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"happy birthday to yooouuuu!" 🎢
the birthday season has begun ladies and gentlemen! after we had to celebrate humom's birthday like the whole weekend and there was cake everywhere πŸ™„ the birthdays of my dearest furriends @teddieandcasper are approaching.
to celebrate, they asked us to upload a piccie of what we do best.
and obviously i'm entering singing the song of my people... you got that right everypawdy, your boy has serious talent! but it's not only the talent that makes a superstar, it's dedication and hard work. so im practising my little chants 24/7 preferably at night cause i'm that much of a workaholic. bam!
that being said, i'll gotta run and snack some tuna to oil my vocal cords! happy birthday teddie and casper πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸŽ‰ #garybieber #teddieandcaspers3rdbirthday #superstars #takethatmonday

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Why would you watch soccer when you can watch me?
enjoy the world cup my furriends! ⚽

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Now look deep into my eyes.

your right hand is getting heavy and heavy and heavy... reaching right into my snackie drawer. there you go. now it's feeling light and light and light... irresistibly drawn to my little triangle lippies.
#garythewizard #hypnoticeyes #sundaysareforsnacking #andmessingwithpawpaw

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It's sunday funday!

so i'm serving you a curly tongue, my whiskers are wild, chest floof is on point. i'm feeling myself!

the pawrent's had sleepover guests this weekend and oh boy do i love having more hoomans to bug...erm supervise at night. i made sure to get access to every single room: soothing them with snores, distributing comforting headbutts or just getting really close to take a good look and sniff on their sleepy faces.
i can tell you it's been a long night socializing. now i need a little personal space in my declared cardboard castle. you can bring appreciation snackies if you like. tyvm.

#garythesleepfairy #allnighter #wildwhiskers #sunsouttonguesout #newcardboardcastle

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Look at this summerbody ladies and gents. yes, i do work out.
maybe not today tho as i'm extra exhausted from spending the night singing the song of my people to pawpaw. ugh, it's hard out here for a cat... #garythevoice #chestfloofonfleek #lookinglikeacone #butacuteone #bodygoals #fitspo

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For your caturday i generously provide you this humble selfie i took whilst pawpaw kneeled on the floor mopping the remains of wet food i spread all over the apartment whispering 'wild boar' under his breath. i heard you pawpaw. next time i might use the carpet as my new spreading spot instead.

#kinggarythefirst #selfietime #caturday #nofilter

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Happy whitsun furriends! πŸ•Š
hope you enjoy your holiday!
pawpaw's being really clingy πŸ™„ he found my tickle spot and won't stop caressing me ever since. ugh, get a pet or something!
#ticklishgary #annoyingpawrents #mlem #holidayshenanigans #imnotyourtoy #stupidboy

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πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ !!!!surprise!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ for mother's day i gave humom the best gift anyone could ever ask for: me!! started unpacking early though... so no returns!
#generousgary #mondaymood #giftgoals

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Always one paw on the ground, ready to pounce forward😈

today's mother's day so i hope you all give away some precious kissies to your humoms and meowmies.
i might not always show her, but i love my humom and will protect her from any harm😽😻😼. ok, it's partly love- and partly snack-distribution-based.😸🐑

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It's friyay so i'll be sitting by the window, stalking (and of course judging) all of them peasants... i mean pedestrians that walk by and thinking about life.

the pawrents discuss getting me a pet... i mean sibling so that i won't get lonely when they have to leave to buy me tuna and stuff. i don't know if i should be intrigued or not.
what do you think? do you have experience in getting a sibling?
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Happy sunny monday my favorite followfurs! πŸ’•

today's the 8th purrsday of my french stepbro and his twin. we had a nice little celebration. humom bought cake and i made her cry a little when i posed for her in my favorite bowtie next to some flowers pawpaw yet failed to nurse to death.
i don't want to be shady or anything but i can't help but notice that this woman seems to find an occasion to buy cake like reeeeaaally often. pls bring tuna next time woman, kthx.

#festivegary #bowtieboy #celebration #purrsday #ambereyes

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Chin up everypawdy, it's friyay!
for your viewing pleasure i once again pose like a supermeowdel. yeah, i got all the moves to make dem snackies rain. come on over and join the pawty!

#garyinatent #friyay #shenanigans #weekendvibes

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