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Cast your cares upon him for he cares for you. 1 peter 5:7

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// come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. // a water pipe bursted in my home five minutes before this shoot and my electric bill went from being $150 something to a full $1,034.

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// prisms //

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I'm slowly learning how to put elegance, grace and kindness above s*x appeal, quick judgements and selfishness. i want to inspire people not evoke envy. i want to be a light in the darkness. i want to be a a part of something timeless not fleeting. ❣️ • • these pieces are from the @laurenconrad collection at kohl's. #laurenconradstyle photographed by the amazing @ashlinaa whom i adore!

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Embrace positivity even in the darkest times of your life. you are beautiful, you are strong, you are loved! believe it!!

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// you make my dreams come true. //

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// she was an enchantress, he was convicted. for there was not a soul who could cast such a spell upon the room with such pure beauty. // this shoot is was of the most gorgeous i've done to date. i'm happily dancing into boudoir and love the taste that can be displayed if one gets past the sexuality. don't allow yourself to become complacent in your art. be different then everyone else. dare to have taste.

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// she's got that bridal glow // no you don't have to tell me... i'm swooning too!!

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// kiss of a rose // this photo made getting attacked by fire ants well worth it for me. however, i shall be out of commission for a day because i'm highly allergic. so enjoy this photo and buy someone you love roses. because valentine's day should be every day! also, tomorrow is #bachelornight

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/ with all that i am, i will cherish the gift that is you / this couple made my heart truly melt. they're just bursting with love for each other and it was written all over their faces. i love love!

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I come broken to be mended, i come wounded to be healed // there's something so beautiful about being a believer and being able to come before god and be healed of all our infirmities. happy sunday to you all!

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// if you'll be my lois lane, i'll be your superman // over the moon obsessed with these two and their love. i've been getting so many couple inquiries lately, i am just bursting with joy! there is something so beautiful about love and getting to capture it really expands my outlook on it. these two with their carefree, adventurous spirits made my job less of a job and more a delightful experience!

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Basking in the warmth of the sun. oh how my heart smiles because spring is near.

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February 18, 2018 • a glimpse into my vision || pieces of who i am || • - - - hello world, this is me! i have had many of my followers ask me what it is about me that is so unique. i find that can be answered on a very broad spectrum, however i shall endeavor to keep my answer as concise as possible. - my mission is as follows. - - a. • moody and romantic imagery with a photojournalistic approach • i ardently believe that moments should not be manipulated, but captured in their purest and truest form. whether it's your crowning moment when you graduate high school, a tiny book you wish to fill with images of you and your love, to that moment when you say "i do" - i believe that your story should be accurately portrayed. after all, "a picture is worth a thousand words". - b. dedicated to quality, geared to affordability i pride myself on delivering custom services to my clients of the highest quality at the best possible value. your experience should never be tainted based on the contents of your pocket. - c. the experience of a lifetime whether you're getting married on the coast of aruba or having a simple church wedding, if you're graduating from high school or on cloud nine from a proposal - i am here to help you capture the journey as well as be your best friend through the process. i will do everything it takes to make this nothing but your best experience! - - i havw found that elegance is dying out in the art world. people have become more complacent and more about s*x appeal vs. true art. once upon a time that was me, but i refuse to conform to the stereotypes. i want my work to be professional, clean, meaningful and evoke emotion in your soul. - - people have asked me why i don't allow commenting on my photos - sometimes i get too caught up in how many comments i have then actual art on this app. or those who have ministered hatred online have cause much discouragement. i want my gallery here to be a portfolio of what i'm passionate about and bring joy to the viewers. if you want to reach me or comment something positive. i encourage you to email me. xoxo

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"love was made for me and you" - i'm absolutely in love with this romantic shoot. there's nothing quite as beautiful as capturing love in it's calmest form. - i'm listening to the pride and prejudice (favorite movie) soundtrack and catching up on some emails. i hope this lovely saturday finds you healthy and happy, rain or shine.

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Super in love with this traditional ohio wedding. this bride was as calm as a bride could be on her day and just glowed with love for her groom. i think weddings are my new favorite.

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You alone are my strength my shield, to you alone may my spirit yield. < @dakotawolfe >

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Hey hey tuesday, be nice to everyone today. < @madeleinesouza >

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I decided to post because i'm stuck in the atlanta airport and i'm conquering my fear of heights today! yay me! <@courtneyelyseee

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A gentleman for your morning feed ladies. <@erik_peter_son>

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