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I 110% think i just saw a glimpse of my future! 😂

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We are so excited to be showcasing at the @goodnessmebox wholefood night markets at the grounds, sydney, on june 19th. tickets have just gone on sale! join us there!!! #gmbwholefoodmarkets

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Baked raspberry cheesecake 🍰 @betterbeingsteph⠀

ingredients for the base:⠀
▪50g rolled oats⠀
▪30g nut butter (or coconut oil)⠀
▪30g @happywayau vanilla pea protein⠀
▪20g honey or sticky sweetener of choice.⠀
▪50ml almond milk (add as required)⠀
▪2 tsp natural sweetener.⠀
ingredients for the cheesecake top:⠀
▪60g cottage cheese or cream cheese⠀
▪140g vanilla greek yoghurt⠀
▪60ml liquid egg whites or 1 large egg, whisked.⠀
▪60g frozen raspberries⠀
▪2 tsp natural sweetener⠀
1⃣to two large bowls, add all ingredients for each layer to their respective bowl and stir to combine. ⠀
2⃣mould the base mixture with your hand, and press firmly into a lined tin.⠀
3⃣ the top layer should be creamy and thick. pour this over the base layer and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 25-30 minutes. allow to cool (it’s delicious warm but it’ll be messy!) before setting in the fridge overnight. optional: drizzle with white chocolate.⠀
4⃣cut into 8 cheesecake bars.⠀
✔serves: 8⠀
✔macros per serve: 99 calories, 9c/3f/9p⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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First we drink the bcaa’s then we do the workout 🙌🏼 active mornings with our girl @ellen_clark and our new green apple flavoured bcaa’s www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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Choc mousse sandwich cookies (v) 🍪 @betterbeingsteph⠀

a twist on an arnotts classic kingstons; a sweet golden oat sandwich cookie with a creamy chocolate mousse filling.⠀

ingredients for the biscuits:⠀
▪40g nut butter⠀
▪10g sticky sweetener⠀
▪50g rolled oats⠀
▪30g @happywayau vanilla pea protein powder⠀
▪20g almond meal⠀
▪60-80ml almond milk⠀
▪1 tsp baking soda⠀
▪1 tsp baking powder⠀
ingredients for filling:⠀
▪40g @happywayau chocolate pea protein⠀
▪40g nut butter⠀
▪2tsp cacao powder⠀
▪1 tsp granulated natural sweetener⠀
▪20-30ml almond milk⠀
1. preheat oven to 180°c⠀
2. for the biscuits: mix all ingredients together until combined into a dough.⠀
3. roll into 12 even sized biscuits and press down on lined baking paper⠀
4. place on a baking tray, and bake for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown. allow to cool completely before filling with the mousse.⠀
5. for the mousse: mix together all ingredients, adding milk as necessary to whip it into a mousse⠀
6. spoon an even amount onto 6 of the cooled biscuits, then sandwich with another biscuit. devour.⠀
macros for sandwich (2 biscuits and filling): 145 cals, 7f/8c/13p ♥⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau⠀

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Salted chocolate fig & blackberry almond crusted tart ✨ @sculptedkitchen⠀

▫2 cups of almond meal/hazelnut meal!⠀
▫3 t of blue agave syrup.⠀
▫1/3 melted coconut oil.⠀
▫1/4 cocoa powder.⠀
▫2 t of chocolate protein powder @happywayau.⠀
▫mix all together in a bowl with your hands until glossy & well mixed.⠀
easy ganache:⠀
▫a full can of coconut mylk, incl the water.⠀
▫15 ounces of dark dairy free chocolate, chopped up roughly.⠀
▫ a dash of vanilla powder.⠀
▫place chocolate in a medium bowl.⠀
1. preheat oven to 350f and grease a rectangular tart tray.⠀
2. press crust mixture into tray.⠀
3. poke holes lightly w/ a fork.⠀
4. place kidney beans along the centre to keep it from raising.⠀
5. bake for 11 mins.⠀
6. cool on a wire rack.⠀
7. put coconut mylk in a sauce pan and boil. turn off heat & pour the mylk over the chocolate. wait a minute or two stir until creamy. pour into cooled tart & fridge.⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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I need a jess in my life! 😂 #happyway #happyweekend

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Pool side ready 🥰 with my our b**e @aussiemumvlogger and her @happywayau protein shake as a snack to help curb those cravings 😋 ⠀

www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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Peanut butter ganache brownies (v, gf) 🍫 @betterbeingsteph⠀

serves: 8⠀
for the brownies:⠀
▪160g pumpkin, boiled and mashed into a puree⠀
▪50g @happywayau chocolate pea protein powder⠀
▪30g dark chocolate, melted⠀
▪20g nut butter⠀
▪50-60ml almond milk⠀
▪1-2 tbsp @happywayau cacao powder⠀
▪1 tsp baking soda⠀
for the ganache:⠀
▪20g @happywayau choc pea protein⠀
▪30g dark chocolate, melted⠀
▪20g nut butter⠀
▪20g extra melted nut butter, for drizzling⠀
▪1-2tbsp almond milk, as needed to whip into a ganache⠀
▪2 tsp natural sweetener⠀
▪optional toppings: crushed nuts, chocolate chunks⠀
1.preheat oven to 180°c⠀
2.to a large bowl, add pea protein, baking soda and cacao powder. stir to combine. ⠀
3.pour the pumpkin puree, nut butter and almond milk into the bowl. stir to combine⠀
4.fold through the melted chocolate⠀
5.pour batter into a lined brownie pan, and bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes.⠀
6.meanwhile, to make the ganache, mix all ingredients (except the nut butter for the drizzle) together in a large mixing bowl, adding milk only as necessary. ⠀
7.allow to cool completely before frosting with the ganache, drizzling with pb and extra toppings and cutting into 8 pieces.⠀
✔macros per brownie + frosting: 150 calories, 9.2g f/8.5gc (4.7g sugar, 2g fibre), 9.4g p⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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Vegan red velvet protein truffles 🥰 @biteswithbalance⠀

the deets ✨ ⠀
in a high speed blender or food processor, add⠀
▫6 medjool dates (soaked in warm water for 15mins) ▫1/4 c roasted almonds⠀
▫1/4 c roasted cashews⠀
▫2-3 tbs unsweetened coconut flakes⠀
▫1 scoop @happywayau vegan vanilla protein powder⠀
▫1 tsp @happywayau cacao powde⠀
▫2 tsp pink pitaya superfood powder⠀
▫1 tsp vanilla extract⠀
▫pinch salt and blend until well combined.⠀

roll into balls and set in fridge for 30mins. melt together 85% dark choc + a lil bit coconut oil and drizzle, coat, and dip - whatever your heart desires.⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happyway.com.au #happywayau⠀

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When you find your fave new protein powder flavour 🍌 banana protein for the win!!!⠀

now what to make with it, the options are endless!!!⠀

📸 @theresatrends⠀

www.happyway.com.au #happywayau

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Vegan tahini choc mint bars 🌱 @diannayota⠀

base layer:⠀

▫1 cup of almonds.⠀
▫5 pitted medjool dates⠀
▫5 soft dried figs.⠀
▫2½ tbs of melted coconut oil⠀
▫pinch of sea salt.⠀
▫½ cup of oats. ⠀
add everything to a food processor and mix until finely chopped and the mixture becomes sticky. place the mixture into a small lined container (i used a glass container). flatten evenly with fingers then put in the freezer to set a little while you make the tahini layer. .⠀
tahini layer:⠀

▫1 cup of organic hulled tahini.⠀
▫¼ cup of melted coconut oil⠀
▫2 tbs of pure maple syrup⠀
▫½ tsp of pure vanilla extract⠀
▫¼ tsp of sea salt.⠀
add everything and mix together so all ingredients are combined. pour half of the tahini layer into a bowl and set aside.⠀
tahini choc mint layer:⠀

▫1 tbs peppermint extract.⠀
▫1 tbs @happywayau cacao powder.⠀
using the other half of the tahini layer, add last 2 ingredients and mix until combined. place on top of the base layer and spread evenly. place dish back into the freezer for 40 mins to set. after this time pour the tahini layer (you left aside) on top of the tahini choc mint layer. sprinkle with sea salt flakes & vegan chocolate chips/grated chocolate (i used dark & caramel chocolate).⠀
put the dish in the freezer again for around an hour, take it out and cut into squares. ⠀
store in the freezer.⠀

enjoy 🤤🚀 www.happywa.com.au #happywayau

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