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True civilization… is not found in gas or steam or table turning. it consists in the diminution of original sin. nomad peoples, shepard, hunters, farmers, and even cannibals, all, by virtue of energy and personal dignity may be the superiors of our races of the west. these perhaps will be destroyed. -charles baudelaire, intimate journals

kombai hunter at rest in the high land of irian jaya, indonesia #irianjaya #kombai #hunter #indonesia #kodak #fredericlagrange #baudelaire

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Enkhtsetseg sanjaadorj riding her favorite horse “grey beauty”, #okhon valley, #mongolia, 2005

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18,927 miles flown, 650 miles driven, 16 chocolate bars and 20 gallons of green tea consumed, more than 80 people working on the logistics on three different continents — from denver to rome via cusco, over the past three weeks. the first part of this advertising campaign is now completed. thank you to all the incredible and dedicated individuals who worked with me on this project and allowed me to make the pictures happen. team work: from the many drivers ready before dawn to the producers’ pa, photo assistants, global producer @northernspyproductions and locals, first assistant @doobybrain and stylist @lara_backmender , hair and make-up artists, models, agencies and agents. my deepest gratitude 🙏🙏🙏

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We meet miguel and his dog "puma" one early morning in the vicinity of the sacred valley in the highland of #peru. miguel runs all day in the field after his two dozens sheep and two donkeys. puma keeps a watchful and protective eye on his young master and the cattle. miguel lost his mother a few months back while she was giving birth to her 5th child. since then, his father has asked him to tend to the cattle to help support the family. heart wrenching story but sadly all too common through the areas i travel to in central asia. i understand better the deep emotional connection between miguel and his dog, built spending days together in the field. we gave him some food we have and a few small bills to help bring a bit of relief to his day. one can only feel so much love for this young boy. i wish i could stay with him the whole day, wandering through all corners of those beautiful mountains. but we have to leave to our next location. as we drive away, i watch his tiny spec and his cattle disappearing in the horizon, wondering what life will bring him and wishing him the best. i know where he takes his sheep now, i will probably come visit him again. last day in peru. #onelove

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Making #friends in peru. rosa carrying her little brother.
it has been a decade since i last came to south america as i focused all those past years to travel and work in #asia. being back in #peru is a reminder of how stunning this part of the world is.

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I shot this portrait on my first trip to cusco, #peru, while on one of my first assignment for @outsidemagazine in 2004. i had met the man pictured during a lunch break in a small local restaurant. we started to talk and after some time, he offered to drive me to some places of interest around cusco. with my usual #enthusiasm about traveling in a new country i agreed— little did i know what i had gotten myself into. the following day we met at a location and we started to drive outside cusco. by the end of that day i had a gun pointed at my face, was beaten up, my jaw dislocated from direct blows to my face, and then left unconscious on a deserted, dusty countryside road. all my photo equipment and belongings including my watch— were stolen by my driver and three of his accomplices who had planned a trap for me in an isolated area on the outskirts of cusco. because i was alone, and had just flown back from asia a few days earlier before arriving in peru, i had extreme jet lag, and that combined with the dizziness caused with the high altitude in cusco, made me an extremely easy target. this picture and roll of film i had shot him on happened to still be in the safe back at the hotel and would later help the police catch him and his friends. traveling alone, camera in hand, to document a remote part of the world, one becomes an easy target, and extremely vulnerable. that difficult and unpleasant experience taught me a lot about the way i was traveling and my interaction with my surroundings, but never took away my enthusiasm to travel the world and my faith in humanity. more than once during my #travels in foreign lands, i have been taken care of by complete strangers who made sure i was safe and protected. without those strangers, i could have been caught in similar terrible situations. we live in a beautiful world.
i am now back in #cusco, and this time, traveling with a crew of 25 people. #onassignment @artdeptagency @northernspyproductions #aroundtheworldin21days

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Ich tenge giercke on his horse, #orkhon valley, central #mongolia, 2005

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Solitary yak on the shore of frozen #khövsghöl lake, northern #mongolia, 2006

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Young kyrgyz boy at home, lake chaqmaqtin, afghanistan, 2012. being so isolated from the rest of the country, the inhabitants of this part of afghanistan suffer from a lack of adequate schools and hospitals. at a very young age, kyrgyz boys start working as herders, keeping an eye on the family cattle in the nearby hills. only during the summer, a teacher comes from the valley to occupy the desolate school building for three months, where kids of all ages walk the half-day long distance to attend the class #afghanistan #kodakfilm #wakhancorridor #wakhan #kodak #kyrgyz #wakhi

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Tsetserleg against a black fabric, #uvs aimag, #mongolia 2006. mother of six, soft spoken with a heart as big as the moon. an outtake from my book, mongolia - link in bio

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