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My whole heart right here. congrats to my brother, my bandmate and now, my pastor.

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Expect the unexpected, you never know what’s to come with #thisisus

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You did good, kid

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1. the first days of @hanabyhannah. a lot has changed, the #focuspout has not.
2. happy graduation day hannah esther jo, cfd. you’re official baby!
3. lastly, the first photo we ever took together 8 years ago. picture quality of phones has improved. as has life, with you. happy anniversary.

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Got to spend a lovely two weeks working on a play reading for @bespokeplays. snakeskin suit by @jholtham. we go up tomorrow & tuesday. link in bio!

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A rare moment of relaxation between setups.
check out the latest @jubileemedia video in my bio if you wanna know more about my sweet, florist wife.
#hanabyhannah #florist

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We won the election and we’ve got a lot of work to do. jae-won’s on it.
also, my face while reading the script for tomo’s episode: . #thisisus

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Little buddy! 仄‍儭

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We’re back, baby! tonight 9/8c #thisisus

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埠新traight.outta.seoul埠 #kingsejong

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Fall finale. tonight. you don’t want to miss it. #thisisus

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