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Dumb s**t from canada.

2 weeks ago comment 13 star 72

Hope you all have a good solstice.
here’s a little proof i used to do cool shit, ha. taking a break from the matrix at midnight, give or take. all the best.

December 2018 comment 2 star 62

Who is this??! all i know is i am an unrepentant fibre snob and don’t usually waste my time on marginal material. i think in “fishing line grade” and “meh”. whoever this is is incredibly strong and fibres peel off long and clean. even the side branches provide good material. and the bit of cord so far is in the cut you before breaking category. look at that, might have found a new friend

October 2018 comment 5 star 55

Fidget spinner for adults! second old centrepin reel. the british are good for something after all...;)

October 2018 comment 3 star 48

They don’t call it “fishing the canyon” for nothing. that’s a long, long way down....lost one jack this morning...very few larger fish will enter the system until the rains come. oh well, gave it a shot. time to start pointing north again....

October 2018 comment 7 star 77

Yurt bullshitery: chapter three.
back for more wood from the ruins. more metal detecting, nail pulling, sanding and profanity ensues. remaining rafters cut. lattice strips stripped. now loaded up to hopefully finish up north before the end of the month. and yes, due to the horrible quality of the wood, one piece didn’t even survive getting cut in half...oh the huge manatee. but yes, great stuff. now for drilling, oiling, tying blah blah blah

October 2018 comment 12 star 52

Little coho jack (technically a sexually precocious male salmon that returns to spawn a year early). water levels in this river are extremely low, and so the only real chance to catch anything is in the first hour or so of light. but at least for once i had this spot to myself, and got lunch for my effort. was also neat figuring out my 50+year old reel.

October 2018 comment 2 star 70

Yurt nonsense: the sequel.
metal detectors are your best friend when using reclaimed wood. it found many finishing nails i had missed but the table saw would not have. also sanding. lots of sanding. i hate sanding. passionately. but the results speak for themselves. and math. turns out that i am not so good there. lets just say that i’m 9 rafters short but have approximately 4x as much wood as i need for the wall lattice....🤔 looks like another load of wood in my near future, here’s to possibly positive mistakes! aka justification of further treasure hoarding.

October 2018 comment 7 star 55

So...against all odds, and the procrastination of the years, i am making attempt one at a yurt, or ger. the reclaimed douglas fir is clear old growth that was used as decking around an indoor pool,guessing from the 30’s to 50’s. the house is now literally a ruin, but thanks to sylvain and craiglist, for a very reasonable price, i have the privilege of working with this rare, amazing wood. not a knot in the 200+’ so far worked. we sure had some trees back then....

October 2018 comment 16 star 65

Got a couple little but tasty upper columbia walleye. a favourite fish of my youth, these highly predacious guys were introduced into the columbia back in the late 40’s i believe. i have a hard time believing that they don’t take a considerable portion of the salmon fry within the system. at least they’re delicious....

September 2018 comment 2 star 48

I love yew.

September 2018 comment 14 star 54

So you caught a salmon part deux. all skinned up and ready to make into caviar, leather and well...lots o’ meat. a biface, this one of obsidian, is one of my skinning tools of choice. grabs connective tissue great without cutting into your skin or meat. works fo me anyways....

August 2018 comment 3 star 77