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Ugh!! i’m so obsessed with @beyondtheponytail 😳🤤 inspo for dayzzzzz!!!!! 🎈🎈🎈 which one is your favorite??

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“slow & low” 💍💍💍 this look is now up on my subscription site with verbal step by step instructions!! 💡go to the link in my bio or click the “sign up” button to get started 👆👆 you’re going to love this one!!

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“slow & low” 💍💍💍 this look is now up on my subscription site with thorough step by step instructions!! 📝 i also teach about the “why” in a lot of my videos. i’m a “why” person. it helps me understand better.💡go to the link in my bio to get started!! brides will love this one!!

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Bridal & prom season are right around the corner! 💍💍💍 learn this hairstyle & many more on my online subscription site. great for professional hairstylists, bridal beauty teams, muas & enthusiasts. click the link in my bio to get started👆♥️👆♥️👆♥️👆♥️👆♥️👆

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Omg thank you @saloncentric for this 2 in 1 iron by @samvillahair 😱 so quick & easy for waves & height!! 🏹❤️ ps: hope you like the chopstick trick!! 🥢 #ittakesapro #saloncentric #loveit #thankyou #ad

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Digital gift ideas: * testimonial comments 😘 * reposts ♥️ * become a subscriber (link in bio) 🤗 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁

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Thank you @saloncentric for having everything i could ever need to style my updos!! 🤸‍♀️ on this look i used a strong hairspray by ♥️ @sexyhair ♥️ (found at @saloncentric of course) #ittakesapro #weddinghair #heatherchapmanhair #ad

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I think i want to do some more edgy looks soon!! this one i did on @nightimebri is inspiring me rn. make-up by @yazmintmakeup colorist @wesdoeshair #tbt

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A lot is changing in my life right now. my priorities are different. wearing myself out to keep up with the hustle & the algorithm is on the back burner honey 🍯 i rarely show my face because i’ve always wanted my work to be the focus. but i want to take time for me now. this is my gorge hubby @dchapman0611 • we’re at a cooking class here. we are constantly laughing, making fun of stuff & still love to hug/kiss in public. he’s the reason why i love doing weddings so much. ❤️ i miss doing weddings. i’ll probably start again soon. ps: homemade pasta is 💣

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My “classic bridal updo” on 4️⃣ different models 💃💃💃💃 learn this look just in time for bridal trials & wedding season 💍💍💍

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I am such a picky client that i only get my hair done once a year! 🚫 lol • enjoy this transformation vid & cut/color by the talented @realericvaughn 👏👏👏 thank you eric for my hair glow up 🌟 follow him for incredible color transformations!!

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“textured prep” + “boho prep” + “#braidlove” + “classic bridal updo” = this!! 👆😍👆 i told you you can start to mix n match the vids on my subscription site for custom looks!! so easy to subscribe • just go to the link in my bio & invest in your future!! only $15 a month! that’s like 2 starbucks 🥤🥤 you can make a great additional income by doing bridal hair on the weekends. prom is two seconds away, too!! it’s time. 🕚🕙🕘🕗

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Learn these braiding motor skills on my online education site!!👆link in bio👆#houstonmodel @gabriella.mills#houstonmakeupartist @yazmintmakeup #longhairdontcare #longhairupdo #longhairstyles

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Don’t know how to do updos?? ♥️ no worries!! i got you covered!! 😘 click the “sign up” button or go to the link in my bio to get subscribed & start learning today!! or go to: www.heatherchapmanhaironline.com

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Sorry for not posting lately. i had a major surgery last month that has a long recovery time & my beautiful aunt lisa, who i loved with all my heart, suddenly passed away the day after christmas. so as you can imagine, i’m dealing with immense grief & post operative depression. i’ll be more active soon enough & i appreciate your patience. ~ love heather 💔 model: @grace_mckinney_ • mua: @yazmintmakeup

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Which one is your fave?? 1-9 🍭 i’m thinking about doing a little touring next year for some hands on workshops so i’m curious what your faves are!! 🍰 you can also click the link in my bio to start learning these look right now!!!

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Nye resolution?? hair that makes ‘em jealous 🍾🥂🎉 i prepped this hair with a little hair powder from @sexyhair & finished w their hairspray ❤️ #ad #nye #hairlove #prettyhair #updo #heatherchapmanhair #newyearsevehair #fancypants #hairstyle #weddinghair #winterbride

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The trick here is to braid down a bit then gently loosen before you start braiding again. you want to loosen/pull more on the outside of the braid than you do the inside portion of the braid. also, if you pull too much, the style can start to look more colonial 👒 than drapey so take your time. 💚💙💚💙 use @sexyhair powder play lite in areas that you want to really fluff up & give volume to. model: @danielleblaquera • salon: @salon1506 salon1506 #ad #hairlove #tbt 📝📚📓🍎🤓

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Be ❌tra at the holiday party this year!! 💅💅 using @sexyhair get layered hair spray to work with. #ad #holidayhair #bigsexyhair #heatherchapmanhair #xmashair #extra #fancy #sorryaboutthelighting #struggleisreal #htxlight

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☃️❄️ winter formal ❄️☃️

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