force pilots have once trusted and relied on him. read more of his story soon on @bcstm :)
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2018 year has been a difficult year in many ways. i have had a lot of trouble trying to figure out how to be empathic and supportive to others. i can't seem to do a good job in trying to figure out who are in need of my help and how to communicate with them, and who are the people that don't want my help or even my attention and would be annoyed by my enthusiasm. and i can't do well in photography if i can't understand the people i capture or can't find who i should capture and invite them. maybe it is my failure, maybe it is because people don't want to talk and share beyond their convenience or comfort zone. i don't know the truth and i am not the one to carry out judgment. for the new year i hope that we all can get to know more people beyond our social facades (online as well as in the real world) so that we together can learn how to be loving and compassionate.

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We were culturally and spiritually inspired by this starbucks store that adopts traditional chinese architecture. it reminds me, having been living in the united states for almost 8 years, to take a fresh look at the heritage of my own land that i have too often ignored or taken for granted.
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A view to history
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