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Pawpaw got tagged by our good buddies over at @pers4mah to share five facts about him. thanks for that, but don‘t get too excited though, he‘s pretty much a couchpotato: 1) he is currently writing his master thesis. 2) he despises brussel sprouts. 3) he loves potato crisps with salt and vinegar. 4) his favourite poet is edgar allan poe. (guess that’s why he calles me „crow“) 5) when he naps on the couch (so pretty much everytime) he sometimes drools.

so now we want to know what @nuni_pie can tell us about her servant/modelagent 😹😻😸 #garythesnitch #bribedwithtuna #couldbeworse

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Sunday spooning.

i'm glad to tell you that i finally found out why the pawrents got me ellie the smellie... she makes a great pillow! happy sunday my furriends β˜€

#garythebigspoon #comfyellie #sundaysnuggles #sundayspooning #progress

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'scuse me?! sure as hell i wasn't hugging ellie the smellie. i was just handing out slaps as my paw got tired and needed some rest, ok?!? #garythebigsoftie #cuddlekitty #pawpawrazzistrikesagain #siblinglove

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Insert snackies right here!
major #mondaymood... also tryna trick pawpaw into thinking i'm the snackie stash. do you think it'll work?

#giftedgary #onmondaysiamsnacking #curlytongue #spoontongue

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Whut?! nothing to see here pawpaw. only your innocent little boy who tries to show the joy of friday night box pawties to his sister, i promise! move along now, will you?
#garythemastermind #friyayshenanigans #siblingshipping #friyaynightboxpawty

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When you are stuck with that stinking baby sissy... πŸ™„

#cleanlygary #bigbrotherduties #elliethesmellie #isthatasnackiecrumbinyourfur

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Happy sunday funday! β˜€
everypawdy meet ellie. apparently she's not an intruder but my new baby s***y πŸ™„ well, ain't that the same... it's been two weeks now she's staying with us, chasing me around the apartment, stealing my snackies and claiming my favorite napping spots. thanks a lot pawpaw, you can return ellie the smellie now and get me a can of tuna instead.

#garyssundaythoughts #sundaykissies #siblingrivalry #sisfur #wwwhw (what's wrong with humom's wrist)

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Mfw the pawrents really do have the nerve to bring an intruder into my kingdom whilst pawpaw totally neglects my dearest online furriends and wrecks my instagram fame... swipe right to see the little troublemaker.

#grumpygary #bigbrotheriswatchingyou #doubletrouble

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My face when i overhear the pawrents discussing the pick-up of my new baby-sissy.
umm, hello?! can't recall i gave you any permission?!?! dearest furriends, i need your halp. please make sure to check out my story and request the shadiest catname in history πŸ™„ tips and tricks how to best guilt shame the pawrents are also very much appreciated!

#guiltshaminggary #stalkeralert #thewallhasears #whutbabysis #shadypawrents

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Hello miss, can you please stop napping and hand me some snackies?! i don't know what got into that woman. but humom decided it would be fun to have friends over that brought this little intruder into my kingdom.
since i'm not a big softie, i most certainly did not try to climb the basket and cuddle with this little beauty. and i'm definitely not offended i wasn't allowed to. what?! i'm not pouting, humom, you are!! #googleeyedgary #canihazthreemoreofthose #bigsoftie #kingdomduties

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Happy #caturday everypawdy!

pawpaw says for caturday i'm looking like a pancake. thanks a lot for this incredibly flattering picture, pawpaw... will make sure to pancake you in the middle of the night to show my appreciation.

#garythedeliciouspancake #kingdomduties #flatfacesociety #chestfloofonfleek

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