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Photo by @911cooled 💯

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@elevencars on the throwback. check my story for more photos. i enjoy the fullscreen experience more so!
i'm looking forward to curating some of my shoots from the last few months into highlights! i've been shooting, so make sure to check it out.
feedback and criticism is always welcome on what i share. i usually depend on senpai @911cooled for the real talk.
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When your walking lost after a run, and you see something shiny, you take it as a good sign you're headed in the right direction. #paris #porsche #iphone

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@vq1of1 lost his lip splitter on the way to c&c in #huntingtonbeach and still jammed with @socaldana_rcf and i back to the port for pics. #california

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All the action is in monaco this weekend, i'm just out here picking up bones, man #classiccars good 'ol work truck. #landroverdefender

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As i search for reasons to forgive france for their s****y bureaucracy, i found this pretty badass.
in 1927, for the inauguration of their new garage, citroën created a racing course on their rooftop.
cool. i'd like to be there next time. not sure if that's it, but you can almost make out the shape of the eiffel tower in the last photo.
back to sitting at the station waiting for something to give.
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Pumped that @stancenation threw up a feature i shot of @socaldana_rcf, check the article for all the photos! i've said it so many times already but thank you to all those who take the time to humor me! @jonsibal you the man! i really appreciate how open you keep your channels of communication. i definitely admire that and have been trying to follow your example! cheers folks! 🍻 #stancenation #pandem #lexusrcf #jonsibal #workwheels

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Rally light rari 🔥 #ferrari #308 #1979

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Let's get around.

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Nothing like light spilling through a 20th century, glass vaulted ceiling. #grandpalais #tourauto2018 #detomaso #pantera is 🔥

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Just when i finished running the last 50% of images through my raw converter, i some how double tapped enter twice by mistake when cropping an image. this prompted acr to open the images selected (which were under adjustment separate from the other 70 or so photos already adjusted in the film strip) in photoshop therefore discarding all the the changes i made to the other images. i knew i should have committed the edits by clicking done then reopen a fresh batch to edit but i was powering through!! not sure how many can relate, but it'll be frustrating to start the whole batch from scratch again! #adobe #acr #tourauto2018 #gymtime

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