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Recolectores (coffee pickers) at work #pentax67 #sonya7riii

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Portraits of coffee farmers

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Favorite shot from my trip. coffee pickers mark their haul and load their bags onto a truck to be taken for processing. many of the pickers are migrant workers and they travel from farm to farm to pick coffee when they ripen. there is an increasing number of venezuelan coffee pickers as they have fled their country and are now looking for a livelihood in colombia. // i was inspired to try a new editing style after being inspired by the colors in colombia. still feels true to me but with a slight color tone change. #sonya7riii

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Luiz lives harvest to harvest as he has to constantly repay and take on more loans to run his coffee farm. he is one of many small-scale coffee farmers that has been hit hard by low international coffee prices. after operating his farm for over 20 years, he still barely owns his house, as he told us with remorse. many farmers feel a sense of helplessness in a globalized world where multiple factors play into rapid fluctuations in commodity prices. luiz hopes that the price of coffee beans will rebound soon. #pagpropina #pentax67 #huila

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Elgar, a coffee picker at a farm in manizales, colombia. there are over 500,000 small-scale coffee farms all over colombia run by families and even more coffee pickers that roam through various farms during harvest season. as opposed to the heavily mechanized picking process in brazil and vietnam (the top two coffee producers in the world), most of colombian coffee is still hand-picked, which allegedly leads to tastier coffee. however, this means higher labor costs for colombian coffee farms. in a world where international coffee prices are dictated by commodities markets in new york and london, these small-scale farms are vulnerable to price fluctuations. this year saw an unprecedented low point in coffee prices around the world, which has left many coffee farms in colombia suffering losses. #pentax67 #manizales #pagpropina

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My old pentax film camera has a quirk where sometimes the last shot of a roll gets cuts off. here are some of the last shots of rolls i took in colombia last week for a coffee project. #pentax67

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The artist @zac_hacmon for @framemagazine’s latest issue.

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Can’t stop thinking about this room ☺️
“a space for being” by @reddymadedesign, @google, @muutodesign and @artsandmindlab at @spaziomaiocchi. beautiful wool tapestry by @claudyjongstra

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“a space for being”
made some images for the incredible exhibition put on by @reddymadedesign, @google, @muutodesign and @artsandmindlab at the beautiful @spaziomaiocchi.
the exhibition explores the idea of neuroaesthetics and how the objects around us, the environments we inhabit and the sensory elements affect our biology and well-being. each room is designed with a different theme. #fuorisalone2019

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@iddrissandu for @surfacemag utopia issue. we shot this on possibly the windiest day of the year, my camera was shaking so much but iddris was a champ and we made some great images together. found out on the day this story was published that his close collaborator nipsey hussle passed away... no doubt iddris will continue his legacy.

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Snaps from brighton beach #ektar100

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@jackgraymusic for @onsclothing manual - check out his music on spotify, apple music, google play, etc cc @ninaezul

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