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Summertime done come but ain't gone just yet! we've got a pipin' hot new 7" inch single featuring “u.s. blues” b/w “loose lucy.” this one features all new artwork from artist @davekloc.

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You flooded our socials with so many of your fine felines (and a few cool canines, too) in honor of aoxomoxoa's 50th anniversary, we thought we'd treat you to a community-sourced video for "china cat sunflower" (1971 mix). can you spot your furry friend? special shout out to @bobweir’s buddies, olive and walter. we thank you kindly for joining the fun!

watch the rest of the video on youtube! https://bit.ly/2zgnsmt

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"originally released on the very first view from the vault, this dynamite performance of the classic weir-barlow song came out of a long, beautifully paced eyes of the world, and is the launching pad for the big second set jam at three rivers stadium in 1990, which later included a terrific terrapin station, a rare post-drums w**g dang doodle, and a poignant black peter. a wonderful show start-to-end, this estimated prophet is one of the highlights." - david lemieux

watch the performance of "estimated prophet" (pittsburgh, pa 7/8/90) from our #alltheyearslive series! https://bit.ly/31waufa

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The grateful dead meet-up at the movies is going global for the first time! on august 1st, join us, near and far, as we gather in theaters worldwide for our 9th annual special cinema event. this year we will be featuring the full concert from june 17, 1991 at giants stadium in new jersey. check our instagram stories to find out where to get your tickets!

sure to be a crowd pleaser, 6/17/91 is one of only two shows in the grateful dead's archive recorded to 48-track analog tape, providing spectacular and unprecedented audio quality. the show features fan favorites such as "eyes of the world," "truckin’," "uncle john’s band," along with grateful dead rarities including "saint of circumstance," "might as well," "new speedway boogie," and much more. mixed by jeffrey norman in glorious surround sound at bob weir's tri studios, mastered by david glasser at airshow mastering, with video from the multi-camera live edit, this will be the first time the bruce hornsby and vince welnick line-up has ever appeared on the big screen.

and be sure to boogie on down early as we will be revealing an exclusive look at the dead's soon-to-be announced 2019 boxed set, personally hosted by archivist david lemieux.

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One man gathers what another man spills... don't sleep on the aoxomoxoa 50th anniversary 12" vinyl picture disc, limited to just 10,000 copies and featuring the remastered mix of the album.

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Just in time for summer ☀️ our second collaboration with @slowtide towels! head to slowtide.co/collections/grateful-dead for more info.

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"aoxomoxoa is the work of the magical band. can you hear this music and not see them before your eyes? the music is so much the reality of their physical and spiritual bodies that seeing them is the wonder of seeing music." - rolling stone july 12, 1969

the aoxomoxoa 50th anniversary deluxe edition features two versions of the album - one fully remastered from the original 1969 mix and the other remastered from the definitive 1971 band-produced mix. this is the first time both mixes will be presented together in a single release. we've also included a bonus disc of previously unreleased live music recorded january 24-26, 1969 at the avalon ballroom in san francisco, ca. tap the link in bio to grab your copy now!

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"this was the fourth and final live grateful dead performance of this classic garcia/hunter song from the jerry garcia band's 'cats under the stars' album, all four of which were played in 1991." - david lemieux

watch the performance of "reuben and cherise" (buckeye lake 6/9/1991), part of our #alltheyearslive series: https://rhino.lnk.to/atyl

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🌻sunflower your cat🌻 in honor of aoxomoxoa’s 50th anniversary, we’re creating a video for “china cat sunflower” (1971 remix). head to our instagram stories to learn more & make sure you tag @gratefuldead so we can see and share! #chinacatsunflower #aoxomoxoa50

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"the short-lived line-up of the grateful dead that featured both bruce hornsby and vince welnick produced some of the dead's most inspired and exciting playing of their final 15 years of touring, particularly the shows in 1991. this rfk show also featured magnificent renditions of help on the way / slipknot! / franklin's tower and dark star." - david lemieux

watch "wang dang doodle" (washington, dc 6/14/91) here: https://bit.ly/2xost6a #alltheyearslive

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Available now on dead.net, our latest release in our 7" singles collection. “u.s. blues” b/w “loose lucy” was originally released in conjunction with the from the mars hotel lp. this one features all new artwork from artist dave kloc.

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"saint stephen with a rose
in and out of the garden he goes"
listen to the 1971 mix of "st. stephen" from the upcoming aoxomoxoa 50th anniversary deluxe edition, available june 7. link in bio! #aoxomoxoa50

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