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"this tree sits on the farm that my mom grew up on in stephenson, michigan.” @davinlindwall talks about how he stumbled upon this perfect shot, “it was daybreak, 10 degrees, dead quiet, and the frost on the fields was breathtaking. for me, photography is about paying attention — being mindful of your environment and surroundings. the ordinary and mundane come to life through your attention. this photo is an example of that.”
what unexpected scenes have you come across with your pixel? tag them with #teampixel.

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What does it take to drastically switch careers? just ask #teampixel member erin mcgrady. erin spent 10 years working as a middle school pe teacher before pivoting into something different. check out our story today for an unfiltered look at erin’s incredible journey and see more of her work at @e.mcgrady. #pixelnofilter

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When @joeyzolfaghari took a recent day trip to silver falls state park — the “crown jewel” of oregon’s state parks — he made sure to bring his pixel to snag a clear, color-balanced shot. there are 10 falls total on this trail, including the 177-foot waterfall shown here.
joey’s favorite part of it all? "you can walk behind the waterfall for a totally new perspective of the sheer power of it.”

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Waiting for the fog to clear to get the perfect shot? not with pixel. #teampixel .
📷: @matt_bluejay

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When the lights go down, #nightsight turns the brightness up. check out how #teampixel makes a colorful splash at @coachella.

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When today’s adventure leads to yesterday’s story. #teampixel .
📷: @seraina.xyz

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Springtime in japan means cherry blossom confetti. check out how #teampixel captures the celebration in the day and at #nightsight.
📷 1: @hirozzzz
📷 2: @shih0107
📷 3: @hirozzzz

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#teampixel photographer and screenwriter @johnknipp recently took a road trip through the scenic plains, mesas and mountains of the american southwest. seeking inspiration for an upcoming project, john was sure to pack his pixel, "i'm a screenwriter and filmmaker and i am currently writing my next film. it takes place in the wild west. the ease and portability of having my pixel instead of lugging around a bunch of heavy camera equipment makes the moment that much more enjoyable. it's easy to use, produces beautiful photographs and video, and gets the job done.” giddyap!

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Venturing as far as the eye can sea ⛵️ #pixelnofilter .
📷: @pixelomania

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Captured at the speed of low light. @alenpalander waited for the perfect moment to get his shot, “at this specific location you can see the city in the background and the complexity of their highway system right below me. the warm colours began to pop just after sunset and i waited for it to get a bit darker. i positioned my pixel vertically so i could capture as much of the buildings as possible.” tag your perfect shot with #teampixel.
📷: @alenpalander

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Hiking, exploring, and enjoying adventure. #teampixel takes some time out of their journeys to share how vast their views can be.
📷 1: @heyktomi
📷 2: @aaronautt
📷 3: @jackie_jagger
📷 4: @dylanm.91
📷 5: @rahulpalanivel

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“learning from the #maasai how they make fire. apparently it is the job of a select few in each community to do this.” - #teampixel traveler @inanutshell_ig
what’s something you’ve learned while traveling?
📷: @inanutshell_ig

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