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I miss this sweet dog. 💕

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I want to be more then beautiful
i want to be courageous, kind and selfless. 💕

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Thankful for my sexy valentine and our already bun in the oven. even though baby yoder doesn’t like chocolate, we’re game for a homemade lasagna dinner with sparking grape juice and fresh apple pie. love you lots rodney!

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Throwback to this fabulous shoot with @christa.obrien.photography because today i’m nausea as can be and feeling these last weeks of 1st trimester so bad. but oh, i shall praise the lord regardless!

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Today, i’m just grateful to be married to this beautiful human. i never dreamed that marriage could be so beautiful and fulfilling, but god has showered us with grace. i love being married and being able to serve and grow next to this kind man. ❤️

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God you’re so worthy! i’m coming into 11 weeks strong and confident. i’ve spent so many days fighting the fear that comes along with pregnancy. i have felt unworthy to carry this child, terrified of labor and the unknown, but i keep fighting because god is worthy and i’ve been chosen for motherhood. it is something i’ve prayed about, dreamed about and petitioned the throne of god for. everyday i’ve been embracing it. it’s not easy when you’re physically exhausted, but i trust that god will be with me every step of the way. today i’m just so thankful for his faithfulness and for almost making it out of the first trimester.

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Lunch is underway! honey barbecue chicken, sweet stir fry and buttered rice. thank heaven for relaxing sunday’s and sunny days.

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Baby is the size of a lego man as we go into #10weekspregnant they say i won’t be able to hide the bump anymore after this week.

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It’s true! wearing layers of spandex keeps your belly bump hidden. but at nine weeks it’s a little easier.

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I’m so excited for the 31st of this month. that’s when my husband and i get to hear baby’s heartbeat. being a mama is a blessing. oh and i’m obsessed with my @luxyhair can you tell?

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The house smells like lemons, lavender and magic. i have discovered that baby loves me baking + cooking more then anything.
laying in bed isn't my cure for morning sickness, it's creating in the kitchen. i had a dream that i was eating poundcake, that's what most of my pregnancy dreams are, eating! then i wake up with cravings. is that how it usually works? so cheers to my first poundcake and to many, many more. #9weeksandbaking

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Today was rough. i felt like i was carrying around a rock in my stomach because of hiking 2 miles to eat dinner yesterday. i say “hike” because that’s what walking pregnant feels like. we were treated to the fanciest 3 course meal and i wasn’t a fan - .i don’t do fancy restaurants and fancy food... i just can’t. call me crazy, but i just love cooking and being at home. 🌿 i finally got to the point of the afternoon where i vomited everything (yes morning sickness). today wasn’t glamorous but now i’m basking in the sun and resting easy for the rest of the evening. praise the lord!!

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