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So you caught a salmon part deux. all skinned up and ready to make into caviar, leather and well...lots o’ meat. a biface, this one of obsidian, is one of my skinning tools of choice. grabs connective tissue great without cutting into your skin or meat. works fo me anyways....

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Well, at long last...finally caught my first chinook (spring, or to you americaners...a king) of the season. this beauty is a white spring, so named for its white meat. and yep, tastes just as good. now the work continues...

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Sockeye caviar! a seasonal treat that can’t be beat! burp!

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The fraser keeps on giving....

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The spiny dogfish. the world’s most common shark. a beautiful and ancient creature. named for the two sharp spines, one behind each dorsal fin. i have never taken a shark of any sort before, but this little guy was very mild and had delicious white meat. bleed quickly. and yes, there is a definite feeling of being with an ancestor, one who was there long before the dinosaurs, and with will and luck, long after we are gone. in addition to the skin, the spines look just perfect to use for making fishhooks.

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Saga continues...this sockeye was probably headed towards adams lake, being larger than average and already starting to show what will be soon the vibrant spawning colours of their kind. and a couple of pre-canner pics.

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I figured it out! the trick was to add colour! also, for those who may not know, salmon and many other fish benefit from being bled immediately after death. the easiest way is to reach in and pull out the gills, which severs the aorta. bled fish keeps much better, maintaining texture and freshness.

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Ok...only one more till i figure out better dead fish picture system. just wanted to point out the seal mark on the male. that, and trying to not pass out watching the canner...zzzzz

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The mornings entertainment...think we had half the choppers in bc working on this fire...well...at least three....

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Forest fire sunrise

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I shall dub thee canner and smoker. would do a multi photo post but apparently that means they are all zoomed in weird.

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Might be the sleep deprivation speaking, but make hay while the sunshine. and no, i’ve not found an artistic way of taking dead fish pictures. autistic way...maybe a little. time for coffee....

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