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Cold, windy, wet and a waterfall in the back, that’s what exploring germany’s only ice cave looked like last week.❄️ shot on the @olympuskameras om-d e-m10 mark iii + kit lens. 📷 (werbung)

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If this is a dream don’t wake me up. 🌙☁️

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Life sucks a lot less when you add mountain air, early morning hikes with friends and some peace and quiet. good memories from a wild summer, can’t wait for the next one. 💫

thanks for hosting me this summer so i could get some well needed rest in between those adventures. @airbnb 🤙🏼

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Dear slovenia, i miss you very much. looking forward to adventuring again next spring. 🇸🇮 #ifeelslovenia

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Here’s to another year around the sun!🌞 d**n i’m getting old, still so many places to discover.
excited for japan next week! 🇯🇵

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Waiting for the sun to rise at one of germany’s most beautiful lakes. ⭐️ i had the opportunity to test one of @olympuskameras entry level cameras this fall. you guys always ask if i can recommend a pocket size camera that does not cost the world, but takes great pictures. i think we have a winner here.
shot on the om-d e-m10 mark iii + kit lens. more coming soon! 💙

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Watching the last glow at the glacier disappear before a million stars lit up the path back home ⭐️✨ thanks for helping with this shot making sure i don’t fall off the cliff 😋 @evolumina

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Me and mom in front of iceland’s iconic waterfall. 🇮🇸 it doesn’t matter how old and independent you are, going on a trip with your mom is always good for the soul. ❤️

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Yesterday morning at my favorite place. love showing this spot above the clouds to good friends. ☁️ on a side note i decided to stick to this selfie thing now, i’ve been enjoying it so much and it’s really helping me to be a little more creative and to think out of the box a couple more times.
so unless otherwise stated or tagged the picture is taken, composed and edited by moi. ✨

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"when the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.“ 🐺

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Sitting. waiting. wishing. ✨

enjoying the last fall colors and staying warm and comfy in my new parka by @mammut_swiss1862 via @zalando 💙
#zalandostyle #outdoorlifestyle #beinspired (werbung)

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Currently thinking about places to go next year, what’s has been on your bucket list?

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